What small changes to a character or series in whole would make it infinitely better?

What small changes to a character or series in whole would make it infinitely better?

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Stop thinking with your dick

He should have had a harem of Momo, Mt Lady, Miruko, Ochaco, Tsuyu, and Midnight.

I refuse.

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Changing Deku to a girl while keeping most of his personality intact would be interesting but will definitely ruin Bakugo character from rival to love interest.

Moreover fans will then only want bubs and batts for hard pp from female Deku and never any meaningful character development

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you ask for too much

Imagine the class gangbang doujins

Just make him gay and let him fuck Bakugo.

inb4 all of them r63

All anime in the last howevermany years could have benefited from leaving the school setting. Gettin' tired of it, man.

shaddup grape

Koehi's own "Batman Begins" would have been neat. OP's image, or Male Deku (Boy) with a FemBakuga (Girl) rival would have been equally kino.

Is your other head doing any better?

Sorry for multilink reply.

There is already official art for that

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Would Tumblr hate Bakugo for his abuse of fem!Deku or would they find it hot?

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exploding tsundere


My mind automatically wanders to Bakugo falling in love with Fem Deku after couple of arcs of abuse.

I mean it doesn’t work in my mind, I can’t imagine it. The second they enroll to UA and Bakugo starts abusing Fem Deku in front of the class everyone would call him a beyond help jerk, refuse to be friends with him or just call him weak.

I don’t think changing Bakugo to female would fix that either. Female rivalry isn’t taken seriously at all by both authors and fans and will always fall into “who have the biggest boobs and butts competition” with the occasional pointless yuri scenes


Why having a female protagonist for a shounen manga would do any good, besides giving your pathetic self even more fap material than you already have? List 3 serious reasons. I said serious: the whole "because the relationship with Bakugo would be more realistic/interesting/whatever" is up on the list of the stupidest thing I've read on this shithole of a board (and that's quite an accomplishment)

My thoughts excatly.

You are dumb, deaf, and blind if you think that would happen.

The answer is to make Bakugou a girl as well.

frog is more cute in this version

Two anime girls fighting aka catfight.......surrrreeeeeeeeeeeee we all know that otaku and anime fans are soooooooo mature and would never degrade female characters to nothing but waifu and fap material no matter how well written they are

Boobs = money
2 Sets of Boobs clashing = double money

Even if Only Deku is female, authors never matured to the point they can write a normal female character that doesn't need a love interest. Bakugo will be one of those love interests 100% guaranteed.

>waifu and fap material
That's all women are good for so I don't know what kind of point you're trying to make. Are you lost? You type like someone fresh out of tumblr.

If Deku were a girl, his obsession with Bakugo would be even more annoying but also more realistic

But my best ideas come from my dick

>Iida is still ugly

Just cut him completely

So, you just want Boku no Hero to be one of those battle harems that were all over the place, where a seemingly worthless kid enters a school full of women with powers and has to prove himself to a talented but spoiled tsundere? Because it's great

>one of those battle harems
thanks for the laugh

I don't find the fact that Deku cries all the time annoying, in fact I think it's overblown, he doesn't actually break up crying that much. What's really annoying is how he speaks like he's sorry for having been born all the time.

hokuto no ken
>give kenshirou an actual personality
>give guts an actual personality
to aru majutsu no index
>give touma an actual personality

>My mind automatically wanders to Bakugo falling in love with Fem Deku after couple of arcs of abuse.
Too cliche for me.

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guts has a personality you absolute retard