What was the main theme of gravity's rainbow?

what was the main theme of gravity's rainbow?

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The order in wich a sane person does it is: first read the sypnosis then read the book and only then create a thread

reverse pavlovian causality


Probably how technology is in some sense bad


Why read the synopsis is you are alredy going to read the novel?


Be afraid, and confused, but honestly, don't worry too much at this point. It's long since been out of our hands.

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The main theme is that you've got to take an injection of antibiotics before you let a prostitute shit in your mouth. Everything else in the book relates to that.

1. You may never get to touch the Master, but you can tickle his creatures.

2. The innocence of the creature is in inverse proportion to the immorality of the Master.

3. If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.

4.You hide, They seek.

5. Paranoids are not paranoids because they're paranoid, but because they keep putting themselves, fucking idiots, deliberately into paranoid situations.

so you know what's happening as it's happening rather than piecing it together after

The main theme is that not everything is explainable by science. It's all in the title. Gravity's Rainbow. Gravity is a fundamental force in the universe and has little to nothing to do with rainbows which are made out of God's magic. The book centers on people's desire to personify science and to use it to explain things that it just can't. Hopefully this helps you in your book report user!

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Self growth and discovery

you get to be a whole person a handful of times in life so don't sweat it
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Germans will ruin the world. Refuse their technology. America = Germany 2.0


The same theme as every other 20th century White Male pomo doorstopper. The isolation and alienation of the individual in post WW2 America.

pretty good list, actually

well, rainbows can be explained, you can look it up in fact, but the message isn't that they can't be explained, but that the inherent beauty in such a thing doesn't require a scientific explanation, just that we can recognize an inherent value in the things we may find beautiful.

I interpreted the title as a rocket's trajectory looks like a rainbow.

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Well, I mean that makes sense if you have this kind of certain some specific book or author it's difficult for you. But I wouldn't recommend to do it while reading Faulkner (for example) since half the point of his more well known novels is to reconstruct the story and end it knowing what actually happened.
Maybe it could be good to know a very basic synopsis (the premise but not the further plot) and read at the end if it's not clear. But well, idk.

what's funny is that im not even the original user you responded to, i was just answering for him, but the only author i've ever read the synopsis for is Faulkner because i would have missed 75% of the sound and the fury if i didnt

Pynchon novels are about engaging with conspiracy- in Slothrop's case he was conspired against as an infant, conditioned to have an erection in the presence of certain polymers and even likely circumcised, and his life is how to cope as he is unable to confront his conspirators.

Rainbows are perfectly circular. Rocket trajectories are elliptical. Is the author stupid? Does he address this?

sypnosis isn't the same thing as summary. Sypnosis is a summary of the premises, not of the whole book. Obviously you don't read summaries before or even after reading the book, that's usless. But you can read the sypnosis of a book before you read it to see if youre interested in that kind of story

V. and GR are related works and both are exploring the effects WWII had on the people. With V. he explores the people who spent their formative years under the war, their lives where defined by it and when it ended they were left aimless. With GR he explores the people whose lives became the war, they were redefined by forces far beyond their comprehension and attempting to understand it is not really possible. With both you can not be very concise with theme since Pynchon does not simplify anything and explores it in its full complexity; while there are commonalities on the effects between people it is ultimately a very individual thing, best you can do is say the effects of war on people.

Yeah probably. It's just a metaphor

Therefore Gravity's Rainbow would be elliptical you autist

wasting the reader's time

>Rocket trajectories are elliptical

Rainbows are optical phenomena. If gravity had a rainbow it would be something like gravitational lensing. A rockets ballistic trajectory is more like gravity's calligraphy.

It's a shit title.

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it has multiple meanings you know

>open up first page
>hm. is he describing a cathedral, maybe?
>lol no it's a bed, fuckwit
>put book down and walk away
making me feel like a drooling mongoloid is its main theme, I think

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True. I forgot the v2 wasn't an orbital rocket. However parabolic orbits don't exist in nature, so gravity having a rainbow that is a parabola still makes zero fucking sense.

the crystal palace

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I don't know I haven't read the book in 20 years. I can't remember anything anything except having no idea what was going on, first page to the last.

not really if you think about it, the shape isn't important

The shape of Rainbows don't matter. Let's just have rectangular rainbows and then Pynchy should have stuck with his original title Gravity's French Toast.

>open up first page
First of all, how are you opening a page? Like you're ripping it and looking inside?

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It is more understanding the meaning than the words themselves.


Reading Gravity's Rainbow and being raped by a wild pack of niggers is the exact same thing.

Everything is just an experience, user, the only thing that differentiates them from each other is what we do with them.

lol i like this one, i think it's close.
but it is this too.

there is yeah a huge reference to this in beyond the zero and this whole theme of opposites and all that.

and these:
and some might say this is part of it to:
but i hope not.

i guess these 2 aren't bad either:
It's complex. if i had to describe it i feel like it would be necessary to touch on each of these things.

oh and these too:
and then finally:

but i was surprised by just how many of these themes i could find in:
i always saw that horrendous scene (you know) as a general metaphor for our desire and taste for warl, but now i see it a little more broadly that

thanks for clarifying

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Something pretentious.

>War is crazy
>Without the V2, we wouldn’t have space flight
>The governments of the world are insane

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