The Little Mermaid

Get hype

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>undah this ocean bitch gotta scratt gatt down to my pussy eugh just like that

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Ursula trippin

>Then you roll your tongue, from the crack back to the front then you suck it off til I shake and cum nigga

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Nice CGI

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>Get hype
I don't think I can.

ugly bitch but I'd suck a fart or two out that ass


More like Finding Nemo.

wide face ugly ass bitch

I will literally have sex with any woman.

Cant they at least be pretty? If youre gonna destroy and replace a character to fill some quota, which is already bad, cant you at least pick someone nice to look at?

Anons pretend she’s ugly but simp for pure apefaces and baldies like Zoe Saldana and Tika Sumpter kek

It's going to be shit regardless of who's playing ariel.

>The Little Huge-Titted Mermaid

She actually has an extremely beautiful voice. Unironically

Da'leel mermay

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I doubt she can even swim

hahaa imagine dreaming of mermaids all your life after seeing the disney animated feauture and hearing the myths. THEN AFTER 100 years you finally get to se one irl and ... ohnononooo bwhaahaahaa

>The Little Mermaid
>Get hype
whats 12 like

you can't show me a more perfect ariel

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She better have real nice feet if disney thinks I’m gonna jerk off to her

I have no hype whatsoever for The Little Mernig. 0/10, would not watch.

Even me?

Do not reply to the bug poster.

in spanish "La Sirenigga"

Oh I thought it already came out and was forgotten

If this post ends in repeating numbers, The Little Mermaid will become the highest-grossing film of all time. Check 'em.

Wikifeet says she’s a size seven... looks way bigger no?
I like big feet just fine but nothing about her does it for me. Shame on Disney but this’ll probably make a billion dollars

I know she has weird eyes, but good lord I would bang her and her sister.

I'm down with this 10/10 negress playing that role or any other.

Forgot pic related

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Now this is a butterface

I don't care that she's black, but why does Hollywood suddenly love actresses whose eyes are way far apart? Sure it's striking, but you don't want all your leading ladies looking weird like that.

Fucking this.




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Due to the boom of fetal alcohol babies from the last decades of stronk wimens not listening to the patriarchy, ya chud!

At least it's finally a fantasy story. Black people swimming is pretty mythical.

Telecanthus (separated eyes) is more prevalent among niggers. She does also have a clear facial asymmetry, which usually hides putting her hair in the “ugly” side. I don’t understand why did they chose her. Let’s be real: there are many cute black girls in the USA such as Amandla Stenberg. Why did they chose this criatura?
t. Aesthetic practitioner.

I hate americans

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She can sing, she's young, and most importantly, she's the antithesis of a beautiful, pale redhead.

More like the fetal alcohol syndromaid

Also, Amandla Stenberg and her fuzzy pits are delicious. She's gorgeous.

Why isn't it an asian mermaid or a latina? I think it's racist that everything is blackwashed. No representation at all

no one is watching this, im not watching it, im not taking my daughters to watch it, theyre not even interested at this point

fuck you, america

Not usually my type but god if she isn't one of the most gorgeous girls in the world

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Weird to make a movie about a mermaid that can't swim but ok. Does she have gills or does she just drown 5 minutes in?


why do blacks have such terrible feet and legs, one of the most important things about the mermaid is when she gets her legs and now we have to look at these

Get you eyes checked its literally a demon

She looks like a white girl with brown skin. I'm a fan.

Are you seriously going to pretend this ayy lmao bitch is better looking than those, nigger?

The point is to humiliate you.

I would bring hans christian anderson back to life just to show him this.