100 girlfriends/kanojo

Chapter 9 is out.
Will Karane reveal her swimsuit?
Will Hakari and Nano awaken their powers to beat the beach boys?
Will Shizuka learn how to swim and save herself?
Or will our MC, yes, the chaddest romcom MC of them all, save his 4 girlfriends while obtaining a new girlfriend?

Let's find out.

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>while obtaining a new girlfriend?
So far each time he gets a new girlfriend the girl gets the whole focus for the chapter it in order to do her justice. Only exceptions were the first two in order to hammer home the idea that there is no "first girl" to get special treatment, and in exchange they got double length chapters.

The in-between chapters seem to be about improving the relationships between the girls in order to keep the harem stable.

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Rentarou used Protect!

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Rentarou : "Those two are my girlfriend!"
Beach Boy A : "If it's true then show me that you can kiss them now!"

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Yep, Rentarou is a psycho.

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Karane : "What are you doing at this time...! Hakari and Eiai is in a pinch..."
Rentarou : "NAAANIIIII!!!!?"

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Rentarou : "Don't do something impossible. If something happens to you, I...."
Nano : "Un. I'm sorry... Thank you..."

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Rentarou : "I've just noticed it when I was talking with the others. Karane... You fiercely peeked at Hakari and Nano's breasts, aren't you?"

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She's so cute

This is why we carry portable chargers

Stop shilling this shit

You don't need portable charger as long you charge it before you sleep.

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