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I hate all of you equally edition.

Links (some may be off topic.)

For General Writing
>The Rhetoric of Fiction, Booth
>Writing Fiction: A Guide to Narrative Craft, Burroway
>Steering the Craft, Le Guin
>The Anatomy of Story, Truby
>How Fiction Works, Wood

YouTube Playlists for Writing
>youtube.com/playlist?list=PLTCv6n1whoI23GmdBZienRW0Q0nFCU_ay Robert Butler
> youtu.be/-6HOdHEeosc [Open] Brandon Sanderson

Technical Aspects of Writing
>Garner's Modern English Usage, Garner
>What Editors Do: The Art, Craft, and Business of Book Editing, Ginna
>Artful Sentences: Syntax as Style, Tufte

Books Analyzing Literature
>Poetics, Aristotle
>Hero With a Thousand Faces, Campbell
>The Art Of Dramatic Writing: Its Basis in the Creative Interpretation of Human Motives, Egri
>The Weekend Novelist, Ray

Traditional Publishing

Self Publishing Options

Self Publishing How-To

>This Craft of Verse, Borges
>The Poetry Home Repair Manual, Kooser
>Western Wind: An Introduction to Poetry, Mason

Anime Writing (^・o・^)
>Get a different hobby

/wg/ Authors and Flash Fiction Pastebin

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I've come to accept my writing will never be good enough to get published yet I can't help but grind anyway.

Getting published a is a cope for "educated" people. Go ahead and give some Jew 92% of your earnings just because he marketed for you.
You could have launched your book yourself to a following of 10k people and get 500-1k sales right out the door. And it's only uphill from there.

This user.
I like this user.
Sounds like he’s been listening to me these last 3 months.

Why would I ever want to be published?

Why would I ever want to be published?

Right? There are so many ways to get seen. #BOOKTOC, Onlyfans, YouTube, Twitter. Only a genuine retard would accept a publishing deal.

>Only a genuine retard would accept a publishing deal.
Are you the meerkat?
When are you going to publish your newsletter and onlyfans?

Fuck off retard. My "newsletter" is already out and doing great. Onlyfans comes in a couple weeks.
Just keep writing user, you'll totally make it. All you need to do is talk down to me a little more and throw a few more words on that page. You're almost there buddy. Your book will totally market itself.

I think I founs them
Only fans
Substack started very recently
Romance author from previous failed release

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Oh, and Jewish
Need I say more?

Give me bad writing advice anons.

I want to laugh and learn what not to do.

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Don't market yourself. Don't have an active twitter. Release your book into the void.

Make sure every character clearly states their emotional state of being every time it changes.

make sure every thought is clearly stated and leave no nuance to thoughts of others even though the book is first person and theyd have no way in knowing

Tell, don't show.

What are you writing? I’ll make it worse.

Avoid "Passive Voice"
No adverbs
No adjectives, yuck!
Show don't tell

Jettisoning this awful advice has done a world of good for my writing quality.

>le jewish boogeyman

>le 10 shekels deposited

What the hell does the publishing industry have anything with Jewish people? I'm not white so I don't understand the Jewish hate. As far as I can tell, they all look like any other white person.

You won’t find me unless you’re one of my followers.
One of my subscribers.
You’ll know my books when I damn well please to post them.

Getting published is how you compete with the major league books that get popular, get turned into movies, etc, but you'll never make it if you don't start with a following beforehand. You need to self publish and get a small following that you can point to when pitching a book. Because they'll never invest in a no name author. Publishers do have a lot of sway but you have to know how to take advantage of it.

>I'm not white

who gives a shit, you fucking nobody

tell me more, are you Jewish yes or no

I have successfully destroyed /wg/.

It was already in ruins user

You mostly just kicked some dirt around.

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Whose the great ruiners before my time?

>"I synthesize evidence"
Motherfucker do you think people doesn't know what "synthesize" means? "I make up evidence." Fucking hell.

Oh, wow, Open Season.
Haven't thought of that movie in forever.

i think about it all the time

Why? It was kind of middling.
The sequels were awful.

From reading up on her, it does sound like our meerkat. But that's not real evidence.
I certainly hope it isn't our meerkat. That'd be embarrassing.
A middle-aged woman, not particularly attractive, thinking she'll cash in on her sex obsession?
That's some "Bachelorette" level cringe.

jews are an incredibly insular hateful people. they believe themselves chosen and everyone else is their slaves. their god thing requires them to mutilate the genitals of every male child, torturing and doing brain damage to them and removing half the penile skin, depriving them of an entire lifetime of pleasure through nerve ending destroyed and drying out the mucosal tissue. their religion also requires them to circumcise their slaves, which is the reason circumcision is prevalent in america. for this manifest crime against humanity they must be exterminated. to add to this they were the primary group responsible for the slave trade and they perform usury.

basically their a monstrous race of demon worshiping genital mutilators, slavers and usurers that believe they are chosen by god to rule over everyone else. a race of sociopaths and psychopaths.

Hi guys newfag here. How do you guys even write literature anymore? I love the craft but I know our generation is full of retards with 0 attention span and tik toks. Don't you think we need to invent something else so the zoomers listen?

>publish book
>bunch of coworkers and other faggots keep trying to help me market bullshit
>Nah, you gotta spend $1000 dollars to sell your book and be a multimillionaire
>Go buy 50 copies of your book then rent out a store in comic con and give it out! Gotta put your name out there
Holy shit dude these people are annoying.

It's not. Our meerkat is the same meerkat we had 5 months ago. Exact same schtick, even down to the "releasing my book at $10k" meme.

Post your synopsis or perish!

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This is the woman who has been torturing this fucking

General for months on end. Hit send too early and don’t feel like deleting.

Dialog is bad. Use it as little as possible.
Make sure to always give long, flowery descriptions that use obscure words the reader will have to look up so they know it's good prose.

Wheres her fucking book? I need a laugh now after months of this bullshit.

You seem like a coomer.
What kind of books do you write?

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And what does Jews have to do with the publishing industry?

Not big into coomer games, it has nice art and thought it would interest some anons and draw discussion away from the recent shitposting.
Fantasy where all the magic is being drained into it's own pocket dimension, weird races pop up and conflict happens.

Is it bad advice?

That would be a no

Show me a side profile of your nose

Okay you got me

I didn’t say I got you. I said show me the side profile of your face.what am i going to do doxx you?

Yes and no. If you truly want to spend $500 dollars and think you can make more than that by all means go for it. But I don't believe that I would be able to sell 50 copies.

Printing out 100 books, renting a booth, and advertising the book is already $1000 bucks. Each book must then be sold at $20 for you to make any profit.

Are you suggesting to meerkat in person now?

I'm not meerkater. If I were to market a book, I would just use tiktok, but i'm a fat ugly son of a bitch, so that's out of the question as well

If I write a story set in a Dungeons and Dragons universe, does that make it fanfiction?

Yes, but will it include furry puss?
Asking for the orcs

In the US? They run it. And the banks. And the government.

Yes. Why would you do that? Are you gay?

I constantly search terms like “zoomers can’t” “zoomers cannot” “zoomers won’t” “zoomers will not” “zoomer don’t” “zoomers do not” etc etc. I can’t get enough zoomer anecdotes and people hating on zoomers.

No, that's in the comic I'm drawing.

not if you get a license

Ok millennial

go on...

Your standard porn comic where a human wizard goes on a magical adventure, fucking all the girl monsters he encounters instead of slaying them.