Based Kojima

Based Kojima

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go back faggot

A Nanachifag
What a bitch

just shows how many crossboarding Yea Forumsaggots we have.

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Is this a prelude to some monkey paw shit where he's the one to make a video game about it?

What did he mean by this?

The hole is the goal
The world is a hole and we all live in it
The hole keeps going forever

How does Yea Forums do it? Even with all it's flaws it still manages to maintain a level of quality far above the other media boards.

Fuck off

Why is Godjima with this hack?

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Nightmare Apocalypse mode: He makes a live action movie of it

Animutts seething that no anishit will ever be as kino as DS

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His 2019 AMOTY was Ride Your Wave. Fuck this faggot, literally the the walking epitome of shit taste.

Shut the fuck we don't care about some eceleb faggot. Only Yea Forums cuck cares so much about some famous person opinion.

Fucking corssie tourist

Based creativedad

He liked DS

>Ride Your Wave

Celebrity twitter screencaps are not anime. Kill yourself, you underage Yea Forumsedditor. Never post on Yea Forums again.

>catalog full of Yea Forums threads and shonen generals
>threads full of Yea Forums style shitpositng
>can notice Yea Forumsfaggots only in bland Yea Forumsthread
You're part of them.

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No, it's top cringe. Yuasatards are worse than normalfags who worship Shinkai's polished turds.

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Getting a bit insecure, eh?


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