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Death star Patrollers Edition

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>A link to the ultimate colossal science fiction and fantasy collection torrent
Never going to be created.

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Next Fantasy series to break the mold and become mainstream after ASOIAF?
My money is on this guy, I don't think Sanderson can do it despite his huge number of books sold because his books are too anime to be made into live action movies.

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This is what winning looks like.

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I'm torn between wanting to make memes and effortposts about what I'm reading, and not wanting to spoil anything.

You know you can set spoiler warnings on Yea Forums? Just write a text, highlight it and press ctrl+S and you don't even have to type the annoying syntax. For the picture there is a toggle.

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Yeah let me just write an essay and black the whole thing out. Cunt.

Yes, that is what the spoiler function is for.
Maybe Yea Forums is not the website for you, champ.

Will this thread finally remain? Dunno if It's worth participating in. Would be nice if Jannies gave at least one fucking message to validate it

Just how retarded are you that you don't understand how to use the spoiler function?

>Temeraire to scratch your dragon combat itch, it’s Master and Commander with dragons.
So is this actually good? I have to admit that I am intrigued

I think Mistborn's first book could absolutely be made into a movie (it's practically a heist movie), but I don't think the trilogy as a whole could.

>mfw Horus Heresy
So, story stops being a linear narrative after a while? Because the four books I've read so far seem to logically follow events.

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My friends told me I'm immature because I read fantasy and sci-fi too much. Is this really a thing?

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Anybody who defines somebody else's maturity by their tastes in media is inherently being immature and not allowing for a variety of tastes beyond what is deemed by society as "acceptably mature".

problem with me is all the classics and shit people to jack off to I already read in high school and college. nowadays I enjoy genre literature because it's relaxation.

fundamentally no, my father reads more sff than me and he is 60 and rich
maybe if you only read Harry Potter

>talked with someone about books we've been reading
>Wolfe comes up
>they thought he was a YA author because of the back cover short description of The Wizard and The Knight books
Well, that was a laugh.

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you're immature because you're a dumb frogposter

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Chinese BL (“danmei”) cultivation novels have sold like gangbusters for a while. In addition to comics, some of the most popular ones get animated and live action adaptations. The fandom for one adaptation, “The Untamed,” was so big and vocal that their antics got reported on NPR. Lots of novels are fan translated, and some of the most popular have been licensed and officially distributed. It sometimes has a lot of the same gimmicks as non-BL xianxia, like transmigration or being reborn, but there isn’t much power levels autism. They tend to have really slow burns on the homo front, so the better ones usually have an adventure/mystery/war that drives what the MCs are doing, and the POV character very gradually falls in love/realizes that the other guy is in love.

One of the most popular authors possibly just spent two years in jail for making too much money off erotica.

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I do like the alien environments and worlds in Tongue Eater in of themselves but yes I struggle to understand their relevance in the overall Mage Errant saga itself considerinv it is still localized to their world.

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You guys are retards. If I put effort into something, I want people to read it. That's the dilemma. I would spoiler it, intending everyone to ignore the spoilers, leaving me back at square one.
But I'm okay with that, because the quality of this general is actually your problem, not mine. If I put effort into any sff discussion it won't be here.

>I won't get as much attention as I want if I spoiler!!
Sounds like the problem of a newfag tourist like yourself.

Mage Errant going multiversal feels like a misstep. He should've capped off the series and then moved into a more multiversal one that maybe touches upon the two other worlds he's already got but isn't based in them. Multiversal stuff almost always feels cheap when it's shunted in midway through.

I hope they all get deleted and shit up with Bakker spam. Faggots.

It has been mentioned before but I get what you mean. What I have read so far in book 6 seems like the multiverse is so incredibly above and beyond our protege currently that they should not be getting involved. The two (so far) encounters with random multiversal travellers felt like a plot device with no stakes.

Protags, not protege. FUCK I hate being stuck on a phone.

I mean, it wasn't really mentioned until a few books in. The highest scale was "Hey magic is because of the heat death of the universe" and then in book 3 it's like "Oh yeah demons are from dying other universes" which is fine, but then it's multiversal bullshit after that with organisations that span multiple universes. I liked it when it was just remnants and small pieces poking in, but zooming out so much feels like it's cheap, because we haven't even explored much of THIS universe before we're hopping around.

I agree.
And yes we still have several continents on Anastis that we know less about that some worlds.

Hell, compare to Cradle, which is explicitly multiversal from the start. The only stuff we really learn about stuff apart from Cradle is glimpses from Suriel's POV, because the majority of the story is about Cradle, even when multiversal stuff coalesces on it.

You need to read more, soja user. His first book series is directly inspired by Paradise Lost.

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I struggle to believe that someone with as much brain damage as you is even able to create an effort post.

Just split your review into a spoiler and a nonspoiler part, viewing spoilers literally just takes a mouseover. Are you a woman or a tranny that even the possibility of getting a miniscule fraction of attention less is such a deterrent to you?

you can just spoiler part of your post.
just make clear what you're posting about and maybe also how far into the series you are, that way people will be sufficiently warned before reading it.

look at this example from the last thread:

Books for this feel?

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I was just doing a little trolling. What is the best book to begin with of his? I remember making a stab at Malice or whatever and it was really gay and boring.

I recommened the sisyphus of oedipuss

I started reading The Dragon Bone Chair and I'm done with part one. Absolute chore to get through, I feel like it picked up towards the end a little but so far everyone just feels a little bland and generic. The Sithi and their lore/mystery are cool I guess. Tell me Simon becomes less annoying of a character.

>not YA

A shame, I love that series.
It takes pretty long for Simon to become less of a bitch, and to my disappointment He never learns magic despite being a mage's apprentice
The Sithi and the other races of the Great Garden however become more and more the focus of the books as you read on, so that is something to look forward to.

Friendly reminder that in order to understand GRRM's masterwork you need to have read The Prince and other elite theorists. Follow that up with the entire Western Canon. Only then can you possibly tackled the sheer depth that is Deanery's squatting.

How is Portal to Nova Roma?

I very much enjoy the fact that even introductory Xianxia like ISSTH blows away much if not all the western fantasy classics. Even something like Dune would be trounced if there was a bit more world building.
It pretty much signifies China's spot as the global forerunner in terms of art, science, tech, culture.

are his books any good, seen them in bookstores around the place

Yes, political maneuvering and brutality is such a difficult concept to understand. Medieval Europe was not more brutal than the fat man's ideas. I was not told about evil politicans like Hitler my whole life. How will I ever understand the greek tragedy of the noble house of Atreides.... I mean stark... I know you're being sarcastic. I think my largest issue ASOIAF the notion that everything must be overanalyzed and the belief that every bit of the world is tied to a master plan. George just likes building a very large world with different stories. This is similar to how Tolkien builds Middle earth. There are loads of detail and curiosities in the world, but they don't all tie into one master plan plot with millions of hidden details to study for foreshadowing. Readers of this series do not trust GRRM with anything at face value... when I'm reading the first book.... it's like I realize this is no different than any other fantasy series. Tolkien and Herbert built and expanded as they went along. Herbert still didn't seem to know how things would tie together in the end. This is the creative process. Tolkien had more structure but still he made alterations along the way. I read retarded theories like Ned's dream not being a true account of the tower of joy. The dream is plain as day. "As they were in life" it is repeated.

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Furthermore when it comes to theories about a book series written so far apart, I do not consider GRRM of today or his social media persona in thought and ideas to be the same man that wrote the first book. I consider what the author was thinking relative to the historical context of when he wrote it. In this case, 90s Martin. I mean, Herbert changed big time on a personal level by the 80s.

What a shit beard

I'll keep reading then what I did like was how Simon and Hayholt seemed to have been massively influenced by Gormenghast and Steerpike's character giving both are former kitchen boys. Simon climbing the rafters and rooftops definitely gave me Steerpike imagery.


really? i read a bit into a title from the same author, AWE, and it ready like cheap comedy.


Guys, give me recommendations for some solid Progression Fantasy, but not just popcorn, I need that juicy motivational mindset, overcoming obstacles, possibly from zero to hero, something like this. I really need that today.
I've already read Cradle, so not that.

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Mother of Learning

Warlock of the Magus World
Against the Gods
The Legendary Master’s Wife
I Shall Seal the Heavens
Sovereign of the Three Realms
Reverend Insanity
Martial God Asura
Library of Heaven’s Path
A Will Eternal
World of Cultivation
True Martial World
Ze Tian Ji
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss

Read that too. I've probably read all the most recommended stories, so something not from the top 10 ranking.

Thanks man, will check them out.

I've only read 5 of them, 7 if you count only a few hundred chapters, the other I haven't read at all. No, I won't tell you which :

Depending on your feelings about LitRPG, He Who Fights With Monsters is pretty solid. Not quite zero to hero, admittedly. Rage of Dragons is okay for what it is, though the progression is just "getting better at fighting". Bastion's solid enough, though the pacing is a bit of a mess.

>Depending on your feelings about LitRPG, He Who Fights With Monsters is pretty solid. Not quite zero to hero, admittedly. Rage of Dragons is okay for what it is, though the progression is just "getting better at fighting". Bastion's solid enough, though the pacing is a bit of a mess.
I will add Bastion and Rage of Dragons to the list, but HWFWM I am familiar with, and it's basically the opposite of what I asked, MC is an asshole who gets strong right off the bat with powerful friends, HWFWM has one of the most Mary Sue characters the genre has to offer.

What are some of your favorite tropes?
I like when a cultivator goes to a litrpg world/universe and the weird interactions created by two different systems.

lord of mysteries. it's about as much progression as you can possibly get. it's within a very unique power system as well.

>Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss
i love me some badass female MCs, but that author goes WAY too far with it. dropped it at the climax of one of the arcs, might even have been the first one.

That's one of the ones I haven't read. But yeah I wanted to read some Female MC cultivation novels, but no synopsis except has me hooked, I'm looking for a preteen MC ya smell me?

>What are some of your favorite tropes?

Protagonist evoking fear and awe in people due to how insanely strongly he is, despite the fact he has no right to be so powerful. It's cheap, self-indulgent and reeking of power fantasy, but it's my absolute guilty pleasure.

I suppose I can see that being the case for HWFWM (I generally like the protagonist because he's at least a character compared to something like Defiance of the Fall where the protagonist just doesn't have a personality).

>That's one of the ones I haven't read. But yeah I wanted to read some Female MC cultivation novels, but no synopsis except has me hooked, I'm looking for a preteen MC ya smell me?
Forge of Destiny is what you should read, on Royalroad. I think it's the only popular xianxia with female MC that I know of. The protagonist starts at around 14-16 years old.

A very fun thing I always enjoy seeing is when the perspective swaps to the enemy at that point, and they just go "Holy fuck what the hell is this person".


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