What zombie apocalypse movie scenario do you think you personally would be most likely to survive?

What zombie apocalypse movie scenario do you think you personally would be most likely to survive?

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One with slow zombies that doesn't have virus based zombies that can easily infect you. Night Of The Living Dead seems doable.


The one where there all slow walking and shit
Just walk slightly faster dudes lmao

That one because I don't live in the UK

I'm a fat useless retard I would die on hour 1

The Last Man on Earth

>obstacle blocks your path
>more approach from different angles

Just shoot them or go over the obstacle bro
They're slow as shit and all their muscles are rotting

survival of the dead because they start eating horses

High School of the Dead.
Fat gun nuts like me survive and drown in tsundere pussy

i always liked the irony of spending your life eating so much and then being a large meal at the end

there will always be something to fuck you up regardless of the outbreak, it's up to chance.
presumably I could handle with one where they are slow and/or die out over time, like 28 days later or TWD

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Really makes you think.

that coomfy scene in the supermarket with Gleeson and his whiskey.

>be the strongest, biggest, fastest, most fit human in the room
>intentionally get bit and turned so none can outrun you or stop you from killing them

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takes out the fire but leaves in the warmth

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>fat and out of shape
>live in medium sized city
>have no guns or any serious melee weapons
Yea I'm dead no matter what

Fact for the vast majority, guns or not. If you don't have schizo level preparedness you'd probably get caught in the tsunami of people trying to leave the city too.

Thats not a movie user

NEETS stay winning

Slow zombies you just lock your doors if you have food/water at home and wait it out. Small tactical excursions to get food if needed. Dawn of the Dead seems totally survivable: reasonable group, abundant food and supplies inside the mall.

One where zombies are sentient and you can just become a zombie with no downsides other than being a bit smelly.

the original or the remake? i dont remember what happens in the remake but in the original they run into trouble

Any kind, infected humans would rot to nothing after a few months.

Unceasing agony that you can only get brief respite from by eating brains that will never ever ever stop because you're unkillable seems like a pretty big downside.

Shaun Of The Dead seemed pretty easy and even quite comfy if they just stayed at home,

They were so dumb and slow in the original, although they could easily rip a person apart once they grabbed them. Like 3 people clean out the entire mall easily once they have guns.

How has no one done anything HEMA related in the more modern shows I don't know.
>some autist/s have full plate armor that covers entire body
>form groups that saunter around mulching infected
>buy into the autism and create fuedal-fiefdoms because they actual have effective gear and weapons to kill zombies
I've seen riot armor used similarly in '28 Day's' and TWD but not much else.

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The Walking Dead / Dawn of the Dead / etc style zombies easily. Have a shit ton of guns and 5 other crazy gun nut preppers in my group. 5 good trucks. Lots of stored food. Couple farmsteads. Fast zombies would wreck shit hardcore though.

the problem was the bikers, not the zombies

if a zombie apocalypse happens my only goal is capturing a hot zombie to have sex with

isnt rotten food bad for you?

Both because of the mall setting. They do fuck up in both because they lack strict matter of factly organization. In the original a biker gang invades bc of the helicopter ( which they should have hidden).
Exactly. The mall was perfect in every sense and they were a team. With a little more caution they could live there for years with ample space and lots of possibilities such as planting stuff and leaving occasionally just to find more supplies.

Do you have a place to hide and tons of food? What if they were smart and agressive, breaking into homes?

Because armor would be useless against larger swarms, even if it was super armor that prevented you from getting crushed by dozens and hundreds of bodies crowding you you'd still suffocate or die of heatstroke. Also the autists wouldn't have the physical capacities to kill multiple infected, most HEMA larpers can't run half a block, let alone hack into bone repeatedly in full armor. And a gun would rip you apart just the same.

1. Don't be american retards, lets see how you manage to surbive without muh guns
2. Manage the same with traitors in your groups

i'm just putting my dick in her user i'm not gonna eat out a zombie


Btw one excellent survival series (about a pandemic rather than zombies) called To The Lake addresses these questionsand shows how irrational behavior causes problems that weren't there.

Yes, i know. I'm just saying how easily manageable the whole thing seemed. Even with the initial shock, the cleanup was probably already under way.

>leave city immediately
>no more problems with obstacles

The man is kino

as long as the animals/soil hasnt been tainted then you could just build some remote hut and hunt/harvest for the rest of your life. bring some supplies with you just in case

ok, i still think survival of the dead is better because they start eating horses

>Day 1
>We must protect civilians from this virus
>Day 28

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That would work too (they'd have to dry the meat and so on). That's probably Romero making a reference to Amundsen's Expedition.

If it's fast zombies I'm just gonna put a bullet in my skull, literally unwinnable


please produce and direct a zombie movie and litter it with ironic takes like this

They ate the dogs as they were getting near their goal and their cargo became lighter

>Each of the sledge-drivers killed dogs from his own team, skinned them, and divided the meat between dogs and men.
any movies like this?

There's an Amundsen biopic, don't know how realistic it is. Fascinating story.

Shawn of the Dead zombies seemed pretty easy to deal with. If they're contained to the UK even more so.

the british army love to rape, the only inaccuracy is that they rape the girls

i dont really remember any movies or media being able to recreate that kind of sombre and lonely feeling 28 days has. the closest thing i found was playing project zomboid.

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they did this on the Dawn of the Dead 2003 DVD extras

mall buildings fall apart without resource intensive maintenance. After a few years, then what?

Walking Dead universe I would survive

If the plague still goes on after years and there's no sign of rescue by the Government, say fuck it. Get the helicopter or the truck and just go somewhere else, worth a try. By all means watch To The Lake because these themes and choices are all there.

There was that one movie called 'The Night Devours the Sun' or some shit. It wasn't a great movie but you follow this guy surviving a zombie apocalypse in his apartment for like a whole year. As mid as it was, it reminded me a lot of the sombre feelings I felt when I first watched 28 Days.

>did that zombie over there just do a fookin racism?