Star Trek

What’s the logic in getting breast implants?

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star breasts

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She didn't get implants she did a mind-meld with some cantaloupes.

Pretty sure this is fake.

Stastically shown to improve relations with both men and women across the board.

Maybe Vulcan boobs are naturally perky.

For me, it's the Vulkan who tries to buy weapons from Quark in DS9.

Safety cushions for when you get thrown across the bridge when by an exploding console

is it logical for a vulcan female to request you hose down her tits instead of intercourse? i'd like to read up on this.

no idea what you mean user

you smart

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Everyone loves titties no matter where you go in the universe. They make everyone happy. The happier everyone is the more productive they are.

Ergo, titties improve the universe.

I watched ENT and T'Pol's chest wasn't that big.

probably a costume choice or tweaking gravity in her quarters again.

Women wanting to make other women jealous is perfectly logical for their behavioral patterns.

Post more T’Pol.

They act as bumpers to protect others from harm, as well.

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It's real

>T'Pol is hot which is why women suck
I'm not even mad, those mental gymnastics get a 10/10 from the Slovakian judge.

Human women are the only mammals on Earth who have boobs and I’m supposed to believe all alien women would have them too?

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>a star trek show
>some bugs bunny shit
for all the hate thrown at Discovery, it was really ENT that was written by people who were grounded from TV until they were 20.

Star Trek needs more of this.

Vulcans get horny, the writers just won't show us because they are cowards.

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Every seven years.

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>dat ass doe
Pretty to look at but the show was not good. Remember when she went to Trip's quarters and got topless just so get a back massage? Porn-level attention to logic.

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Pon Farr happens off camera, give the people what they want

Sorry, but Star Wars has better alien bitches.

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Pon Farr happened on camera in TOS and Voyager.

there are no australians in space

>all modern shows are TV-MA
>they still haven't showed us pon farr and jamaharon

I just remember Spock making a lot of faces, show us the man laying the hammer down, lad. And we know Vulcans don't ONLY have sex every seven years or else all vulcan siblings would be 7+ years apart.

I don’t like this image.

Posting Ahsoka is cheating. She's the best alien babe in all of sci-fi.

>Disgusting orange skin and tentacle hair
Very ugly.

And a good friend

Post it.

I want to see Klingon painstiks foreplay, and not the STD Klingons.

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>be klingons
>both end up in sickbay

Eh, Seven’s a plain old human.

borg brain. she legit got so confused by her body she asked Ensign Kim to fuck her (but he said no because it's a family show)

>watching star trek with dad
>seven of nines comes on screen
>dad does some kind of AWOOGA AWOOGA HUBBAHUBBA cartoon noises
I love my father

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That’s why I like Gwyn. She feels alien while also being sexy.

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I prefer girls with spots.

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Ahsoka has curves that Gwyndala does not.

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just imagine having tpol and seven on your ship....

All ashokacoomer get the rope, You are the worst!

Gwyndala’s appeal is different, but they both fit the same tentacle-hair fetish. Ahsoka is more annoying desu

at least if you were well-read and had a reason to spend time with her, you might get somewhere with T'Pol.

Seven's a trickier one, you have to make friends and wait for her to come to you.

Ahsoka will be crowbarred into everything Wars until she's the Atlas of the Force.

Monkey’s paw. Star Trek is now TV-MA, but Seven is now a dyke stuck with an other old ugly dyke.

She's the key to all this.

Get on my Level!

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SNW showed it and everyone complained

Ahsoka literally has a Force goddess living inside her.


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They showed it wrong. Vulcans are supposed to be asexual weirdos for seven years, and then they fuck like animals. What SNW gave us instead is boring human sex.