How do you keep track of what you read and set future read plans?

How do you keep track of what you read and set future read plans?

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I write it down on a piece of paper, gosh darn that was hard, anime scum

My brain.

Goodreads lol

Are you retarded? It sits on my shelf ofc i know if i have read it or not

Goodreads, notepad documents, my shelves.

I sometimes say to myself "oh dear I read 15 books last year, and didn't even note down their title" but later on realize that
1. maybe 5 were worth reading again
2. you WILL remember the titles anyhow
3. if you don't remember the title of a work you borrowed an idea from, your idea is maybe better than the "original"... happened to me multiple times and the only benefit I got from hunting down the original was the disappointment of the author
p.s. this only applies if you are a loli like in picture

You keep the hundreds of books you have already read on your shelves? Even the terrible books?
You HAVE read hundreds of books, right, user? Right?

>navigating the literally tens of thousands of books, authors, topics and fields of knowledge out there with no structure or organization whatsoever
this explains so much

I am, like, a better writer than you. I love you and support you no matter what\, regardless

fuckwad, my example was from a single domain... and I also hold a degree from a university, earned from coherent study

Depends on, like, what you mean by writer, but I appreciate your effort nonetheless

i like reading reviews about albums and whats going on in the music scene. so every time there is a new album there is material.

Notes app on my phone, goodreads is for retards

I don't follow anyone on Goodreads, I just keep an account to track what I read and find recommendations

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A deceased app I still have on my phone.

Notepad++ for windows
Notepadqq for linux

I will be remembered but I will enforce constantly that it was you who made me what I am. It was you, user. I will always remember and honor that. Don't think I get a big ego about it, I know you are to credit.


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I dunno user, but as long as you write something we both enjoy, there can't be an ego big enough for it!

1) I keep notes on computer files, spreadsheets and other things and write the thing up/make small improvements on Wikipedia if it's warranted.

2) I read what I please, when I please. There's no schedule but I have a fairly clear idea of what the next one or two are likely to be.

The Marvel avengers equivalent of lit

You'll see, user, you'll see. But I promise YOU will be credited.

I don't want to be credited
The fact that it exists is credit enough

>keep track of what you read
>set future plans
my mind

goodreads because sometimes I don't remember the names of books I read after a few months.


my diary desu


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I don‘t. I read whatever i feel like reading whenever i feel like reading and that‘s that. I trust my brain to keep track of what has value for me at that specific moment and i trust myself to find the right sources of new informations when i‘m ready for them. I‘m merely a vessel for knowledge. I let it pass through me instead of trying to control me because i know that what belongs to me will find me.

>I trust my brain
You shouldn't. Like, literally you should never trust your or any brain. It gets things mixed up and lies to you about it.

Yeah i am aware but i trust it to do that for good reason. Namely that that information was not important to me or that „forgetting it“ served an important purpose. For example, if i constantly keep mixing up someone‘s name, to me that‘s not an error, that‘s a clue that i could follow that will lead me to interesting discoveries about myself or others. The brain might not be infallible but i trust that it isn‘t for good reason.


So many people in constant fear of slime

I do the same

I don't keep track, either it makes an impression or it doesn't.
As for future plans? For non-fiction - is it relevant to my current projects or inquiries, then it goes to the top of the list. For fiction, does it intrigue me? Have I finished something else? Okay.

It's all nicely and orderly in calibre. I just update some custom values whenever I plug the kobo in for managing the library.

cute armpit.

I don't

I have a google sheet w. books that I want to read (including stuff like in what translation, which edition is preferable, etc). There're different sections, w. one that I've called "Next time I buy", another w. writers who I adore, and want to read more of, where I "fill out" their oeuvre as I read more of it.

I also have a discord server for myself. Each channel is divided into writing projects I'm working on, and a large channel called "short stories", and there's a channel where I can just quickly put in books I want to read.

And then I have a journal, which I dont write in every day, but every once in a while.

I also use goodreads (though I dont use the "want to read" function), but I'm planning on transitioning to keeping a journal just for the books I've read. My brain responds too much to the reading goal, because I'm braindead. So gonna do a lil Walter Benjamin and write down everything I've ever read.

I hate that it's owned by amazon, but I like the UI, the customization and the wide ass library (book-wise and edition-wise).

I keep an eye on BookWyrm because I really like the idea of having a "goodreads with activitypub", but it sucks that they use OpenLibrary and not bookbrainz

anons, you must stop

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I don't. That's limiting. Whereas it's important to use our memory (reading plans are only useful to memorize vast amounts of information in a systematic way, which is important and should be encouraged) that would be generally very limiting. You must understand that the reason we read is primarily for the sake of personal growth and anything we're reading at the moment suits our stage and fixes our direction in the short term. That means it would be meaningless to decide where we'll be in even two or three months, because those books would probably not fit our current stage, and deciding beforehand where we're meant to be usually (although admittingly, not always) sets you up for disappointment. Go where your heart calls you and heed what God inspires you to do.

kys retard

actually I remembered another good one: VUE ( )
compared to other mind mapping software it has a soul and is very utilitarian...

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try 26reads although their database of books is small (you can add books yourself though).. their library of books you can actually read on the platform is big though and quite unique

notepad ++

same, though losing 18 months worth in a hdd crash makes me wonder. I now back it up frequently. Something about goodreads is offputting so I'm not about to switch

I remember it with my pure anti nonce brain


I use Goodreads, but I also like to Journal what I've read and I keep check lists of top 100s to inform what I want to read and test new authors. Time Magazine Top 100 and the I'm working through. I'll mix up reading books off the lists with guilty pleasure books like Stephen King novels, and autobiography's/non-fiction.

I kind of just keep a mental tab of what I'm going to read, I'll usually buy the book in advance and place it on my bedside table. Sometimes I'll talk about what I should read next with friends or my wife.

Why do you need all those books? You remind me the Autodidacta. Do what he does: use the alphabet.

You have just one life. Find your book and stick to it.

I have a folder of pdfs's, its about 400-500 pdf's large. If I read a book, I just write a X at the start of the pdf name.

Ur gay.

Loli is gay user.

I use a notebook. For each book I write down the start and end date and use the rest of the page to write down some quick thoughts on the book itself. I used to use goodreads but I found myself thinking way too much about the numbers. Now I only tally up the count at the end of the year, although I could probably guess roughly how many books I've read so far this year if I tried. I find that having a written account of your thoughts about a book while it is still fresh in your mind it makes for a far more interesting rereading experience. It also forces me to turn some of the random impressions that pile up in my mind while I read into coherent thoughts.

I do have some plans for what to read but usually only for non fiction (it's far better to read multiple books on a topic than it is to read just one and move on) unless I'm targeting a specific author.

I have this thing called memory and I choose what to read in the moment. Dumb thread.


Kys nonces