Recommend me fiction about boxing, fights in general, and other manly activities

Recommend me fiction about boxing, fights in general, and other manly activities.

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there's nothing manly about damaging your brain

Classics are still the best. Homer, Virgil, Petronius.

A Piece of Steak by Jack London is a good short story about boxing.

>there's nothing manly about damaging your brain
There is no way to avoid it, user?
Even today?
What about those helmets?

if you're being serious: no, the head guard doesn't prevent the rattling of your brain in your skull

source: I train, but never spar because I've seen too many cases of people's personalities changing after one hit in the head guard.

I'm writing a novel about a boxer right now, so make this thread again next year and I'll link you it

>never spar because I've seen too many cases of people's personalities changing after one hit in the head guard
Story time?

Such a shame, I thought it's an interesting sport.

You’ll never look at the sport the same way again.

not him but it's a fascinating sport. it's human cock fighting. it's one of the few ways you can legally murder and assault people.
t. vegas user

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Wasn't there a great sport-fight scene in the Aeneid?

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Tough to find without paying through the nose but an entertaining tale from an Italian lowlife made good.

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Jack London - The Mexican
also "A Piece of Steak"

Hemingway had a couple stories about boxers - The Battler; Fifty Grand and I can’t remember the name of the other one but it was more about the obese whore who loved a real life boxer Stanley Ketchel who got shot to death young by some bimbo’s husband.

Breece DJ Pancake had one called The Scrapper that had a memorable ending.

Scott Wolven had a good one about boxing matches in a lumber camp. Can’t remember the name of it.

Ashita no Joe

Great short stories on their own but a tad repetitive when read together.

>effeminate lower case reply
>cowardly and defeatist too

The Sweet Science.
Dempsey's book.
Biographies from boxers you are interested in. Jersey Joe Walcott has a good one. In short, hard work, dedication. Average lit poster has no dog in them, so some boxing might do them good.

I don't know any books about boxing, I just know Ashita no Joe, so if you like manga definitely read this.

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And, while I'm at it, I really recommend you watch at least hundred good fights on film before bothering with any books. Paper doesn't come close to the film.

I can recommend good fights for starters.

Recommend some

It’s an incredible sport. It also has an incredible cost and is a little morally dubious to support. But then I think about how many guys in fighting will tell you that they’d be doing worse things on the streets and I get over it.

Not him but
Leonard v Duran
Leonard v Hearns
Leonard v Hagler
Hearns v Hagler
Hagler v Mugabi
Ali v Liston
Ali v Frazier
Ali v Frazier III (Thrilla in Manila)
Ali v Foreman
All three Gatti-Ward fights
Arguello v Pryor
Tapia v Romero
Barrera v Hamed
All three Barrera v Morales
Barrera v McKinney
Morales v Pacquaio

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Came to say this.

Also, Mark Kozelek is a better poet than Shakespeare!

Salvador Sanchez v Azumah Nelson

For me it’s

fucking pussies in this board nowadays

>gatti-ward fights
good list user I do think fury and wilder series is also worth checking out. It's a bit recent so it's better to start with the classics but it's also quite good.

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The Fight by Norman Mailer. It's not fiction but is written like a novel, it covers The Rumble In the Jungle.

It is a very interesting sport, but it comes at a cost

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you can still learn muay thai or grappling arts without giving yourself dementia at 45 years old

Not him but I've seen some dudes that are normally calm and calculating in their fighting style go apeshit and throw caution to wind after they take a good punch. And this is just in sparring when they don't even have a fight scheduled.


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Salvador Sanchez is insane. He's almost mythical with how he solidified his legacy at such a young age and is arguably the greatest Mexican boxer ever. God has a wicked sense of humor.

For me it's bare-knuckle boxing.

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Post your favorite fight

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>muay thai
>my form of retarded cockfighting is better than your's!!!
>grappling arts
Ground hugging fucking sucks.

For me it's rough-and-tumble, the no holds barred fighting practiced by the Scots-Irish of the American South

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Salvador Sanchez arrived and vanished
Only twenty-three with so much speed
Owning the highway

Mexico City gave birth to so many
None quite like him
Sweet warrior
Pure magic matador

Always heard Robert E. Howard's boxing stories are pretty good. The steel fisted boxer Sailor Steve Costigan is the only character he wrote with more stories than Conan the Barbarian.

About the grubbier aspects of the sport

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Reading the accounts of the great old bareknuckle fights is a hoot. Sullivan vs Kilrain reads like some anime shit.

Stop being a pseud.

what about classic martial arts
how do they manage to seem refined whereas something like boxing seems like more suited to a nog

experience it for yourself.

Leonard Gardner - Fat City
Eddie Muller - The Distance
Budd Schulberg - The Harder They Fall

came here to say this, Ashita no Joe isn't a book but it's a really damn good manga worth reading.

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Seconding this

fans of competitive boxing encourage nog styles
thats why they always complain about floyd "running away", and worship mike tyson despite him losing all of his biggest fights. boxing fans are literal cavemen. there are refined styles of boxing, but they're considered boring.

The Boxer:

Hajime no Ippo:

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>refined styles of boxing
like what don't say mma now
is nog style more effective in a street fight situation or are classic martial arts like jedi reminiscing about a more civilized time

my diary desu

mma isnt a style of boxing
a refined style would be minimal risk taking, aka boring style that isnt popular with cro magnon casual boxing fans
any martial art is effective in a street fight, but I'd say you should learn striking and grappling to be well rounded. something like muay thai with jiu jitsu. sparring in any martial art is what really makes you effective though because just having a calm mind and sharpened reflexes will make you able to handle like 90% of the general pop
also worth noting that a grappling art is less likely to get you sued, as opposed to a striking art when you break someones nose or they slam their head on the ground

Underrated post.

Hit and don't get hit
If you want to keep sitting on the sofa playing your racing simulator don't judge the ones willing to maneuver in the driver's seat.
Didn't start this thread but do your thing hope to read it when it's finished add me on goodreads: /author/show/19613877.Al_Dios
There's only 1 Tyson Fury
Joe & Ippo both solid
Dempsey's book has tried and true fundamentals and fun antiquated dietary advice, great read.
Oscar Wilde has a harsh personal connection with john douglas aka the guy that first made gloves mandatory with the Queensbury rules but yes boxing has amazing stories of people coming from poverty becoming champions and lows of predatory businessmen taking advantage of the sport as a whole
Definitely check out their lists, here's some more bouts you might like for their sensational turn of events:
Mayweather v mosley
Corrales v Castillo 1
Pacquiao v Marquez 4
Fury v Wilder 1

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I remember doing a school project on oscar wilde and I mentioned that fact user!

You get decent knocks to the head grappling too.It also fucks your joints

t. seasoned BJJ player who sometimes can't raise his right arm above his head