Ménage à trois FFM

looking for romance novels featuring guys with multiple female lovers, who are also lovers of one-another. bonus if period-piece/historical fic

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What is even the point of FFM you only have one dick. With MMF you can penetrate and be penetrated at the same time. The ultimate sexual experience

It‘s for people so full of insecurity that they think being desired by two people at the same time will finally feel good enough. Spoiler alert, it won‘t.

Monet had two wives. Okay, so he had a wife and a girlfriend and they were all happy and in love.

Keep dreaming.

I'm serious. They lived together and everything.

Three wives and he still wanted more.

I don‘t question that part. I question the happy and in love part.

For me its FFFFM blowjobs. One mouth on the dick, two for the balls, and one giving a rimjob. The great thing about it is you can do it standing up and play around on your phone at the same time.

This is your brain on porn.

would you consider Aldous Huxley and Schrödinger to have been insecure?

Mormon romance novels.

That’s polyamory

That’s ridiculous. They’re secure in their love. They let the other two alone when they feel like being alone themselves. People are going to scream cuck, but that seems to be quite different.

That guy who created Wonder Woman had two women. And they stayed together after he died

>That’s polyamory
ok? I'm not looking for less descriptive synonyms, I'm looking for fiction novels including in them the relationship dynamic i describe

Well, you're just mean, then. They all stayed together until their deaths.

>One mouth on the dick, two for the balls
that just seems like a logistical issue to me

lesbo cunnilingus is hawt, maybe? threesomes are great if its a one time thing, but if you're gonna settle down, I wouldn't recommend it.

my roommate had a similar idea. he's a huge coomer.

>It‘s for people so full of insecurity that they think being desired by two people at the same time will
I'm just looking for some fantasy fulfilment, bro

Idk about schrödinger, but huxley? Yes absolutely.

>threesomes are great if its a one time thing

And? People stay together until their death whilst hating their guts. Co-dependency isn‘t love.

Because I have two balls for them to suck faggo

Lemme just point out the idiot in the picture has a cross. Who stages these stock photos anyway?

so? people stay together because they love each other, too.

True. But his wife was actively recruiting girls for him to fuck. That‘s not love, that‘s insecurity. I‘ve known girls who do that and oh boi they got issues. And since birds of a feather flock together, that‘s proof that he was just as insecure.

>manage a troys
like the Roman Troy? they'res more then one?

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yeah, there were 3

Based backhanded grammar nazi

He’s big on the kings in the old testament

>Dedication is insecurity
Your thinking is inverted.
You’re this guy too aren’t you?

No, it's Troy as in a guy's name. OP's ex-boyfriend is called Troy and now he wants to read books where he is molested by females.


Sex for recreational purposes is bad. You should feel guilt for even feeling sexual attraction in the first place.

Catholic, please. Go back to your century

harem manga

Literally endless variations on this in the erotica """novels""" on Amazon.

Is polyamory possible? Sounds like just horniness and cowardice to me

In theory it could be possible. In reality people are way too fucked up to make this work without someone suffering from it. Most people just suffer in silence for example to not lose their partner or to not seem „stuck up“.

For chads yes. For anyone else, cuck central.

>tfw fantasizing about having two women when I can't even get one

are there many such cases?

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Polyamory is trash and most women are retarded and need to be lashed. At least be a real man and do polygyny. A woman cheating on a man is much worse than a man cheating on a woman. That's because one of them is a sentient being and the others empty vessels to pass the virile SEED of man. You little pussy piece of shit. I need to kick your ass and teach you to be a real man in the process. People who speak to women as equals disgust me.

To make my point clearer: Women don't even matter for the genetic profile of men. Only the patrilineal line matters as ancient epics make clear. There's a reason God is described as a Father. Women are just 'there' like transparent mist with the illusion of authentic selfhood. Women need to be whipped and submissive to man. Polygyny is the way, and if you disagree, then you're no better than a bitch and should get pummeled into a bloody pulp.

I mean no disagreement there. On point.
I don't mean to sound like Ben Shapiro here, but ultimately, feelings don't matter

do you really think someone would really do that just go out there and have wild group sex with two sluts at the same time haha weird

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This. There’s nothing wrong with it in principle if it truly comes from shared love, but the majority of people are incapable of maintaining a single healthy relationship for extended periods of time, let alone several simultaneously.

I'm married

such as? i can only really find MFM

one guy can get two girls pregnant at the same time
one girl can't get impregnated by two guys at the same time

Maybe I'm full of shit. I wrote my share of MFM (not because it turns me on but because that's what the mainly female readership wants). I do recall others talking about their FFM "books" quite frequently, but I never actually looked for them.

>I don't mean to sound like Ben Shapiro here, but ultimately, feelings don't matter
That’s a real trash perspective. People like you shouldn’t get sex of any kind.

Casual threesome sex is trash. Love between three people is as wholesome as pair bonds.

>the Roman Troy
not very good at pretending like you know shit, are you ?

>one girl can't get impregnated by two guys at the same time
Theoretically she can, and it has been known to happen where a woman gave birth to fraternal twins of different fathers, but chance for that is extremely rare.

I checked, apparently its Trojan not Roman.

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Sci fi dystopia:

(this is a very good work by free online erotica standards, trust me)
(you might not like it, but it's definitely got a lot going for it)

Do the female readers really want to get spit-roasted? That just seens like such a degenerate fetish that almost no one would enjoy.

Bella Swan had two men competing for her affection. As I recall one was a vampire, and the other was a hairy native american gentleman.

Nigga what? Of course both of those dudes were insecure did you not read their books.

Yeah but I don't think they ever did full on mmf sex, did they? They just want the attention.

I dunno but they certainly pay for it. They pay even more for rape fantasy.