Was he in the wrong?

was he in the wrong?

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I don't even know what he did but yes

I skip every Rogan episode he appears in.

no way to really know. just a lot of he said/she said shit.
gossip is for girls.


He just looks like a guy who's in the wrong

The gringo papi unironically made me racist

we talmbout brando skwobs? fer sure in the wrong, but i disagree b

His excuse is seriously:
>"I thought the little asian man was behind all the online hate I get because someone showed me that a reddittaccount posted from his ip-address and had the account signed in with the asian man's company email"
>That's why I and my 66 year old boyfriend threatened to end your career (even though we have no way to actually do it)

The wildest and stupidiest shit in a while. What a fucking loser. I bet even Rogan is going to cut him off.

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This guy is the epitome of being ~90iq and not realizing the pain you cause other people because you're too dumb to notice that you're dumb
His life is probably awesome tbqh

Literally Xbox Live tier shit
>I have your IP address here and I'm going to hack your account

Schaub is a moron but then he goes and does this shit and you wonder if he's legitimately touched in the head.

Embarrassing, anyone with a little bit of dignity would do best to quietly move away from this and never mention it again.

But very few podcasters have any dignity.

Wow wow wow wow


Schaub could heem anybody on this board

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Yes, and I love it. I barely knew who this retard was before this horseshit.

2022 has been non-stop Ls for Schlob, much funnier to watch than any of his comedy

Look at that fucking face.
Just looking at him I can see he's a complete scumbag.


Life is a stage, as they say.

what's he done now?

Yeah he thinks he's funny

Bobby Lee's girlfriend told the world about how Schaub tried to fuck her. He then threatened to sue her.
Then for some reason he and Callen thought Bobby was behind all the hate they get from reddit. So they bullied Bobby. Now we are here.

can I get a trugg walg?

His retacted employees are feeding him terrible info

Dicey dicey, b

yep apparently asking a woman if she wants to give you a blowjob is a cancellable offence now

Can't tawlk

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Barely an inconvenience

Nobody was cancelling him. They were just making fun of him. Big difference, b

Bro he literally sent video of him puttting creams up his butt and his entire fist then eat the brown cream and a wholxr turd

i think you'd be surprised

Reminder his dick pic leaked and nobody cared.

I am gay and suck penises

what the fuck happened? no idea what you fucks are talking about

This guy just keeps failing upwards

Who the fuck wants to drink "thiccc boy whiskey"? Redacted name, b

Would you suck his?

You can't really call that a leak when he's going out of his way to show off his hawlg on the daily b

Yeh I’d sink yer dick

remember the time old man big nog pushed Schaub's shit in? pepperidge farms remembers

>ufc era cro cop

Don;t remind me bros...

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she's both hot and not hot wtf

Oh fer sure

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>doesnt post him knocking out cro cop
you and joe rogan are both just jelly

Brendan Schaub>>>>>bobby pee

simple as

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cro cop was always a bum

same as fedora

Prime Schaub heems Fedor and Ngannou in the same night

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>jiu jitsu expert

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Something about his proportions is off. He's tall and has a wide frame, but his arms look skinnyfat, it's weird.

>all these comedians vouching for him
Are they all just full of shit and scratching each others backs?

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>NOT full of shit

user, I love comedy, but most comedians are shitty people, like truly shit people.

He's a gatekeeper to Rogan

hewd it bawlth waysh b

Openly making fun of Joe Rogan's make-a-wish boy = not getting on Rogan's show. That's really all there is to it.
Comedy in LA is run by an unfunny retard

He is Mexican or latinx so yes he is wrong

How did we get here, Brendan?


>Gringo Papi
He thinks he's white?

>gossip about untalented trash talking comedians doing podcast wars for clicks
Why am I invested in this shit? Must be that I feel bad for Bobby like you'd feel bad for a retarded kid getting tricked. Bet there's some psychological thing in your brain too that when you listen to these people talk so "real" and "openly" about their lives you feel like you know them and want to know what's going on.

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>his infamous truck was so massive that it was taking up 2 parking spots at the comedy store.
>Parking spots reserved for comedians that got passed by Mitzi. >Nobody dared calling him out because of Daddy Rogan

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comedians are unanimously degenerates. they're hucksters, hanger ons who found a path to stardom. They're beneath youtubers as far as deserved fame goes because at least youtubers have to figure out how to edit. all a comedian needs to do is be halfway likable and get angry about shit. They're next level insecure and will never do anything to put their fame at stake because they know they can't succeed in society. Could you imagine a comedian as a manager? Never mind putting their money into becoming a doctor, or a lawyer, or a teacher. Nearly every position in society has a 60-40 split of competence to trash, but you still need to provide SOMETHING to your boss to avoid being fired. You could be the shittiest bus boy in the country, but you're still removing dirty dishes on someone else's behalf and that's more than most comedians actually do.

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