Shingeki no Kyojin

>Is dinner ready, Mikasa?
Notice how Jean didn't accept Mikasa's empire. They are going to be so happy

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So Jean is the next to die huh. Deserved since it was because of him Reiner survived.

>Jean has a beard in his daydream just like the man in the last panel

EHbros...we had a good run, but it's over.

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We already have a 2nd thread fuck off

Different person's though, it's already debunked

The second one is shit. Can't even make a proper subject line


Nice hairline

JM's baby is ugly, that baby is not

>Jean doesn't imagine himself being a dilf

Poor Mikasa. I wonder if she dreams of Eren when they fuck

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I hope we'll get a lot of cute JM baby fanart.

Who the fuck pictures himself as fat and balding in when they are in their 20s?

Who's ready for the upcoming sequel starring Ymir Yeager-Reiss, Ocean Arlert-Leonhart and Eren Kirstein-Ackerman?!

Jean would have confessed to Mikasa after all these years of being aware of his romantic feelings for her, but he's also always been aware of Mikasa's feelings for Eren. Deep down he's always known there's not much (or nothing) he can do about that


>Would genocide the world for

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Me, just being realistic.

Jean - he's always been a pessimistic dude. I love him.

Jean and Mikasa will be Sam and his wife when all the shifters are gone.

AA baby would be an absolute chad. Literally the second coming of Erwin.

Jean is an old soul

>Big nose
>Bowl cut

Did isayama get replaced by some clone? How is it the person who gave us chapter 100, 121-123 writing this garbage? It's been 4 chapters of filler during the climax of the fucking series what the fuck is the point? Why have a Gabi chapter, then an Annie chapter, then an alliance chapter, now a shipping chapter? I'm so confused

Why doesn't Jean seem happy in his dream? he looks like his sick of Mikasa.

he'd be like 4 feet tall as an adult

He doesn't give a shit about most of these characters and the plot only moves with Eren

>AA's baby

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Gotta tie loose ends for all the characters he ignored between 90 and 123

He just wants the series to end but there's so much shit he has to wrap up if he doesn't want the ending to be rushed.

>final panel is just Eren daydreaming
powerful and kino

EH, AA, JM, LH canon soon.

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JM son will fuck EH daughter by his knotted horse cock.

So he’s a Chadlet. A Chad manlet.

Fuck off reinerfag

I mean the fat thing could be because he's fantasizing a peaceful future. He doesn't have to fight anymore and can get fat on Mikasa's home cooked meals. And Jean is probably starting balding so he's just being realistic.

Isayama is the kinda guy who needs to tie in every single plotline, it's either now or never. Will probably show the terror and scale of the rumbling while/after the alliance is crushed.

I-it's their fourth child! He's approaching 50 by then!

Manlets can't be chads.

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why is he choosing now to do it though? makes no sense all of this shit shouldve been handled so long pretty much ruins the story. when the story is done you could skip 124-127 and still get the whole story its just sad to see something i love fall apart like this

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