Why do these kinds of movies keep bombing so badly?

Why do these kinds of movies keep bombing so badly?

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Boring crap

They both look like successes to me.

The retard school called for you. You’re apparently vagrant

The generation of capeshit can't watch anything that requires a functioning brain to understand.

Didn't you make this thread 10 times yesterday

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The question is how the fuck did The Northman cost $90Mil. It could have been made much cheaper, the entire movie takes place in one field if they didn't CGI the mud huts they could have made it easily for half the price if not much cheaper than that and it would have been reasonably successful.
Ignoring the fact it was Egger's worst movie and worst looking movie it was also bogged down by studio interference. With $90Mil on the table he should have made a good Viking movie with broad appeal, it could still be resonably historical but normies would have went nuts over it. He could have used the success to get a nice budget to make another artistic passion project, do directors know nothing about "One for you, one for me" anymore?

because the director wants to make them and fails to realize that nobody gives a shit

Money laundering

Vikings are boring

Because white people are broke min wage slaves.
Remember when /pol/ thought The Northman was going to save cinema because the cast was the least 'woke' out of any upcoming mid budget movie at the time?

It was meant to have a broad level of appeal. It tried to deliver to everyone. I found that the film tried to do too many things. To many things served a multifunctional purpose. A decent part of the movie is just heroic action and pagan mythos, but I guess it’s important for the plot in a sense, but it’s so drug out. I feel like it was good probably never fully satisfied any type of audience. Although I’d still rate it fairly high and say it was a good film despite those shortcomings

they're not the same. Last Duel is good and uses a real historical story to talk about a modern issue, Northman is an attempt at classicalist storytelling that fails horribly. almost nothing in common.

Why do you care about /pol/. Go back to your autistic echo chamber where you belong

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Too dark and brooding.
People go to watch sword kino for the fun and gore.
Not to contemplate the "toxic masculinity" of the past.

Is there anyway to gauge the success of The King and Outlaw King?

drug is not the past tense of drag

Drug Across Concrete

Huh, yeah I suppose you’re right. It’s an idiom I’ve used for awhile and I think I picked up on from people I know I guess

I watched the final battle of The Duel on some random website and that was about it.

RuPaul's Drug Race

Wait yeah, I don’t know why I’m really listening to him. There’s also the expression drug through the mud

Popcorn movies are made for normies. This is not one of those.

Listening to people is wise. But listening to retards… well… it’s almost never a fruitful practice

A: extremely overdone shit boring historical subjects
B: general ugliness about it. Black, Grey, mud, ect. I feel like I've seen this exact movie 10 billion times already.
Enough with medieval northern europe. Nobody cares about that mudhut shit

people juat want capeshit and superheroes, no more gladiator or kingdom of heaven type films, they're all relegated to television streaming. You get what you fucking deserve

seething negro hands typed this

I loved Northman. Absolutely epic

There aren't all that many >100 IQ White people anymore and those that remain have become totally disenchanted with modern 'entertainment' media.
It's a shame because the 1 or 2 good new IP films that come out every year won't even be made at all soon.

If this was a Gladiator type film it would have made $400Mil minimum. If he was going to bog down the movie with going for mass appeal he should have went all out and made a movie like that because people want to see good fun movies.

This is the first film I've wanted to watch which doesn't release in a cinema near me. Why the limited release?

Yeah why is that? For some reason it's only available in EU.

lol @ 2 comments interpreting this post in the most retarded way possible
this is why white people are in poverty in middle America

Why try not to be retarded, but then say something retarded in the next line of your post? It doesn’t make any sense to me

Right because snowniggers are boring. Left because it was a generic drama about
>muh rape
instead of cool stuff featuring Knights.

Did you go see it in the theater?

It's the format. Movie theatres are for blockbusters only these days. No one goes to see niche crap.
If these films want to do well, they have to avoid cinemas, cut their costs, and be released to streaming services/BluRay only.

you don't see the irony in two people taking a single comment to the most extreme ends of assumption
the further people get to each extreme the more divided poor people become

>niche crap
you mean actual films?

You don't see them at cinema but torrent sites and blurays, maybe youtube reuploads also.

Marvel set the standard too high, nobody wants to watch a generic historical movie about bored white people with no colour. 20 of those flicks come out on streaming a year
>b-b-b-b-b-ut it's good because it has like symbolism or something
No it's ass and shot itself in the foot trying half assedly to appeal to a wider audience

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I didn’t assume anything. He said something retarded, and I merely noted his retardation. He needs to spend less time around /pol/ and hating white people, that would be my guess

I never went to see The Last Dual but for The Northman BIMPoC like myself were violently terrorized in the theater and word got around so many of us cancelled our screenings. My boyfriend and I went and a whole row of /poltv/ zoomers spouting memes and taking photos of us drove us out of the theater.

>go to the Northman
>all the people there are the same people I seen at my midnight Morbius screening
I thought capeshitters were killing cinemas but it feels like they are the only people who go

Yes, most people don't want films, they want big run-of-the-mill blockbusters.

You know what, I’m actually convinced that’s it something ridiculous along those lines, now

Or maybe they just like good films?

It had a couple highly billed actors, and the director, and it no doubt would’ve taken a significant amount of money building a few of those sets. Also it was definitely a full budgeted film that had a lot of people behind the scenes setting up the shots. And then post editing, the CGI was probably not cheap. It seems about on par with most films of similar budgets imo

this is further proof that you are a wagie negro

The movie takes place in a fucking field

Because they are the only thing left resembling art in modern film. By that fact alone they will be less popular in todays society. The truly sad part is to see it celebrated here, one of the few places left where the status quo is challenged.

Explain Morbius then. You can make an objectively bad film that’s sort of entertaining to people when you have bad enough writing. It won’t make sense and none of the characters will act consistently, but the people who don’t invest any thought into the movie might at least be entertained the first time through while watching it. Maybe that’s your definition of good though. I sort of can see it, but I’m not someone who can be entertained by movies like that, with the exception of Suicide Squad (2021)

>Because they are the only thing left resembling art in modern film
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, there was more art in 10 minutes of Dr Strange than in one of these ugly essentially black and white movies

The fact is that it's very difficult for new IP to make money nowadays, which is why everything is a sequel or a franchise.
People only watch things that are familiar and repetitive and anything outside that is too big a gamble for studios.
You can't honestly think that Fast and Furious 15 or Marvel movie #267 are of a better quality than The Northman or The Last Duel...
Or is this the new contrarian position here?

Those villages didn’t build themselves. That took construction and material cost. Also, no, the latter part of the movie mainly takes place there. It had a decent amount of travel in the early parts


Morbius bombed just like Eternals. People like good movies

It wasn’t a massive box office success but it still didn’t bomb, and it had a higher audience score despite the fact it was objectively a way worse film. Unless you purely like action

I could have made that movie with $5Mil easily
Most marvel movies are better than The Northman or Last Duel yes, now if you want to compare them to Egger's two good movies Marvel looks like ass in comparison

They look reddit to me so I spread hate and negativity about them despite not even bothering to see who the directors are.

Maybe the audience who went to see Morbius wanted to see Morbius and got what they wanted but the people who went to see The Northman were advertised a Viking action movie and didn't get it and the people who went expecting some high art historical mythological masterpiece didn't really get it either.
Different movies are also rated differently, good for capeshit isn't the same as good for A24 trannies

You’re still forgetting you have to dish out around 30 million or so (possibly more$ in total to the entire cast. Also you have to pay salary to about 30 or more other people helping to produce the film

People are retarded

Why didn't you like The Northman?

Why would knights be in a viking movie?

>No cameos, not even from cinematic universes that are related like Thor
>no humor whatsoever. come on, would it kill you to crack a joke every now and then?
>Honestly the cast is not very flavorful. I get it, it's old viking stuff but they could have gotten away with casting at least one cute brown chick and a cool black guy was comic relief
>Weird fucking accents. Like what was up with those?
>The supposed good guy literally acts like a bad guy sometimes

Oh so your retarded

330M pop
65% age 15-65 = 214M
60% white = 128M
50% male = 64M
$10 ticket
Even if every white male saw this movie it’d only make $600M.

In a good way

Why would only white men be the ones who would enjoy this film? What’s next, they make Aladdin to get tickets only from the Arabic audience? Wh-wh-what is your point

No marketing.

based opinión

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