How are you all doing so far

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i don't read

I’m in Grad school, my only free time is spent with my daughter or shitposting here or both

post the list with all the novellas, gay boy.

Wouldn't you spend a lot of time reading for research?

zero, i've been fighting against cancer


>or both
that is honestly unironically literally the best education you can give to your daughter
we're proud of you, educated user

I'm doing well. Thanks for asking, OP!

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I don’t have a target but I’ve read 10 books this year which seems like too few. One of which was Magic Mountain though which seems fair enough due to its length

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> i set the goal of not stoping breathing and today i ate, im the fucking master

I've read 7 books (8 depending on how you want to count a book) so far this year.

23 so far? Hmmm

I exceed the value input. I cant post a pic because server crashes.


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Pretty fucking bad and I'm running out of battery.

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This list is full of interesting books I know nothing about.

a lot of these are for my research, though a few were for pleasure
>50 books
godspeed user! good job so far
those books are in pristine conditionfor having been read. my penguins are practically falling to pieces after i finish one that's longer than 300 pgs
>the anxiety of the goalie at penalty kick
is the novel any good? ive seen the Wenders film, which was pretty good but i had no idea it was a book...

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>is the novel any good?

Yes, I really enjoyed it. I haven't seen the film so I had no expectations, but the book is very clever with how it plays with language to show the ragged edges of a demented mind. It gets very meta too, if you are into that sort of thing, because the whole book is about language, in a sense.

I've read two more books by Handke. Sorrow Beyond Dreams which I didn't care for, and today I read The Afternoon of a Writer which was very enjoyable. I like him.


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49 as of today, plan on finishing another this month

>14 books behind schedule

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You shouldn’t be allowed to post here if you haven’t read these by the time you exit high school. Demons? Virgil? The Prince? And you have them placed upside down… I pray you’re below the age of 17 user.

You don’t have to lie and your taste is atrocious. Nobody is impressed by this and your absorption and knowledge of the text is surface level at best. If anything, slowly and meticulously working your way through a novel is much more ideal. I’ve been reading La Condition humaine in French (I don’t speak or read French) for nearly 6 months now and my grasp on the material is doctorate worthy. This is why men shouldn’t be allowed literacy, they turn it into a video game where merit is measured in speed and quantity of books read, it’s repulsive. Frankly men shouldn’t be allowed anything other than 24/7 pussy domination, they should all be in chains and licking my cunt, my little cum slaves. That’s all they’re worthy of, licking my wet cunt, not allowed water but only the vaginal juices mommy supplies. For dinner they get mommies stinky brown leftovers. Because that’s what men deserve, my stinky cunt and my stinky brown shit and that’s all.

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Shit nigga

I was behind but am catching up to my goal of 50. I’ve read about 12 so far

These were bought for me at Christmas, and the books are stacked on their side.

I don’t know why my phone rotates the image during upload.

These were before they were read, they were a gift at Christmas.

nice stacks

got about 100 pages into lolita, the part where he's in england and is at the pond with himself and the mother. maybe i'll get back to it at some point but it just sorta lost me.

here's my list, though i'll concede that there are some graphic novels/manga here, which is find if you exclude it. the last month I've really been out of the "reading motivation", but I have joined the don quixote bookclub so that's going good so far.

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oh yeah sorry, the goodreads blank there is the lovecraft complete works I finally finished this year, started it last halloween and would read it from time to time.

>8 books behind schedule

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I've read 23 books this month
they were all light novels

how long does it take before i can read at that pace 師匠

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He giving her the shitposting lessons?

Say the average LN is 250 pages. You'll have averaged 42.5 pages per day. That's like maybe an hour a day reading?

At 23 250pg LNs in 28 days, I average 205 pages per day, which for me, with light novels is maybe 4 hours per day. Most days this past month I'll read ~half a LN before bed. It's just that recently I've been going on binges of 12 hours or more in a day. I likely just have a lot more time on my hands.

Usually I read much heavier stuff and am spent after ~6 hours, but since getting into LNs in March I feel like a kid again and I've just been cruising.

quite a bit more than an hour a day...

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I've only read one book all yeah because I'm depwessed.

Damn I hope you get better fren.

actually shit it isn't really that much more is it

wow why does it feel like i've been seriously giving it my all this year if it turns out my averages are so bad. no wonder my reading speed is so dog slow

The best reading pace is the pace that allows you to richly imagine what you're reading without getting bored. Some people like a Michael Bay pace, others Tarkovsky. Faster isn't better, and it's dumb to dick measure leisure. Like 'damn, Mike over there is enjoying his cruise way faster than I am. He's already eight drinks in and I'm only starting my second'

I think if I really buckle down this next month I can make it

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I'm working on it.

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you're 100% right if you're talking about your natively language.

when you're learning a new language reading speed is an actual problem

Why the hell would anyone browsing an English forum need to learn another language?

Hope you kick its ass, user

>T. didn't read Euclid's elements in primary school

user bro.....

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Are comics cheating to pad out the count, though?

I'm reading way more mangas than I had initially planned. Without the comics/mangas I'd probably be behind though

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6 books

13 :/

I've read about 4000 pages worth of web novels, and like 3 actual books.

The problem is what you mean with "reading books".

For example I only include "entertainment" books as reading. All the other science books, especially textbooks, are not something I see as a "book" goal.
For me the idea of a book is that I just sit there and immerse myself into the book without any repercussion (like I literally don't give a fuck if I remember any of those names or locations in the right way). But if I read for example about physics in a university textbook, you can be sure as hell that I want this shit nailed down in my head the right way.

That's also why I don't do reading challenges because I already read pretty much all day and therefore reading non important books is something I don't see as goal and rather just as a fun side activity.

Also reading is not the same as reading. Every fucking time I see some NPC saying "I READ 200 BOOKS LAST YEAR", I'm just shaking my head because I can turn pages of 200 books in a few minutes. But if you really read a book, the after thought an inner dialog alone will take you days. For example when I finished The Hobbit (even though it was a pretty small and rather straight forward story), I needed a few days for my inner dialog to discuss this fucking spider forest. This one minor thing took me days to think about it because of how insanely good it was written for me.
But if someone says "I read 200 books last year", you know that this wasn't reading. It was just turning pages without any meaningful interaction. Or how scientist would say "if you don't actively interact with a book, you haven't read it". Just following words with your eyes has no meaning, the question is what is happening in your brain.
Another example was Marcus Aurelius. His "books" really made me thing. It was less a questioning of the world and more like an expanding of my view on the world. You can't read more than 20 good books in a year. If you read more than 20 good books, then either you have no job/responsibilities, or you are not capable of understanding how to read.

>so many "books" that are only 60-70 pages long
I only read 24 this year, but their average length was about 400 pages.

We should use pagecount or weight in kilos to really determine the winner of this challenge. By my calculations, I read about 14 kg of books this year. Get on my level, plebs.

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>counting mangas
Might as well count Yea Forums threads too at this point.

Why tf are you all recording the books you've read? If you can't remember what you've read you should read it again.

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>I don’t know why my phone rotates the image during upload.
Yea Forums removes personal information embedded into the image by your phone, and in removing it, it rotates the image. This is also done to identify phoneposters so their opinions can be ignored by everyone else.

2 so far. I've got several on my plate right now so here's hoping I'll finish a few in quick succession, sometime soon.

>Web novels

Tf u mean?

3 out of 4 are less than 150 pages. i have too much work

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