Booktok is on the rise

>booktok is on the rise
>booktube is huge
>literature is still dead

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this is the worst topic to make videos about

literature has always been for the minority
prove me wrong (you can't)


women are performative

What is literature?

All the books are shitty, meaningless YA fantasy, or womanly shite that could be easily turned into a drama for TV. Booktube is 90% a prole activity, and the good channels are overwhelmingly men (I know of exactly ONE good female booktuber who is actually my #1 favourite, who regularly gets between 1-2k views per video, and I will never share her). Not to mention, Booktube is just simply boring – most of the books I've never heard of or read, and most of the time the analysis of even the books I've read is shallow and shitty.

Only woman read books in 2022.
Some men still look obviously but its still the small minority, its like the IQ graphs a small portion of men read the most books while the majority of men never read.
Most woman read 4-5 books a year, bot a ton but still they read right.
Most men haven't read a book from back to cover in over a decade.
Yea Forums will seethe but this is unironically 100% true

How are we not at war with China for creating TikTok?

femoids read shit books

Sure but at least they read.
Better to read shit books than not read at all

Yes, because the feminized education system turns men off to reading from an early age, than the female controlled publishing industry publishes mostly for feminine sensibilities. So men naturally instead go towards video games.


oh captain my captain

No. (She's beautiful by the way.)

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>main character moment

thats the point

What did you expect from introducing EVEN MORE peasants to books? Hasn't this century thought you anything about what happens to things that become popular with the masses?

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I know exactly who it is and I'm gonna say it if someone rolls dubs

fiction is cringe

i can smell you from here


fine x 2

You don't know shit nigga

>pufa bloat muslim teenager wearing npc mask and full kmart ready to wear
>main character
sadly many hylics now have the gall to act this way


Why do women have such a great sense of aesthetics when men invented this concept? I know they are more shallow than the garbage they read but damn they can make everything look appealing and artsy. Even the thumbnails of all those bookstuber chicks look so charming and colorful. I wish I could create shit so appealing.

It's the asian who did the Heidegger video

Yep I lied for yous

Not really.

>a tarot wall blanket
>shitty postcards

Niggerlicous behavior


Shit books are essentially equivalent to mediocre movies or TV. Reading gay-ass YA is basically watching Marvel movies for book readers, and they give the same amount of knowledge.


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Finding a cool yt channel about books is like finding a diamond in a sandmine. It's filled with trannies gays and feminists
It's all so tiresome

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Average female puta

I mean my channel is mostly philosophy if you're into that kind of stuff


What’s your channel

If climate change is real, I say women are responsible for 80% of it. Dumb fucking cunts then also have the audacity to protest CC downtown. Fucking amobae levels of self-awareness. Fite me.

Reading is not a feat, doesn't need trophees.

Literature is for the niggas.

hahaha. No.

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Because I'm confident saying that to most booktubers books are not really a hobby they enjoy as much as this weirdly defining aspect of their life they do for clout.

>mfw they all read the exact same books because they're the latest fotm
How do you even retain anything when you go through books on a treadmill?

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Delve a little deeper into the booktok and you'll find they're reading nothing but pulp romance if not outright porn. It's the female version of being proud of scrolling to page 10 on xhamster. You're honestly doing better for yourself scrolling simplified Wikipedia articles.


Facts, and I don't know why women need to be so performative.

I'm a tranny and seeing how fucking desperate for attention women are makes me realize YWNBAW is a compliment and I need to listen to it more.

Based. Usher in the obsolescence of women.

Shit's just dumb af.

Not to be a misogynist, but so many cis women I meet are totally vapid. They're attracted to the image of something, but not the substance of it. It's like they always are chasing after a new aesthetic, a new them, but they never want to commit anything to any of them.

It is the very definition of being more concerned with style over substance, but it's not applied to one's art or one's work, but rather to one's personhood, and it is equal parts disgusting and saddening.

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What a fuckin roller coaster, thanks user

Literature is dead and these people are part of the symptom.

They're not actually reading. They're just posing with pictures of books so they can't post it and say "I'm so quirky and nerdy lolxd". It's all for attention.

I have a booktube channel but I mostly talk about genre shit.

For me, it's the rugged Phyrrus. I don't mind Caleb Smith either. Fuck you fags not wanting to share a youtuber because their subscriber count might increase by 2 lol. If they're good, they're going to get big eventually, and your precious flower will be defiled. It's inevitable.

Who? Reading Hei-tan now and I guarantee you that she doesn't understand him.

Decent channel

I don't think anyone's seething, this is clearly true and reflected in the publishing trend toward increasing mediocrity and the expansion of children's books into "YA" that's being read by 30 year olds. It's an infantilization of books.

>Most men haven't read a book from back to cover in over a decade.
While women dominate the book consumer market I don't think this is true either. Men are being poached by the success/self help genres and the political books. When men read it tends to be nonfiction.

I don't think this is a good thing since said books are usually of the Peterson or meme economics variety.