For me, it's Loser Elaine

For me, it's Loser Elaine.

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nah man i couldn't, short people piss me off.

Realtor George, Yankees George, Kruger Industrial Smoothing George, or Unemployed George?

cleavage elaine, in a restaurant or something. trying to flirt. i forget.

Yank > Unemployed > K uger > Realtor

how did elaine got hotter as the show progressed

Unemployed followed by early Yankees. Late Yankees/Kruger was the worst era. The show had become more of a cartoon at that point. George slipping his Real Estate job boss a mickey was kino however.

it was a theatre


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Season 4, with the NBC exec after George got caught checking out his daughters tits (played by a young Denise Richards)

I used to watch Seinfeld while I lied in bed with my ex-girlfriend in her little apartment at college. It's hard to watch now even though years have gone by. I've found another woman and I love her, even dated her longer at this point, but it's not the same. I'll never know the passion that I felt with my first love again, and I guess I'm alright with that. Smile that it happened as they say. Christ, I need a mother fucking drink but I told myself I'd cut down and not drink until the weekend. Lord give me fucking strength. Goddamn it. I quit smoking too.

I want a Jewish gf like Elaine

yeah, that one. based cleavage rememberer.

Nobody cares my guy

Isn't she french aristocracy or something
What did you lie about?

She was always a loser.

You left out the episode where her voice got all hoarse from screaming at a dog and it was deeper than usual. I would have proposed right there seeing her in her backwards hat on top of it

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This was always my favourite Elaine. Trench coat, stockings, heels. Pure sex.

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the hair honestly ruined so many fucking kino looks from her. that's why it's almost a shock when you see how hot she is without it

yeah. hairstyles weren't so good. the poofy hair seinfeld had in the back always annoyed me.

PlayNow George

Who fucking asked dude? Go away.


me on the left. surprised nobody brought up this scene

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Me too

Why are jewish women so sexy? I really don't understand it. Something about that big round forehead and curly hair makes me primaly attracted. Is it jew succubus magic or am I actually a jew and just never realized it?

>likes anything
>onions face

This but unironically

Remember when she "accidentally"" sent her young nephew a Christmas card with her nipple showing and then it was implied he was jerking off to it? Did elaine have a EPI fetish?

>I heckin love watching jews in nyc trying really hard not to masturbate and sneering at gentiles.

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I always hated that episode. And the one at the end of Season 2 where she and Jerry fuck.

i can't remember if that is the same episode where everyone is turned on by Elaine's voice because it was left on a message. How many times did George want to fuck Elaine because she was messing around and acting hot?

>not Vandelay Industries George
And you want to be my latex salesman?

>nosejob Elaine

Seasons 2-5 are the best prove me factually incorrect.

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i will now pirate your kino

You can do it bro. Take a breath. >french aristocracy

She was super cute in this scene.

it's the non weird ass curly jewfro hairstyle

Yeah, the hair aside she showed a different emotion in this scene that we weren’t used to and she was legit shocked. It made me want to kill Jerry when she came back later and said yes but he was over it by then

people not recognizing this as pasta makes me sad

also the first reply to the thread is a fucking faggot

god this board sucks

The Jerry seasons were based

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All of Jerry’s friends open his fridge constantly and take shit out as they please, right? When I was a kid my friend’s sister told me to grab her a soda from the fridge. I did it, and the dad of the house asked what I was doing. I explained, but later on after I went home I was told by my friend that I wasn’t allowed to open their fridge anymore because it was disrespectful. Was this guy a total autist or is the fridge a protected space

how the fuck did they film that? michael richards isn't a turkey irl

That sounds like a sign you spend way too much time on here kek


Soup Nazi is the most overrated episode ever. I thought it was good, but I can name episodes which I find far more superior.

They made a giant fake turkey and he got inside it. Turns out that Micheal Richards is quite the contortionist too.

I find that a lot of episodes on the last two seasons have memorable moments but the actual episodes are largely forgettable.

It was actually a regular sized turkey and MR shrunk his physical form down to fit inside. Filming was delayed for a whole 3 months as it took him that long to revert to his original height.

I agree.

I agree, though one of my favourites has to be Chicken Roaster with Jerry as Kramer. Hilarious.

nowadays anons would call those meme or "reddit" episodes. I agree though, a lot of the later seasons had one tagline or ridiculous premise they pushed, while everything else was forgettable. Maybe Jerry really felt that too

the hair

That’s mega autistic (and so are you)

I can't be the only one here who has had a Seinfeld dream?

Call up your friend and tell him his dad is a turbo autist and that we are making fun of him.

>the red light line shining through Kramer's peephole as Jerry is walking by
gets me every time

i don't care for hot elaine voice episode either but i like elaine and jerry fuck episode because it's a weird episode, it's from a different timeline where seinfeld is more generic. early seinfeld is weird

His dad actually called me first because he’s been lurking this thread

I was just referencing a cute Elaine moment

>Elaine and Mr Pitt


K uger nice

Go find your friend's dad and fuck him in the ass. Long, slow strokes. Dude sounds like a fag. Take your time, and finish inside of him

Anyone have the pic of Elaine wearing an oversized men’s dress shirt? It looks like she’s in Jerry’s apartment in an earlier season. Not sure of the context

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>K uger

is that the episode she does the slutty dance and they reference a porno or something? I swear that never aired on tv as the first time I seen it was when I downloaded the series and re-watched it

Right here.

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