The Night at Ten Forward Edition


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this one

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Enterprise was not a holonovel. You’re just mean.

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Not posting in the bait thread. So, who is excited for Lower Decks season 3?!?

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>Enterprise was not a holonovel.
Obviously not and you shouldn't give (you)s to the tranny that insists it was.

I think this thread split will determine the course of /trek/ moving forward.

Coward. You know you'll lose.

>tfw fans of show about unity and overcoming differences cannot unite or overcome their differences.

So you've thrown in the towel already. We'll take this as an admission that nutrek is unpopular.

>bait thread
Because it’s a cartoon thread? There’s nothing baititious about it. Are you telling me that all cartoon threads are inherently bait?

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No, I don't take bait. Perhaps you should try it.

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holy shit the geezers are bad at bait

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How is it bait? There's nothing controversial about it. It's a perfectly valid and inoffensive cartoon edition.

Yes, but only when they die prematurely. The only ones that aren't bait are the ones that don't die early, even when there's absolutely nothing else to distinguish them from the alleged bait threads.
Is it a pathetically dishonest way to claim victory no matter what? Yes. Don't like it? Fuck you geezer!!!!

Nah, just a lezziedyke. She's actually pretty likeable though and the only one who is able to quip in a way that doesn't seem forced or inappropriate.

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Here's to another actual Trek episode.

SNW broke the Nu Trek live action curse.

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She's basically Zoomer Kira Nerys.

Yikes, that's even more disgusting than her being an ugly dyke.

>How is it bait?
lol you are so bad at this

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>it's a bait thread, geezer!
How? I made sure that both threads are perfectly inoffensive. I don't think T'Ana is a controversial character. And I also made sure that both threads get posted at the same time, and I even linked the LD one first so there'd be no favoritism.
Explain how is it bait.

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Same. Trek threads shouldn't be splintered.

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>Explain how is it bait.
It was clearly explained in the previous thread. But by all means keep wasting your time trying to own the libs.

It's bait because no one wants to post in a lezzie dykes thread when there's an alternative, stupid geezer.

>own the libs
I don't know why you're bringing politics into this, but okay.
So what I'm supposed to take away from this that all cartoon threads are bait by default?

It would be if she were incompetent and always "screwing up" and then sulking about it like most nuTrek characters. She's capable and her dykishness has bro tendencies as opposed to DANGER: KEEP AWAY tendencies. She fucks with Uhura because she accepts her. She's seen showing camaraderie with the crew which is endearing and respectable. If the prickly asian-british chick were the quipping dyke character we'd have a problem.

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>geezer posts bait LD OP to own the LODEfags
>Lower Decks posters don't take the bait
lolololololololol you geezers never stop making me laugh

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On this edition of /trek/, cartoon posters finally admit that all cartoon posts are bait.

Trek threads shouldn't be dedicated to individual shows. If you made a /trek/ general and then another thread only dedicated to TNG or DS9, I'd still pick the general despite favoring TNG.

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Sounds like a typical butch dyke, if not an outright ftm. I wouldn't even be surprised if this character transitions over the course of the show.

Kinda, but like I said she's not unpleasant. At least not yet. We haven't had an episode focused on her so...

You're making it painfully clear that you only want to troll /trek/. You were given your own thread, the OP was perfectly inoffensive, and yet, you still choose the shit up the other thread, even though you could post in the other one.

I think more than anything they don't want to reveal their true numbers. They're crafting this narrative that they're actually the narrative. If they started posting in the other thread, you could see that there's no more than three of them.

Is this the right /trek/ thread to welcomepost in?

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>Trek threads shouldn't be dedicated to individual shows
Except they weren't. /trek/ was given two editions to choose from: LD themed and TNG themed. OPs really don't matter.
Both threads could have been successful. But cartoon posters have all but admitted ITT that all cartoon posts and threads are inherently bait.

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She's fine because she answers to Pike. You can tell she has his trust and he hers.

That said, I hope she and Uhura change their hairstyles going forward.

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>bait LD OP
What makes it bait? Explain. Two threads got posted at the same time, they're both valid.

Kinda hoping they give the whole crew classic 60s-70s haircuts for aesthetic

I was just thinking that watching this episode. If they're going to do >muh serialized character development I hope Uhura gets her hair at some point. The baldness doesn't work.

You stated your intention early on, BF. You're not a neutral party so no one is obligated to follow your rules.

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It's bait because LD is unpopular you stupid geezer.

Whether I'm neutral or not is irrelevant. Both threads were valid, both were given equal opportunity to be succesful.

Why is she dressed like that to the captain’s dinner? It’s unprofessional.

They're giving Uhura something closer to her TOS uniform later on so I hope the hair follows.

It doesn't have to be exactly the 60s style but short really doesn't work for her like it does some black chicks.

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Absolutely based and saved

>Whether I'm neutral or not is irrelevant
Nein. Because you're going to be in this one and I'd rather be here with you.

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>I think more than anything they don't want to reveal their true numbers.
Clearly it's just one guy with five devices.

I hope she does. She would be infinitely more likeable as a man.

Genuine question. If transporter pads and gates exist on places like earth, why do ships use turbo lifts?

>you're just here to troll
We know. But never again try to convince /trek/ that you're the majority or that people like you.

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I'm not the one you keep talking to. I just want to be here with you. And only you.

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Another uniform change? Why can't they just come up with something good and accurate the first time.

Geezeranon, LOWbros aren't going to post in the ghetto you made for us. We don't do thread splits. And we certainly don't take orders from you.

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>If escalators and elevators exist on Earth today, why do we use stairs?

I've counted three. Three cartoonfags.

I think some user mentioned that it's a pulp thing and so justified but I'm not sure Anson Mount's hair is going to age well. This was some inverted Flock of Seagulls shit.

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Cutting board user, Judy, and the third is?..

LDers are savvy. They know not to post in bait threads. Previous experience has taught them that anti-LDers report all posts in the thread once the thread has reached a certain poster count.

lolololol no

we don't take orders from people who hate us

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>LDers are savvy. They know not to post in bait threads. Previous experience has taught them that anti-LDers report all posts in the thread once the thread has reached a certain poster count.
Exactly right.

LDers are savvy. We know not to post in bait threads. Previous experience has taught us that anti-LDers will shove it in our faces when our unpopular threads die early after a dozen or so low effort posts.

I know you lack the brain capacity to understand this, but the point of this experiment was to see where most /trek/ posters would go when presented with two editions. If you had the numbers and the will, you could have easily beaten me at my own game by making the Lower Decks thread successful. Thanks for playing.

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Takes place 10 years before TOS. Lot can happen in that time. Even just during TNG and DS9, the uniforms changed. I think they changed 3 times for DS9.

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You've posted something to this affect multiple times already, is your dementia acting up again?

You keep saying bait but refuse to explain what makes it bait. A bait thread typically has a controversial opinion in the OP, or something that would make it contentious.
These two threads were both perfectly inoffensive.

We're not locked in here with you, TNGeriatric. You're locked in here with us.

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They stopped making their own threads, because they know it'll lose every time. It's easier to say that all cartoon threads are bait than to admit defeat.

it's "effect," not "affect," you dumb ESL bitch

and no i haven't

>Takes place 10 years before TOS. Lot can happen in that time.
It's an alternate timeline so I'm not going to go on about the need for era accuracy, but repeated uniform changes just scream that the people in charge of the show can't make up their minds and commit to something.
>I think they changed 3 times for DS9.
No, there were a total of four uniforms from the beginning of TNG to the end of the TNG era, and only two of them were in DS9.

It's bait because LD threads are unpopular and we don't need you fucking geezers reminding everyone of that again.

One year ago, we used to have multiple LD editions in a row. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
All they have left is impotent shitposting.

>no i haven't

>TNGeezer whines because LOWbros don't waste their time making OPs anymore
LOL keep doing the work, bitch. Thanks for being our slave.


none of those other posts were me, you fucking retard

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>hipster mustache Steve Kirk or whatever jobs as a redshirt
I'm really starting to dislike their decision to include this character.

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LDers have chosen to boycott LD OPs because they inspire division in /trek/.

>all this cope
Okay, I'll stop, because this is getting pathetic. It's like beating a puppy. A very ugly, uppity, spoiled kind of a puppy.