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>One Piece fans, get hyped! The live-action adaptation of Eiichiro Oda’s beloved manga is coming to Netflix, and production is currently going. There are a total of ten episodes ordered so far, and it will be produced by Tomorrow Studios and publisher Shueisha, the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

How hyped are we for the tv show, Yea Forums? Can they fit the entire story in 10 epiosdes?

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> the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation.

>the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation

Blessed digits of holy bait

I have 0 expectations for this, even after seeing the cast being more or less ok. Now because netflix is dying this project is doomed but it's for the best. Hopefully they will cancel it after the first trailer comes out under the pretext of production costs

spic piece will always be shit

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They literally compared Luffy to Kamala Harris in all the people in the world

Stop shilling this Jew trash

There are 1500 episodes of this show already, who the fuck asked for a live action version?

I, for one, can not wait for it! I love anime! Ahh! Ha ha. Nice numbers by the way.

I am being cautiously optimistic, but I do think it will be mind blowing. I love her dress. Nice work on the post number, all the digits appear the same at the end. Whoa, lucky!

>the same studio behind that abomination
That's a yikes from me.

kys (kill your sneed)

>people keep telling me to watch Cowboy Bebop because I'm a fan of the anime
>reluctant because of casting. set design, and general attitude of the creators/marketing
>finally give it a shot
>First episode, opening is the convenience store scene from the movie set in a casino almost like the one Faye was working at
>Ok, not too bad, nothing original so far though to mess up
>They forget about guy in bathroom right on beat
>Disruptor Ray
>everyone else is using guns and bullets
>the only "original" thing in the opening of their show is a disruptor ray, a generic sci-fi nonsense gun thats only there to blow a hole for a vacuum scene
I shut it off as Tank! started. For the most part everyone uses basic guns and explosives available today, the one piece of weaponry shown that's extremely sci-fi is the cannon on the Stingray, and thats used like 3 times over 26 episodes, is ultra large and mounted ship, and has a long recharge.

I have no hope for One Piece, they'll cut the heart out of it and add love triangles. Not to mention I've never seen a live action stretchy man not have stupid looking fx. Casting except Luffy for the 5 crew looks fine though.

Will this show have qt asians

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I need to ask, why did they decide to build the whole ships instead of just using a green screen and CGI?
Sounds unpractical considering the very few times they will be using them.

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Also how the fuck are they going to make all the wacky powers like luffy's work in live action?
I remember that infamous Inhuman series having to cut all the Medusa's hair just so they don't have to use it because the CGI was too expensive, and of fucking course Netflix don't have the money or resources of marvel/Disney

I'm sorry but all of this project sounds like a massive waste of money if you ask me.

>One Piece anime with over 1000 episodes
>Netflix usually does 1-3 seasons before shutting it down, unlike HBO and other streams
>Everyone will be niggers, especially Nami because she's a redhead
>No sexy stuff like Nami's iconic clothes, Robin cleavage etc.
The writing is on the wall

Holy digits! Anyway, it will flop and get cancelled after one season, standard procedure.

Since there are no naval battles in One Piece early its not like they need multiple ships on screen. My guess is that they will just replace the front and details and keep reusing them.

I'm always grateful that all these shit fanmade "gears" will never be canon.

As long as it ends at Arlong park. I don't need to see beyond that.

10 episodes is all you're getting

I'd be hyped if they completely diverged from the source material and just had fun doing their own thing. Same setting, same characters, but not trying to recreate the manga, just telling their own story unique to the live action.

But that won't happen so it'll be shit.

I'm hyped beyond belief. It's going to be so fucking awful and I'm going to love every second of it. Did you see how utterly dogshit Mister Fantastic's powers looked in MoM? Now imagine that on a Netflix budget. Then there's the retard with the sword in his mouth. Try making that not look goofy as fuck in live action. I honestly can't wait.

>the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation
uh oh

I just hope Oda hasn't been a stupid cunt and told them what One Piece is. When this gets cancelled after one season they will just spoil it in a tweet

How much will Netflix shares blummed after they cancel this show?

1000 episodes and 15 anime films.

The thought of this shit going on that much is shocking.

>the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation

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Maybe it will end with them rescuing Bellemere from that dungeon instead of just leaving her there while they grow oranges and be a pirate slut.

They won't. The US doesn't give a shit about One Piece

And the people who give a shit about One Piece wont care about this adaptation because you can already tell its going to be crap.

You kiddin? Oda was given a fat paycheck and a few headshots on who should be Nami, picking a white girl much to Netflix's dismay, but Ussop is black so he'll probably get into her guts to maintain status quo.

It will still be impacted, because Netflix is going spend ridiculous amount of money in this, with the same money could have done 10 other tv-shows.

It just can't. Live action actors age way too quickly for long-running live action anime adaptations.

>implying this will get a second season

>the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation
dead on arrival

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Who did??

You know for a fact that some somebody executive was lobbying hard for black Nami, negromania isn't even funny at this point.

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I watched the Skypiea Arc and one of the movies, enjoyed them, but I had my fill after that. I don't think I could stomach 1000 episodes any more than I could stomach eating nothing but chocolate cakes for dessert.

Why make live action adaptations of a animated series, what kind of logic does that have

And I guess white breastlet was the compromise.

I watch it for she

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Netflix isn't fucking dying, you retarded zoomers. Its still the largest streaming service in the world.

>somehow....... medium sized tits nami is back

Mihawk's introduction is quite early and he cuts a ship in half. Then there is meeting Sanji at the restaurant.


That chick is flat

>>the same studio behind Netflix's Cowboy Bebop adaptation
I only have morbid curiosity at this point will it suck and top the db abomination?

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>ssj 4 luffy
Spic bros come on....

I have speedread the comic, now I'm gonna speedwatch the show

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It gets way better after Skypiea

Literally a goddess

No it doesn't. If anything it gets significantly worse.

How unattractive will Nami, Nico, and Boa be?

>but Ussop is black so he'll probably get into her guts to maintain status quo
he will be using his nose

Call it now, will they...
A) Make them ugly
B) Have boring outfits with no sex appeal
C) Race swap them
D) All of the above

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All will be fat mulatto dykes

tldr checked diggies

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Is this and the giganigga G5 what spics really wanted? G4 was already the 'dark and broody' god themed mode. G5 being completely white is already going to be weird to look at.

Dungeon? Did 4kids censor her death?