Why did Spanish never fulfill it's potential as a language of the arts like French or English?

Why did Spanish never fulfill it's potential as a language of the arts like French or English?

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Just try to read Spanish text out loud without laughing

It has. You're just a philistine

>language of arts
English speakers have never achieved high culture


ok, Jose

>English speakers have never achieved high culture

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Imagine being this delusional. The fact that anglo lit has been poured down everyone's fucking throats doesn't mean that it is nor the best nor good. As of today it is in fact the most mass-lit there is. Also, while English lit is high tier, American lit is the most overhyped pile of shit there is. In that regard Spanish lit is on par with English lit, while American lit falls bellow both French and Spanish lit.
>inb4 cumgenius spouts retarded shit


it did, you're just uncultured

All languages from Western Europe did, you retard, except German.

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Because Spain is a joke of country where people pretend there is anything good about dust and seafood

Don Quixote

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OP, please read more. Although trolling Spanish posters by telling them that always shuts them up.

Who are Goethe, Kant, Wagner, Nietzsche, etc. Portuguese and Dutch language are not prominent though.

Only Goethe is Yea Forums there

Name one significant work of catalonian literature.

Moorish blood

Oh come on

Ramon Llull is Kino though

not that user but this guy comes to mind

Jewmerican media unironically turned it from one of the most beautiful Latin languages to synonymous with cucaracha ay caramba comic relief language.

There are literally Nietzsche and Schopenhauer threads everyday on this board.
And if you study art history, you are going to learn German since they pioneered it.

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Gonna cry?

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Eso. Now they're doubling down with the black legend of oy vey shut it down


>me preparing to pour English lit down this guys throat

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Catholicism is to blame. It's a crime against the human spirit

phonetic mongrelization with native american languages and spanish colonies getting sacked due to lack of defenses

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Respect the Aztec warrior. The problem is that all literature these days is shit. The literary canon is probably closed for ever now. If you made it, you made it, if not, you will never make it.

retard moment. current generation is illiterate, but some authors of merit are out there writing. they won't be appreciated in their lifetimes. the future is going to think of the early 21st century as a dark age created and controlled by propagandists.

Kant, Wagner and Nietzsche aren't literature. Goethe, eventhough is famous, isn't good. The only german writers that inovated and took the language to the limit are Kafka and Rilke — neither actually germanic.

And for Dutch and the country of Portugal that might be actually true. João Pessoa is just insuferable, Eça de Queiroz didn't go so far as being decent or even revolutionary and The Lusiads is barely a narrative to be an epic. However, in the portuguese language, a country whose literature is overlooked is Brazil. People only know trannyfucker Paulo Coelho — a shit writer. But brazilian literature alone is as rich as the whole angloid literature combined.

Here's the redpill: Machado de Assis, Clarice Lispector, Adonias Filho, Graciliano Ramos, Érico Veríssimo, Autran Dourado (this one took the language farther than the others, but I don't think he's translated), Ferreira Gullar, João Cabral de Melo Neto, Carlos Drummond de Andrade, Gonçalves Dias etc.

Tirant lo Blanc

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>Why did Spanish never fulfill it's potential as a language of the arts like French or English?

illiterate philistine


>t. fiction-only pseud

Piss and shit?

>All languages from Western Europe did, you retard
What is the high art in.

Good point. I meant the relevant ones.

>the relevant ones
So English French and German
You don't seem very intelligent

I think it did but people are just not aware of much of it because it is far less translated than the big 3 of English, German, and French. Or even Italian.

>But brazilian literature alone is as rich as the whole angloid literature combined
This is straight up delusional.
No Portuguese speaking country has a major literary tradition. It’s not the fault of authors unlucky enough to talk and write in that terrible sounding language, but it was over before it started for all of them. Portuguese is the worse Romance language by a long shot.


That's certainly true for portuguese portuguese. They sound like a russian language.

I got some Lappish high art from you're are mother last night.

Their descendants devolved

Mexico is the worst political assembly possible.

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it's temporary. anglos are due another classic before 2030, the identity politic and new sincerity wave has already peaked.

it´s funny how anglosaxons only focus in their own canon (which is just english and american books) and then they want to pretend that there isn´t such canon for the iberian cultural sphere which goes back centuries before the reconquista and the renaissance it had during the period in which conquered half of the new world and not only that, after the independence of the new republics centuries later, it also has a vast canon of worthwhile books and invented a new genre (magical realism), meanwhile you don´t see the same legacy with anglo countries (with the exception of the US of course), where are the literature marvel of Canada or New Zealand? did something worthile the British produced in the post-war besides George Orwell?

i may ask: Why did English never fulfill it's potential as a language of the arts like French or Spanish?

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yes its funny English speaking people focus on English stuff. Then don't care about another language. Really funny.

why then you ask dumb questions?, Spanish Literature literally mogs the english one,

As if you could read a french text out loud without making a funny face that looks like you just smelled some extra stinky cheese

>why then you
Jfc you pedros are complete dunning-kruger halfwits.
I didn't ask any question you subhumanly low iq esl CUNT

>I didn't ask any question you subhumanly low iq esl CUNT

see the OP

yea wtf how come australia doesn't write anything?

It sounds hilarious if you try to read it with any passion.
Just sounds like a ramble of rolling Rs.

>Just try to read Mexican text out loud without laughing


im not the op you DUMBASS fascist.

...are you serious? Australia writes lots of books. Probably more by population size than the USA,

can i ask you a question?

Why did English never fulfill it's potential as a language of the arts like French or Spanish?

can you name some?

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Shindler's List
Picnic at Hanging Rock
On the Beach

Oscar and Lucinda is another one.

España creo la literatura moderna.

Nietzsche is practically Yea Forums. He had his philosophy but the way he presented it was pure literature.

Guat did ju jast facking say to me, mijo?
I'll jave ju no I flipped over 300 tortillas today

Man from Snowy River

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Failure to deviate from DQ and the Bible best displays the phillistine setting. Gabriel Garcia Marquez is the Kentaro Miura of LatAm. The plot is never action oriented but always a sentimental slow stroll through mystical ontological shock.
We're too practical and shamanistic to trust in any institutions. We need to see it for ourselves. Thats why no one reads Quijote.

>implying european spanish doesn't sound worse than latin american
You're not actually implying this, are you? ARE YOU?

>anglos are too dumb to notice that Baltasar Gracián influenced Schopenhauer and Nietzsche

Spanish spanish sounds like Slavoj Sizek turned gayyyyyyyy~.
Mexican Spanish sounds like Spartan laconic barking and chicken cooing.
Cuban Spanish sounds like slurred stroke speech.

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rent free for eternity