One piece

>50 chapters in and bored out of my mind
When does it get good?

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After the timeskip.

oh god that's 600 chapters in

It doesn't. You've already been pleb filtered.

From chapter 322 to 597

It's already good. You've been filtered.

Drop it, you are clearly homosexual.

Arlong arc

that's when it gets bad

Stop reading.

Then don’t read it?

Lol why do people keep reading/watching something that they don’t like from the beginning? Are you that desperate to like something mainstream?

If you don’t like One Piece it’s not a big deal. You’re lame, have no taste, and are probably a Nartuo fanboy. But who cares, no one is judging.

It gets good starting at chapter 1. Reread it


>someone critiques an anime you like
>brings up Naruto out of nowhere
Why do betas always do this?

Arlong Island is when the manga really picks up, so at least get to the next arc.



it doesnt

Felt that, read for about 200-300 chapters more and finally dropped it. It doesn't get even slightly better.
Just drop the trash.

But it already did, user.

>its fine if you dont like it
>proceeds to insult
Look at this pathetic nigger.

You should stop already if you don't enjoy the first couple arcs its safe to say you have been pleb filtered