Yep that's Halo

Yep that's Halo

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me on the right

Halo more like gaylo lmao
fucking faggot kissing a womans neck like a turd-buglar


Halo reach filesharing bad better pr0n

>white man
>white woman

She cute

Haven’t watched the show. Why is John Halo committing statutory rape?

not black?

she's jewish
>white jews are jews
not according to jews, themselves

White man, THE master chief, conquering a Jewish woman

user, those are Jews.

>the tv show made the gaylo meme relevant
fuck i hate gays

he is also Jewish.
Lord Hood is the only white man in this series and he gets like 5 minutes of screentime.

Jewery propagates via women. Jewish men pimp their women

>the indoctrinated child super-soldier ever having fucking
There are three types of women Chief ever got close to
a) his kidnapper
b) his fellow kidnapees
c) the robo-waifu in his helmet that was capable of leading him to more aliens to kill
None of them ever sucked his dick, though Cortana sure as fuck wanted to in the books

is that master chief and the covenant hoe?

*Arbiter screams in pain*

arby looks like that?!

The lore also explains that the augmentations basically chemically castrates them, their sexdrive is pretty much zero. Spartan 2s dont fug at all. But ofc kikes need to have some form of nudity/porn to make a show interesting.

>a video game/book series gets a licensed adaptation
>none of the creators are familiar with or care about the source material
>show is used to push weird political agendas and disgusting fetishes
>gets by solely on the lowest form of brand recognition - that is, other people who are not familiar with the source material, and only recognize the title as a popular thing in the past and want to pretend to be fans
this happened before

really? any porn actresses with jewish surnames? asking for a friend

he's hispanic or something

In the books the modifications permanently disabled their sex drive. It's talked about in the Mortal Dictata books. However, in the show, their hormones are just shut down by an inhibitor chip. Since Chief removed his, he regained his sex drive.

The Halo live-action has nudity? Whatever for?

They need SOMETHING to get people to watch their trashfire

Thats fucking stupid i havent watched the show but hearing this shit i wont even pirate this garbage and im a sci-fi autists that has actually read all the lore.


>kissing a woman’s neck

Words fall from your mouth like shit from an ass

So that's why they had to take his helmet off.

Honestly seeing two white people kiss is kind of gross. The girl should at least be black.

The chick on the right looks like the girl that Simu Liu hired to act as STPeach in the asianmasculinity AMWF porn video

Man, all I wanted was to see is Master Chief FUCK UP some covenant soldiers in a warzone.
Instead we got this melodramatic BULLSHIT because they hired some faggot fuck director that thinks he knows more than the actual fans of the source.
They do this every time, get some fucking retard that wants to make "his vision" and fuck everything up.
At least the Sonic movies seemingly have a group of people who give a shit about the original content.


All they had to do was film sci fi warcrimes.
Thats all anybody wanted from Halo. Genocide, Xenocide, and good old fashioned homicide.

I really liked the ep 6 ending, it was beautiful

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Are you retarded

Jewish people are white, I don't give a shit about what some ultra conservative jewish guy has to say

>show is used to push weird political agendas and disgusting fetishes
With political agenda you mean brown and asian people, am I right? Also writers putting their favourite fetish inside TV shows and movies isn't really groundbreaking news

Based retard


Based, this.
Burgers have never been outside their country and assume the entire planet is easily devided into what/black/asian/latin. They'd have a total melt down trying to apply that to europe.

This is literally white genocide

she's not jewish, she's irish

>Jewish people are white
That's where you're wrong retard. Jewish people don't consider themselves to be white

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as if

I don't know what her real name is but Abella Danger is a kike

she is but 99% of pornactresses aren't jewish, and you're delusional if you think otherwise

I don't know what that has to do with this conversation, you fucking mong. He asked about heeb pornstars and I gave him an answer

So, these showrunners basically read a wiki entry on Halo and called it research? Why is it so blatant these people in general just want to tell their shitty stories and don't care about the source material to begin with? Halo is hardly the only such example.

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that "witcher anime" is also one such disgusting example

it has to do with the conversation because i said so

Because otherwise they'll never get investors interested in funding a non-name new scfi-fi IP.
Sci-fi and fantasy shows are the most expensive since they require a shitton of made up costumes, extras, locations and CGI unlike any regular contemporary show

You being a faggot and a retard has to do with the conversation because I said so

no need to rub it in

Based. If we let jews say they’re not white, they get to easily hide behind calling everybody else racist.

>Why is it so blatant these people in general just want to tell their shitty stories and don't care about the source material to begin with?
because the casual mainstream audience vastly eclipses the core fans of the source material. in essence it really doesn't matter how much you bitch online unless you REALLY fuck it up somehow. people will just watch because it's the latest new release and they heard something something famous property something about it.

Whats a youtube channel that does cute and funny reviews of this show

lol you're so mad

As someone who knows nothing of the lore, why is the tv version of Halsey so retarded?

are they really gonna make her the fucking arbiter?

>>literally an arbiter that fucks

why are Israeli jaws different from European Jews or American Jews?

Don’t group me In with those pedophiles

I finally forced myself to play Infinite. But I'm playing it very casually with the open world gimmick. However, small scenes in it with Master Chief in helmet and suit.. you can see fucking emotions when he finds dead Spartans and he still has everything on.

Not naked. No stupid Iron Man POV. This show is genuinely fucking horrendous.

It's actually hilarious how much he isn't in the suit.

Fuck off, racist.

Have you found the Spartan IV with the screwdriver?

god it just keeps getting worse
master chief is supposed to be a big green virgin, just like halo fans.

Angry Pablo

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E;R did one for the first episode though I think it got struck.