What's the manliest manly man piece of literature in existence?

What's the manliest manly man piece of literature in existence?

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Dare I say, he can pull of that style.

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Probably something by Hemingway

The Bible. Even just owning one makes many people want to murder you.

The Iliad, as someone else said. For a more recent work, perhaps John Gwynne's Faithful and the Fallen series.

2666 (instruction manual)

The fuck is with all these maschismo incels nowadays? Stop trying to find your balls in books, video games and movies.

Hemingway is manly in the way of a redditor growing out a beard and thinking that being sex-obsessed makes him seem good with the ladies
His life was a massive cope, a mask to hide his empty shell. With this idea, the manliest book then could be "Sickness upon Death"

What are you talking about? I think nearly every household in America has a Bible somewhere in the house.

Pretty much everything pre middle ages
Illiad, Beowulf, Song of Rolande, etc
For modern probably Robert E Howard books

I think you're retarded and trying to explain it would be a waste of time.

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Thomas MANN

I own 4 Bibles, 1 being a gigantic bilingual Greek Bible, 1 being from Biblica, 1 gigantic New Testament from Belgrade and one being a regular Romanian Orthodox Bible. The one in Greek and the Belgrade one could probably fetch a really good price since only a few dozens have been printed. I mean they are B I G. They cover an entire coffee table and weigh around 6-7 kilos each. I'm honestly a little reluctant to read them because handling big books feels wrong and I don't want to damage them in some way.

I, the Jury by Mickey Spillane.

I can't believe people take Hemingway's "manly" schtick seriously. Especially since his own books deconstruct it. Gore Vidal was quite right to say that America is the only country that could produce a writer like Hemingway and not see the joke.

>nooo please indulge my victim complex!! even though i'm not a real christian, just a larper

Evil sodomite quote. He should have been burned.

>he doesn't know Alexander the Great idolized the fictional character Achilles and went on to conquer most of the known world at the time
>he doesn't get the second hand courage from hearing stories of great men doing incredible and dangerous things

Found the real incel.

Gtfo talking about manly things while using tranny post-modern speech

The Old Man and the Sea was my first thought, but it was my ex-girlfriend's favorite book, so I don't know what to make of that. Still a good one.

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>I do not mean my hero to make the impression of a wholly unconscious creature: on the contrary, I have sought in Siegfried to represent my ideal of the perfect human being, whose highest consciousness manifests itself in the acknowledgment that all consciousness must find expression in present life and action.

>The enormous significance that I attach to this consciousness which can scarcely ever find adequate expression in mere words, will be quite clear to you in the scene between Siegfried and the Rhine-daughters. Here we see that infinite wisdom has come to Siegfried, for he has grasped the highest truth and knows that death is better than a life of fear

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you don't own the bible, the bible owns you
- tyler durden

what's manly about this book?

I haven't read that series, but I did recently read Shadow of the Gods. What a forgettable and poorly written book.

>pre mid dle ages
>songe of rolande
you shouldn't have to post about thing you are unfamiliar with user-kun

Achilles was real historical person and Alexander was a direct descendant, chud.

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I only really novels which exclusively feature male characters, so I have nothing with which to quantify manliness against

>it's toasted. On God.

the marvel version
the mcu vrxion
the chris hemsworth version
the endgamame versione

You want the real truth? Books are fucking gay. There is only conquest. Will you be ready to take it back?

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The Achilles in Illiad is about as real as Jesus in the bible.


>google any great conqueror
>all of their territories end up the same gay neoliberal bureaucratic client states with culture subsumed by capital just like the rest of us
>the preservation of their legacy relies on the technological and cultural innovations that aren't possible when the world is ruled by naked barbarians genociding each other over which tree is the horned poopoopeepee god's favorite

Incredible. Powerful. I'm gonna go sun my balls while listening to historical quote motivational videos now.

Xenophon’s Anabasis
Iliad is good too, like the other anons said. When you read Xenophon you realize just how far mankind is fallen, and what true masculine energy has the ability to accomplish. You, me, and everyone else on this board are hollow

The Illiad and Odyssey by Homer

On Pain by Junger
Copse 125 by Junger

you can kinda get the idea that the decline of manhood is a marker of the decline of civilization, never actually read the book though so idk but that's what I thought

Most of his books are tragic and the hero suffers pointlessly, but Santiago was pretty manly when he handled that fishe

Start with the Dick.

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Flashman books
not even a question.
you know a book is fantastic when 40 yearold single female bookworms give it 1 star cause it had r8pe in it

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It's clearly Bronze Age Mindset and everyone is stepping around the issue on purpose.

This isn't manliness it's cope. COPE.


You daren't.

>the preservation of their legacy relies on the technological and cultural innovations
a fucking library? what technological innovations were necessary to copy and store books in the first few centuries?
> same gay neoliberal bureaucratic client states with culture subsumed by capital
and you see this happening individually and independently happening, or do you recognize its origins, and see which movements and which polarities (geographically) were successful in pushing this?

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>Romanian Orthodox Bible
I saw a video of a priest dipping a mummified foot into water and the whole village take the water home in plastic containers

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Anything by Miguel Serrano (viewed practically)

I've heard that the last hundred pages or so of Moby Dick are pretty great. Never read it myself, though, so I can't say for certain

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Based as fuck. Fuck school I just want to kill Anglos and frogs: The Book.

Oh my god! How flat is that ass?

The Three Musketeers. Sure it had some parts that were cringe and came off as simpish but I cant recall any other book to have a female antagonist that the main characters outright kill. Nothing more manlier than the understanding that women are the downfall of men.

>a fucking library?
You didn't go to the library and if you needed to go to a library to found out a guy existed you wouldn't have found out he existed. I'm talking about [current year] where these great conquerors exclusively exist as the cartoon caricatures that represent them in 15 minute long history edutainment videos. Practically speaking, these warriors and generals are on the same tier as sports team mascots. Caesar is a character that sycophants wear on proverbial t-shirts while cheering for team Rome in movies and video games, almost nobody but stuffy academics give a shit about him as a historical person and his state has been reduced to Italy which has been getting colonized by africa and the middle east since Gadhafi fell.

>and you see this happening individually and independently happening, or do you recognize its origins?
Well obviously but I don't see the difference it makes. All of these great heroes who fought for their people, faith, and culture were doing so just to keep it alive long enough to get consumed whole and semi-permanently coagulated into the modern liberal republic/"republic" that everyone else got turned into as well.