Is anyone here cripplingly lonely? Would anyone care to engage in conversations on mysticism, theology, lit, poetry...

Is anyone here cripplingly lonely? Would anyone care to engage in conversations on mysticism, theology, lit, poetry, metaphysics, ancient philosophy, etc. I'd like to find a conversation companion.

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I‘m tempted but this has gone south very quickly in the past so i guess i‘ll have to restrain myself. Good luck op.


Care to explain the particulars of your experience?

It‘s just that i end up being online 24/7 and nothing irl gets done anymore. I‘m trying to get my screen time down so that wouldn‘t help. I‘m sure you‘ll find someone.

Fucked up my sleep schedule 100%. Didn‘t get anything done irl anymore. Was completely disconnected from reality to an even greater extend than before. Ruined my relationship. Yep. It wasn‘t a good idea.

humans are a virus
you're better off further contemplating your loneliness until you arrive at suicide
consider the fact that it was not lonely at all before existence

I've arrived at the conclusion that I want to live. I have plans. I'd just like to pass the time I guess.

Life is a flight of the alone to the Alone. Has suicide's wraith pulled up to your doorstep yet?

I have little interest in mysticism, theology, metaphysics, or ancient philosophy, so I don't think I'd be much of a conversationalist.

What do you have interest in?

korean pop music

I embrace my Siberian Solitude Silo


Languages, history, literature, math, physics.

not sure how much I know in comparison to you, but ill try my best
did you have something specific in mind or were you just looking for people to talk to about it when something bubbles up?
also are you sure this is the right place to be looking for this beerspit chan? wouldnt you be better off just posting your topic rather than looking for a specific type of friend in a place like this?

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Was it a girl or a boy you were talking too?

What kind of literature?

All of reality is just one schizo talking to himself

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Originally perhaps. Not anymore. Embodiment and generation attest to this.

Like a puppet with no puppeteer.

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read this

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I dont get kpop. I know this isn't Yea Forums but seriously. Its just normal western pop trash marketed as being something different. Whats the deal?

Sure man, email me [email protected]

Correction: I read his Essays and Aphorisms. I might look into this volume in the future. I'm currently reading two books on Kindle. The Kindle copy is .61¢. I also have some paperbacks I need to finish. I was reading three at a time.

Asians and Jews conspired to gang up on the west. Dugin and his handlers are likely doing a double-sided attack on a forward matching army. Beware.

Are you in university? That's where I found friends who are interested in and capable of talking about these topics

>tfw no college experience

I am yes. I study Comparative Lit. Almost done with my BA. I want to pursue a Master's in Computer Sciences. Do I want that? I really just want to earn good money. I'm not career/study oriented. I'd rather communicate online. I'm not sure that anyone there is versed in these subjects.

I'm most probably asocial.

i´m not op but i live in south america and college is literally high school part ii and most of them are dumbfuck normies who ostracizes you if you´re new in the class or some shit, hard to believe but it happens, funnily enough the closest to someone i met was a dude from engineering

first worlders have it easy, you know full well you can at least befriend some autist in college, not so luck for me

I live in the Caribbean.

i wasn´t asking you

How about you kill yourself before others read more of your narcissistic whinging


>Its just normal western pop trash marketed as being something different
It isn't, and you can't even begin to understand it so I won't even bother trying to explain.

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I would like to be your conversation partner, although these topics interest I have no idea what to say about them.

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How old are you?

I know but a scratch. I could try to answer (via text of course). I'm close to graduating and getting a job. So much shit I want to read now, but other much unrelated activities need to be done first.

What do you want to read? What kind of job? What are you studying? Do you use WhatsApp?


Do you also have no confidence in yourself?

I have transcended it.

Congrats user
I had hoped transcending it would mean knowing what to say though

I want to read Kant's Critique this year, and I'm feeling also very attracted to Schopenhauer. Right now I'm finishing the Birth of Tragedy. Want to read The Will to Power this year too. Also some of Freud's works that I haven't read yet like Psychoanalysis of art, and Psychology of the Masses. Want to read The Buddenbrooks. Wanna read the greek tragedies that I haven't read yet.

I'm studying Pharmacy, my thesis is about nutrition (keto diet in some neuropathologies). I'm very bored of it though. And I have delayed it for a long time, so now I feel extra pressured to finish it soon. I use whatsapp but I'm from latin america, don't know how that works.

I mean I guess the more correct way of putting it is that I have so little confidence in myself that I kind of just don't care about it anymore, and just say what I want.

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I have a monograph I need to write. I'll get to work on it tomorrow. I'm far behind on it. I'm Hispanic too.

Why Thomas Mann in particular?

How's that different than knowing what to say? I think if I knew what I wanted to say, then I'd know what to say. I just don't know if I know enough to know what I want to say.
Flip Flappers is neat btw

Pues hola. I've read The Magic Mountain, Doctor Faustus and Death in Venice. Liked TMM a lot, probably one of my favorite novels. He just scratches that intellectual itch that I don't think many novelists do. Musil does it aswell. As they write their stories they tangentially add long boring essays, I like that.

Sounds like you enjoy "novels of ideas"/philosophical fiction. What about poetry? My favorite poet is currently Alexander Pope.

So much of this board is just lonely people looking to talk about random things on their mind without even really reading books. It’s quite sad. You Zoomers have it rough, huh?

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I read plenty of books.

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I read the Tao Te Ching 2 days ago. But like what the fuck is there for me to say about the way?

thats a nice cat.

The difference is that I don't really have an anxiety or confidence issue, it's more a rational one, I have this idea that anything I have to say could also been explored through reading or google.

All has been said already. You can try rehashing some of it though.

I like poetry but my knowledge of it is pretty much normie tier. I've read Baudelaire, Pessoa, Emily Dickinson. I would like to read more but don't really know what to read. Any individual poems that you like?

I like Pessoa too. His Book of Disquiet is great. I like the poem "Mirrors" by Jorge Luis Borges, Shakespeare's first 30 sonnets and Pope's Eloisa to Abelard

Probably true. Still I'd like to be saying things. Maybe it doesn't matter if it's a re hash

What kinds of things? Nebulous and obscure things? I can't be bothered to say any thing at all.