Tell a german "see you later"

>tell a german "see you later"
>he asks what time

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This never happened

>tell German
>See you around
>he says “where”?

>tell a Jap "catch you on flip"
>he says 返事をしないと母親が寝ている間に死ぬ

i don't trust those german niggers, not after what they did in pear harbor.

>ask a german if i can take a shit while i'm in his house
>"go ahead, they're in a bowl in the fridge"

In corporate settings, Germans don't say Hi, they just stare at you and smile while closing their eyes
Veryautistic but at least they are not loud people or rude

kek at this thread

>Tell an American "See you later"
>He says "No se que estas diciendo"

word to the wise

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The most brutal blackpill about Germans

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>Tell an Irish person I'm leaving now
>Says "Sure I'll let you go now"
>Continues talking to me in the driveway for another half hour

All mainland Europeans think they're better than everyone else. They're also all overly emotional niggers who don't act civilised.

>speaking to Italian friend in English
>they turn to speak to other Italian in Italian

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>All Americans think they're better than everyone else. They're also all overly emotional niggers who don't act civilised.
>All English think they're better than everyone else. They're also all overly emotional niggers who don't act civilised.

>In Hawaii
>Some fat boomer stomps up to me looking all pissed and says "Fucking Japs."
>He walks away with his wife muttering shit about Pearl Harbor
>I'm not even Japanese.

>talk to American in team meeting
>somehow finds away to tell everyone he had to draw a gun on someone recently


After bringing up his holster protocol for his concealed carry, unprompted, he said he saw a couple arguing and pulled a gun on the man to make him back down. Just out in the neighborhood. None of us knew what to say about it really so we just moved on to the next topic.

>They just sit around angrily waiting for monday, in protest.
kek. They guy's an Italian though, so I'd take it with a grain of salt.

My Romanian friend said Britain was the friendliest, Italy the nicest architecture and Germany the worst because they're all rude cunts

>was in a meeting
>talking about how misunderstood refugees in our european utopia had accidentally broken in and savagely beaten me and raped my wife at gunpoint
>american stupidly inquires as to whether i had a gun to defend myself
>patiently explain that europeans have evolved past the need for firearms
>stupid american mentions the misunderstood minority in my story having a firearm
>try to explain to the gibbering imbecile that minorities need firearms as reparations for what other countries did to his ancestors
>dumb american talks about having drawn a gun to defend himself
>we all sit there in shocked and disgusted silence
Americans. Not even once.


>Talking to a Queenslander
>They tell me they have a gun in their house for when China invades
They're lucky I didn't report them to the police

Never been to doucheland but can confirm this is pretty much the stereotype for them all over Europe

I'm German and this is correct.

I've had the most reliable testimonies (bartenders) who have consistently maintained the friendliest Euros are Spanish and Irish (Swedish, Dutch and Brits in runner up), and the most unpleasant to be French and....Serbian. Kind of random one.

>>In Hawaii
>>Some fat boomer stomps up to me looking all pissed and says "Fucking Japs."
>>He walks away with his wife muttering shit about Pearl Harbor
>>I'm not even Japanese

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are germans actually rude or is it just that they're less smiley/expressive than most cultures like russians, nords etc are seen as aloof/closed off for the same reason

they're smug cunts that's for sure


I only spent two days in Germany, but the people in Frankfurt were very nice to me. Everyone I talked to heard me start sputtering out "Excuse me, I don't speak German" in an awful accent and immediately stopped me, happy to get a chance to practice their English with a native speaker.
Maybe it's different if you live around them for a longer period, I can imagine that if the whole "look at the retarded American doing his best" schtick stuck around it would get old.

I’m impressed Google translate could handle that.
And she’s already dead.

Having experienced it, Finns are weird but pleasant, but they would come off as standoffish at a glance because they don't like close contact or "matey-ness". Russians are exactly as standoffish as they appear. Just chilly people. I don't know if the extreme cold just makes populations lose their minds but those frozen up North seem to get weird.

I work in the car industry and we have had Germans come over many times to work with us and help us improve, they were mostly mechanics and engineers
they are very hard-working
they always show up on time and never slack off, they don't work overtime, but they are effective when they work
but yeah, they were incredibly smug
other than that they were just normal dudes

Can confirm. Went to France and the first thing that happened when I got off the eurostar was some guys bumming cigs off me. After the third guy I said no and he spat at the floor and said "fucking english" and walked off. Dirty cunt.

Nigger, you were in Frankfurt. That's a wealthy high class city. They have lots of tourists because it's Frankfurt.

The main difference is Germans don't mind speaking English. they all learn it in school and it's normal to have a solid knowledge of it to talk to foreigners, plus they are naturally compatible languages anyway. French by contrast seem to hate speaking English and want you to speak French instead. They basically regard French as the epitome of human speech and to do anything else is like you're insulting them.

you can have a gun in a gun safe in Queensland, long as you have a license. but there's still hundreds of thousands of unregistered guns stashed or buried. it's fucking Queensland.
t. queenslander.

Most germans are just unironically stupid and very ignorant. They make stories up in their head and even if its proven wrong, they still believe it sectretly. They are spiteful, dull people with absolutly no sense of self awareness.
t. German

I'm thinking of going to Hungary soon. Are they spergy like Germans or shifty like slavs?

Ah yes the notorious Serbian storm

This describes like 90% of all countries.

what good qualities do the french have

Worse, they're hungry like hippos.

I'm from Melbourne up there on holiday
It was just bizzare to me that they would be so open about something like that

So what's the difference between bis später and bis bald?

Hungry Hungary Hippos?

Literally none.

Kek at the part about them staying at home during the weekend, I had the exact same experience whenever I visited Austria and the German speaking parts of Switzerland.
I was in big cities like Zurich and Salzburg and there was this post-apocalyptic feeling, no one but tourists walking around. Many shops closed and in the few open ones the clerks always looked pissed off at you (even if they really need your tourist money)
Weird folks.

Good footballers.

>They make stories up in their head and even if its proven wrong, they still believe it sectretly
Like the holohoax

They have really good taste. It's annoying to admit, their architecture/design/art etc really is superior to most other countries and their snob thing exists for that reason

You sound like some flavor of gook so you probably deserve this obviously made up story

Cute twinks

They've contributed a massive amount to art and culture. That they accomplished this while being massive assholes is impressive.

They have a love for food
Their cheese is very good
Their wine is very good
They are mostly independent from America and the rest of Europe (more than Britan or Germany at least)
That's all I can think of really

Cultural diversity


Russians are like Chinese, they just seem to be missing some 5% or 10% of human nature. There's a handful of countries like that dotted around the world.

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they killed a lot of Englishmen in history

Piece of shit bastard bitch pig fucker NIGGER

Russians just have an extreme distrust of anyone they don't know. Once you're friends though, they're very friendly

They have less taboos about right-wing themes in art and media it seems. They have a long history of appreciating artistic achievements from across the political spectrum

Their women are really, really attractive.
They have quality tastes in food, architecture, art, etc.
They're just sort of twats about it.

what good qualities do the lithuanians have?