Writing is for people who can't compose

Writing is for people who can't compose

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Piss poor b8

Unfortunately it is true. I can't do either so I frogpost, but that's the hierarchy

Composition is for people who cant make films.



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Based! Based!

No film is below music and literature

Film is for people who can't make vidya

Film is the lowest of the low


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Nah, it is just for control freaks. Composition requires giving up control of your work and relying on others to see it through and the ambiguity of the musical language makes interpretation a fact of the form.

Music doesn't teach you anything


Tell that to Wagner.


Am I wrong?

music is about life

Does it teach you anything useful?

How is that a cope and what do you think it is a cope for?

Holy kek, literature isn't for you either

I'm trained in classical music for 15 years
Literature exposes the human condition and gives you tools to leverage on what you have

Composing if for those who can't improvise

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Improvising is for those who can't compose.

No u

>muh human condition
Average Literature tard.

>t. brainlet
Ultimately composers tend to be very good at improvisation and the idea that classical musicians can not improvise is largely a myth. Many of the traditional forms required improvisation, with the scores being more like a modern lead sheet than what people think of as a score and in the mid 20th century we saw a resurgence of compositions which rely on improvisation with some composers taking it as far as purely abstract scores which relied on the musicians ability to improvise and interpret.

The idea that classical musicians can not improvise largely comes from musicians who have spent years playing in nothing but large orchestras where improvisation generally leads to chaos. These sorts often loose the ability to improvise, but they also tend to be people who are not professional musicians and just play in a regional orchestra for fun.

The real takeaway from this is that ensembles larger than a quartet are inherently soulless

I don't think so, I just think a lot of it is overstated and old composing in general benefits from survivorship

This is amazing user don't lie

oh god...

Vidya is for people who can't scrawl hieroglyphs into sandstone

Yeah, I didn't mean it seriously, but I tend to dislike the homogenized sound of larger orchestras and typically prefer smaller ensembles where you can discern the tone of individual instruments. And like you mentioned, less musicians means more opportunity for improvisation and creativity.

Sex is for people who can't be a monk

Being celibate is for people who can‘t get sex.

It is still there, the bulk of that control is just given to the conductor or lead.


You think that reading literature is any less performative than reading music? Wrong.

what do you mean by compose?

sex is gay

not improvising and writing it down or memorizing.

Frog posting is for people who can't start a podcast

Here is the true canonical classification of fine arts:
Poetry > Music = Painting > Architecture = Theater > Novel = Sculpture > Short story = Dance = Cinema > Vidya

>for people who can't compose

I would actually say that writing is for people who can't draw.
Instead of spending years honing and practicing visual art, you can just sit down and describe it lmao. Like bro just talk about it instead hahahaha

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Music > Novel >= Architecture > Poetry > Painting > Sculpture > Theater > Cinema

Ladies and gentleman, I'm about to get really fucking real here, Busting it wide open for you.

Music + Painting = Film > Novel ≥ Poetry > Architecture ÷ ½ = Sculpture > Theater >> Dance >>> Slam Poetry

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This is the opinion of an American, image being this tasteless

Stay mad European, America is the cultural center of the world.

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Both are for people who cant eat pussy

And the moon is for those that can't sleep!

i just love how good all of these have been

their literature is underwhelming

poetry < music < songs (poetic music) < indecipherable mumble rap elevator muzak

Music is a craft not an art

Look, Purcell is a fucking genius but he may have been drunk when he penned that word salad kek.

>Cultural center
>XXI century
Pick one retard. Culture is dead since 1945.

euro cope

burger cope



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Composing is for people who can't have sex.

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