This guy FUCKS

This guy FUCKS

The show was fucked before, but this episode is fucked beyond belief

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>dat ass shot of qt3.14 spartan 125
AHH bunda

literally fucked the traitor out of her

>How does this scene help with making a good Halo episode?

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AZnude exist, there's ways to jack off without subjecting yourself to such trash.

I stopped last weeks episode about 10 minutes in has something happened since?

Ok i get it, this is a writer self insert.

You just watched JEWS having sex.
Was it worth it?

The blonde girl that was on the convenant's side fell in love with chief, they fuck, then it's revealed that she is the arbiter.

>chief has a GF now and he fucks
>halsey gets jealous
>spartans turn on each other
>two spartans in full mjolnir struggle to take out master chief out of armor

I didn't, I'm only shit posting about it on Yea Forums this board is predictable as fuck.

>spartan fucks a regular human
>doesn't shatter her pelvis

She is not a regular human, according to the show John and her are "special" and "different" and "unique" so they are now gods or some shit like that.

>chief is an unvirgin

how am i supposed to self insert now?

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>then it's revealed that she is the arbiter
A-Arby, no

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I was always player 2, i remember liking being a bad ass alien that had a sword and a purple rifle, so sad he'll no longer be an alien again.

What the fuck they cant even get the iconic helmet right?


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What the fuck is this show?

LOL this fucking show, holy shit.

>watch one halo episode while eating dinner for a week
>sometimes forget its halo
>but... after 5 episodes or somethin they say the word "halo"
>sublte halo music in the background
>no reaction
>just continue eating my boiled fish with potatos and veggies

this show is quite bad, its not halo, but it does one thing right...

it shows that all women are evil cunts

>Was a homeless kid and saw her friend get beaten up and probably killed by some cops
>WTF I hate humans now
>Gets dicked by Master Chief
>WTF I love humans now
>Get outed as covenant agent and tased
>WTF I hate humans now

The pacing is really something. I am going to finish the season, but probably won't come back for the second one.

When did halsey get blacked?

"Natascha, so this is the flashback where you see great potential in this kid"
"So, I want to fuck him?"
"Natascha no!"
"Too late"

OH NO halohaters...

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The show is a piece of shit, they should go full Mandalorian and not take off the helmet ever and to have at least one big action scene per episode, Natascha McElhone sucks as Doctor but she is okish as Cortana, Shabana Azmi, Danny Sapani and Olive Gray are horrible too.

user, she is not Cortana, Cortana is the one and only Jen Taylor.
Natascha SUCKS, she acts like a factory worker instead of the most cunning female scientist in media.

that man is captain keyes. I'm not joking.

That must hurt

People subscribed Paramount+.
It seems a waste of money.

just watching it now, man this show is made for women it's a soap opera, i'm out after this episode.

>the company's CEO said that it was an absolute hit

Lol did they actually make her the arbiter? Fucking holy lol

Would women actually like this? I need to ask some women.

Its Paramount dude.


>What do you think, NIGGER JOHN?


kai is best girl

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t. incel

How hard is it to fuck up a show about a man in a robot suit shooting aliens?

By not having enough cgi money.


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>tfw no thicc and tall Spartan mommy gf

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No. Where does this idea comes from?

I read something about it when episode 2/3 aired

I did not think they would get together in season one usually they drag shit like this out for years.

They know it doesn’t have much time left.

Yeah I imagine there won't be a lot of time for romance when they get to the ring.

olive gray is the blackest mulatto i've ever seen

Oh god I've been liking the show so far and I've been laughing at how halo fans are always seething about it but this last episode was really retarded holy shit

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Halo is a virgin for Cortana. He doesn't even fap. Wtf is this.

>"Things are going great" say people with a vested interest in investor money

>$10Million and episode
>meanwhile cosplayers and commercials shit out better Halo media

How many episodes are left?
These threads make it seem like a fun to watch dumpster fire.
Is it worth it to binge all episodes so I can shitpost with my Yea Forums-bros when the next episode is released?

I'm hate watching it, it fails as an action show, it's more of a drama, as is typical for writers nowadays emotional trauma, is subsituted for character development, baring a few scene's you wouldn't know humans were at war with the covenant, if you're going to watch it, you can pretty much fast forward through the entire b-plot doesn't make much sense in anyway. the chink chick is just annoying.

I keep trying to explain to you guys that streaming shows are female-interest, but you don't listen. You keep fucking tuning in obliviously

Cortana is dead, John is for Linda now

Cbf watching this shit I walked out on my mom watching the last episode with knock off Dave chapelle and waifu

>Cortana is literally a cuck
bravo Paramount

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>tuning in.
I'm pirating this shit, i'd never pay for new media, but you're right, who ever is running the show over at paramount needs a good kick up the arse, everything they produce is full of overly emotional histornic faggots, Nu-trek is the same, Chief is pretty much a pussy faggot in the show.
>it's all so tiresome.jpg

I arrowed through the whole episode, stopped in the middle when i seen chief, realised it was was a spice vision and continued on, last episode was the worst of the season so far. Kwan rage towards the UNSC doesn't make sense considering it WAS A BUNCH OF FUCKING ALIENS that killed her entire village, but I guess they need some way to pump up the drama, what the fuck happened to good writers in hollywood. did the writers strike black list all the talent they had.

I'm late.
Does episode 8 have any fight scenes involving Master Chief?

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>no metahalo