Post em

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back side

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thats pretty good

I used to use a one hundred trillion dollar bill from Zimbabwe but it turns out that they've increased a lot in value and I don't want to lose it. So now I use a bus ticket.

Oh man, that book mark brings me right back to 2005.

I just use old business cards I've collected

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Whence I was in high school, I would tear a sheet of legal pad out and thusly proceed to use that as my bookmark, taking care to note words, sources, etc. mentioned in that book to check out later because my auto dictat.

Based scavengers

How did you come by that bill in the first place?

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stop chewing yo shit dawg

We can't help it, we're schizophrenic

all good dawg, my shit worse than yours. takes one to know one. it's all love

I just did a poor clipping job and have dry skin

I use all sorts of shit, but for Dante there is only the best

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that's a good one, never waste.

>Gook shit
Kys urself my man.

You too lad. have a good one

I normally don't use bookmarks, but when I do, I use a dollar bill.

?? he's Italian, retard

>Defacing your property
Last time I did that was the first time I did that, because I got scolded by the teacher for fucking up the books. Just get a bookmark

I bought it from ebay as a joke gift for my dad about 2011. Cost $2. Can't remember how I got it back, I must have nabbed it from him. Sorry pops.

That's a full-blooded European woman, are you fucking blind lad?

Good women are trash especially Seoul thots. I literally beat the shit out of hoes and they never called the cops on me. Not that those lazy fucks would care.


i used a $2 bill in school but someone stole it right out of my book. Now I just use the ones book depository sends me

I make bookmarks out of the cards I get.

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Those seem like great questions for young kids, to encourage them to think critically.

There are like 3 different packs of bookmarks on Amazon. Where the hell can I go to get near bookmarks

scholastic book fair

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Charities normally give you decent bookmarks when you join

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what book you readin fren?

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Damn I have that exact note for the same purpose. I should’ve bought more.

Sorry meant neat

What book ?

artsy gf was doing some cleaning and was going to toss it since she made it when she was young. decided I could use it.

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Lawful Good for me

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i hate women but that is nice, my regards to your gf (i hate women)

I just tear out each page as I go along.

book face down is chaotic evil, ruined it for me

a leaf is more chaotic than a table

all sorts of shit. mostly prayer cards for religious books, specifically christian and zoroastrian ones, ribbons for islamic, pagan, hindu and buddhist texts (Some feathers as well, mostly hawk and raven, cleaned) then for mundane books anything, mostly scraps of paper likethis guy. my main bible has ribbons, cards and scraps of paper with notes/drawings.

Read that sentence again and ask yourself if you still believe it
One fits between the pages of a text and thus there is some sense/order to it being used as a bookmark. A table does not fit between the pages of a book and ruins the spine; its use as a bookmark is senseless and disorderly, the exact definition of chaotic

Chaotic evil is writing on the page.
I worked as a librarian and people actually fucking mark pages they are up to

What's it called when you don't use a book mark and don't try to remember the page number, you just guess where you were up to and read from there.

Thats what I do.

I just use boogers or coom to make the pages stick together where I left off.

i just use the bookmarks that come with the book

the card sleeve ruins any asthetic this could have 1/10

Send help.

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I would prefer not to use it but I can't risk damaging my second favourite photocard of all time

Kek where do you live that leaves are more convenient than tissues or scraps of paper? Are you a fairy or a squirrel?

There is great seller I use. He has all sorts of rare books with cheepo shipping, but he always stuffs em with adverts, usually for self published gay fiction.

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And another one

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No homo but I'd actually read that. I feel like you earned the right to be gay if you went through something like the trenches in WWI.