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first time a meme of mine has been used as an OP image, thanks for honoring me like this

Eduardo fastfooded my Ziegler?

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watchserieshd (dot bz

Oops, I did it again.

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Last night I Benjamin cheeseburger'd your ziegler?

wow thank you so much for some shitty generic stream site, I could've never found something similar through a quick google search

pee pee caca poo poo

That song, dying with decent music - which is supposed to play at some BCS episode sure sounds like the background music for a breakup or a betrayal between Jimmy and Kim.

It should be a pound of meth on the right

i googled it earlier when that user posted it and it says it was released on an album in 2004

>7 eps into my bcs s4 marathon
>forgot it was fucking huel and that one guy price hired for his job that does the balloon gig
seriously god damn im starting to become more dissapointed with season 6 the more i watch season 4 again

so they might break up soon?

I've no fucking clue really. I liked the song and the lyrics sounded like they could be related to a break-up.

he said it's supposed to be in the second half that begins in July, no clue

anyone who's played MGSV? you know the sound and slow-mo effects with melee combat? I think the boxing scene with Howard could be ripe for edits where Howard is Venom Snake like in pic.

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what band

>Jimmy I'm sorry you're in pain
Kim and Howard are the only people left who understand Jimmy, one is honest while the other is a coping and enabling bitch dragging him down further. Bros before hoes.

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Are you hoping some user hear might read this and do an edit for you so you can then point your finger at the finished video and say "kek"?

either that or some affirmation that the idea is good enough to encourage me to do it. i've done plenty of OC, like the pic I just posted.

Last night I police commissioner Gordon Wendy’s Baconator your Ziegler

No, if you wanted to do it yourself, you'd simply do it and then post it.
>t. someone who simply does shit and posts it
I've never post my ideas before trying to do it myself

I am different

What if someone sees your idea, uses it and then you feel stupid for posting it?

What's her endgame?

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>random ass scene of Kim as a child
What was even the point

she loves Lyle but Lyle can't reciprocate because Lyle is jut a construct. he is one of Mike's Guys placed at Los Pollos Hermanos to protect Gustavo

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I wouldn't. I don't run a meme channel so I have no potential to profit off of it anyways. doing the voluntary work for mutual lolz or someone else doing it are both tolerable.

licking her glasses to swallow all my cummies


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To show that she came from a shitty background and made something out of herself despite it. Maybe it will come to play later in the show, I don't know.

for me to cum on her face
then lick it up into my mouth then proceed to make out with her while we exchange my fluid in our mouths

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what's Lyle's background? how many years in McDonald's?

Last night I gentlemanly ruled your boys?

Last night I salamanchad acrylic'd deine jungs?

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What are we gonna do on the bed Jimmy?

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>Sir, I'm going to have to ask you to leave the restaurant.

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>Lyle is one of Mike's guys
lmao no. he's nowhere near solid enough

Maybe better you than me
You're much weaker, you're more clumsy
When I forget my patience to you
So maybe you've had too much wine
Piggy's flushed up, ankles swell up as my lady works the room

With my shit shoe stumbles, that's me dirty nails and awful thoughts
I'll use the words used up on commercials

Like such sharp boys like to write songs, music and quick lines
This feeling I can't confine that to a rhyme
But maybe I can when I see you on the other side
See you on the other side, we would be released
I'd sell out everything if I could find such peace
See you on the other side where we would be released
I'd sell out everyone if I could find such peace
I will be free
You will see Breaking Bad in a different light after BCS.

He looks pretty solid to me


Friendly reminder that it's been confirmed that Eddie Vedder recorded a song that plays during the Better Call Saul finale. It confirms "Saul Goodman" never gets his practice back. (Pic is Gene Takovic)
Listen youtube.com/watch?v=AYOXAhd-HQQ

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Ruck vs Choward in the Ronference Coom

user behind almost every mad man story on the planet theres a crazy bitch that enabled and drove him to it


The ones whining about season 6 being boring will be the ones crying the hardest

*nods respectfully towards you*

Was there ever a date released for Slippin Jimmy?

That's why you do stick your dick in crazy, user.

That’s because Jimmy gets SHOT INTO SPACE…..to be continued in “Jimmy McGill: Space Lawyer”

You're not an NPC in a video game.

I fought the law (Bobby Fuller version) will play at the end and you WILL say BRAVO VINCE

current Lalo Salamanca superpowers list, help me add more

-can down car windows with his mind
-enables his 10 ft vertical super jumps
-able to reduce is net weight enough to walk on tile grid ceiling
-can eliminate all fall damage up to 20 feet

-talk to/control animals

- can manipulate anybody

-random intuitions about the future

-can split off a twin that goes on missions, thus can be two places at once

-can change hair color at will

-can dislocated joints to wiggle through vents and small windows

-can conjure a puppet

- he enjoys listening to them and they can easily persuade him, like a siren's lullaby they sooth his soul

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The plot has only moved one inch in 5 episodes.

We've known BCS's final song for 7 years now

bro the plot has never been faster BCS than it is this season

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Rewatch season 1 and 3. They're significantly faster.

I saw something different

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So the thing in s4e7, with kim suddenly getting the plan to make all those fake cards for huel, was that technically her first real big "scheme?"

if you doubt Lyle is Mike's Guy at Los Pollos Hermanos, who do you think Mike's Guy is?

The guy that dropped the trays, he made Gus seethe and Gus gave him a very particular look. They had discussed in the previous episode that he wasn't cut out for it.

Faster with slower less intense stakes is actually just slower.

Into each generation was born a creature of light and a creature of darkneas

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Lyle is actually Lalos guy at Los Pollos Hermanos.

Saul Goodman did not create Walter White, who is this dumb slit they will let anybody on a podcast

Yeah, unless you count the Giselle stuff

The higher stakes in season 6 are the ones that are being built to the least. Most of the season has been about the Howard defamation and Gus being a paranoid bitch.

is that the same guy that didnt clean the fryer and Lyle had to stay late to clean it?


leaked photos of the Netflix green lit origin series
>young jimmy

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It was like watching an old friend die
RIP esteem

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Gus finds love

Howard Wexler will put Gene in jail in the finale.


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howard and kim are going to fuse?

Lyle is a time agent sent back by God-Emperor Howie to correct the timeline

"Probably" is not up to Los Pollos Hermanos standard.

it says sheldon not jimmy

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all I could think was Jesus fucking Christ imagine working for such a tight ass cunt like gus even not knowing what he actually does. I’d sooner kms

i loved all my old POS cars, so much personality, so much adventure

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I am... so sorry.

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