Be British

>be British
>fluently speak the queens English
>is forced to talk like an urbanite African-American nigga

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hideous creature

>queens English
do eurosimps really?

>>be British
That shit skinned monkey you posted is far from British, I can assure you

>queens english

do you amerimutts realize these africans have no national identity whatsoever? to them race is everything, do you think she has more solidarity for white Brits than let's say random Nigerians?
she doens't give a fuck about accents

Imagine being an actor?

Tell that to one from Jamaica


Wtf Raimi

You havent spoken to many Ethiopians have you

Honestly black people are so ugly. I mean look at that shit.

Unironically what was God thinking when he made them?

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There's a difference between being English and British. You'll work it out.

so she's welsh?

I think it depends what you were brought up to be used to. If you (as a white man) go to some isolated tribe in some 3rd world country where they have no tv's so aren't exposed to white people that often. They would probably consider you as ugly or unconventional.
Its human nature to be critical against people who are different from us but isn't always necessary.

You're a tastelet and you should kill yourself

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no, they literally think white people are gods


>make her look as european as possible
>barely attractive

African-Americans would reject her for the accent though

No, they don't. There's on video of a white guy going to some isolated part of the world and coming across a tribe who has never seen white people before. They thought he was a ghost lol or some evil spirit with his life sucked out of him.

Here's the video:

This is a completely different video with another example:

Is this from James Bond? I remember the black girl in the latest Bond being pretty cute

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>ghost lol or some evil spirit
A god?

These movies get worse and worse because noones actually on set together plus the god awful writing and worse than bollywood scenes.

They're literally not even trying now and they don't care. Governments are not even hiding anythi g and they don't care. Normies eat it all up , fucking braindesd.

>says the anonymous user

ugh nasty
spoiler those shit next time

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A god is an evil spirit? A ghost?

There's a difference between being a man and a woman. You'll figure it out

the americans are awake and already at worship

What’s European

Are you African?


Why are you trannies obsessed with gender? No one is talking about gender here.

Please stop speaking for us. I’m Nigerian American. I just say Nigerian when someone asks me what I am. Black ethnicities are usually very strongly identified with their individual groups.

the character is from rural louisiana, retard

that's what a modern brit looks like nowadays user, thank your yarmulke wearing overlords

Shut up boy, who in the hell told you you could speak out of turn?

I’m a woman

Honestly, yeah they really are. Every once in a while I see a black dude and think "Wtf this guy barely looks human." I don't try to be racist but seriously, they are butt fucking ugly. There's this one dude I see sometimes at work and he looks like a straight up simian, has a jutted jaw and yellow eyes and everything. It's disturbing.

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i'm trying to fucking eat for fucks sake


British is irish welsh scots or english. English is english. Monke is neither.

>makes niggers offensive to sight, sound, smell, and civilization as a laff
>"surely actual humans won't try to integrate them into society, right?"

I'm finna bussin bussin I swear on me mum.

tits or gtfo

no clue, sorry
low t

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ok thanks now i can eat


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Dude, niggers do everything in their power to divide thenselves into groups to give them the excuse they need to kill each other.
East Side, West Side
Hutu and Tutsi
The fucking Atlantic Slave trade where being a tribe of niggers just a few miles outside of your tribe of niggers was enough of an excuse to attack them to capture and sell off as slaves.

Are you the person who made the other thread.

Also pic of hand and timestamp.

The Queens English is entirely made up and sounds retarded. Real "Ye Olde English" speakers sound like Bible Belt southerners of the USA.

And don't you forget this FACT, nigger lover.

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you post your hand first

No they're accent comes more from Scots

Her accent sounds like a white persons, a colonizer

is that janette bond ?

>American culture is centered around....

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What is acting?

Bennedick Cuminsnatch is from the UK and speaks with an American accent when playing Dr. Strange.

Oh wait you're obsessed with black people, that's why you created this thread? Carry on then.

Black people are incredibly racist towards other blacks/coloured people literally everywhere

don cheedle is not british

>>be British
>>fluently speak the queens English
>>is forced to talk like an urbanite African-American nigga

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it is the only place I feel common ground with them.