Could it ever be loyally adapted?

I don't know why everyone in Twitter calls it a "right wing" comic. Even the new Batman movie seems to be an answer "against" TDKR according to most of critics and even fans of Batman. Why? Reeves himself said he wanted to critique Batman's "toxic" behavior displayed in comics like this. Is it really a "fascist" comic?

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It’s transphobic

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It's not fascist, it's vigilante. Batman is just extremely unforgiving to criminals in this particular comic (still doesn't kill them though). It couldn't be adapted faithfully because the heavy narration and art by Frank Miller are what encapsulate the story.

the animated movies were fine

Plus do you really want the Superfags to scream and shit more?

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TDKR definitely isn't fascist, but frank miller's holy terror definitely is. might be an association thing.

Why would you want it? You got an animated adaptation and two semi-adaptations in Batman v Superman and TDKR. Bashing the audience over the head with more "superheroes grimdark, batman kills, edgy edgy edgy" is just torture at this point. The comics medium evolved past TDKR and film and yourself should as well. It's not a particularly spectacular work outside of initial shock value and the change it brought to the medium (40 years ago)

The sequel is incredible and most people get completely filtered.

It's a better Batman story than 99% of the others, but there are plenty of other comics out there worth reading.

>The comics medium evolved past TDKR

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The animated movies were pretty good.


Lmfao I just googled this goddamn that looks awful.
>MC looks like author for wish fulfillment
I hope you're being facetious though because there are a lot of gems in the medium that get ignored by normies what you posted looks exceptionally bad

The animated movies are pure shit. They've got no balls, no innovation, and no passion.
>The comics medium evolved past TDKR
It hasn't, really. Especially not Batman comics.
>It's not a particularly spectacular work outside of initial shock value and the change it brought to the medium (40 years ago)
It's arguably the second best work of superhero fiction after Watchmen.
It's still the best Batman work there is, including all other comics, cartoons, and movies.

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grow up

do a flip

I did. That's why I'm posting in a Batman thread on Yea Forums.

sit on it

>removed all of his narration
>in a fucking frank miller story
made by retards

The real question is when an All Star Batman & Robin adaptation + sequel will be made.
It would surely make a lot of normies piss and shit but I think it could be kino.

Agree with this post.

>The animated movies are pure shit. They've got no balls, no innovation, and no passion.
Won't disagree there, I'm not a fan of the movies but being introspective it's mostly because I don't like the story
>It hasn't, really. Especially not Batman comics.
Aw that's not fair. Sure the work was imitated for a long time and still is to this day but there's been contributions to Batman's character over the last few decades, and while they may not be quite as character-defining I find some of it far more mature and entertaining. I can argue for the medium as a whole if you'd like to go down that rabbit hole but I'd be ranting lmao
>It's arguably the second best work of superhero fiction after Watchmen.
And I'd argue that point until the end of time. What comics interest you, friend? Maybe we can exchange recommendations.

Not him, but I can't think of a better Batman story before or since except for Year One and maybe The Killing Joke.

>holy terror


Holy Terror is a very angry new yorker coping with grief for 9/11. Hamburgers have the right to cope like this. I understand this pain and this response to it.

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I'll admit I'm not a huge Batman fan so maybe someone else can jump in but I'm reading Morrison's run at the moment and personally I'm finding it a better read than TDKR. Killing Joke and Three Jokers were meh. I've been liking Metal and Death Metal but I'm a multiverse geek and wouldn't recommend them as "good" stories. If animated movies are your thing Under the Red Hood and Justice League: Doom are fantastic Batman stories, and he's had a few 10/10 gems throughout the animated series and the Justice League shows.

I could do it.
Matt Dillon as Bruce Wayne
Paul Bettany as The Joker
non-professional zoomer gymnast as Carrie Kelly
John Hamm as Harvey Dent
Josh Hartnett as Superman

Gotham moved on from batman. The city is 80s-futuristic and seems glorious at first, which makes batman a true antihero raining on everyone's parade. He's a grumpy, conservative bachelor in his 50s. When he resurfaces following Dent's release from Arkham, and Joker follows them out of retirement, batman is blamed.

Roastie Kelly would be the first act MC, you see her version of gotham and meet some OC friends that are a red herring to blindside people with the abrupt shift when she narrowly avoids being gaped and murdered by Mutants, and becomes a batman fangirl as a result. This gives her character significance it didn't have in the comic, to balance every important character being an old white male. Acclimating to her perspective also make batman seem like the freak he is, without the need for literal eyeliner to drive it home.

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awful casting


I prefer Morrison as a self-contained Batman writer. He incorporates a lot of Silver Age themes that only really work when he's writing them. Damian Wayne, for instance. He did write Arkham Asylum ASHOSE, though.

I fucking love Morrison's standalone works and haven't read much of his canon stuff (just Batman and Multiversity) so I agree with you. Especially on the individual stories themselves, but the broad sweeps (Batman becoming a father, Dick assuming the role, that's about as far into the run as I am) in my opinion do wonders for the character

>t hasn't, really. Especially not Batman comics.
Batman wasn't an asshole until DKR and in there there's fairly good reasons to make him an asshole
For the past 40 years DC has been making him a dick (with ludicrous excuses for doing so) just because they're clueless to what made DKR work

Could RHatO?

Fascist is another word that completely lost its meaning.
Nowadays it's basically used against anyone with a negative opinion who notices bullshit/hypocrisy behind anyone or anything that uses progressive buzzwords like diversity to reflect criticism.

Fuck, forgot pic

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you do realize we're talking about the dark knight returns, not prime batman right?

I'm ambivalent towards him, become he does great shit and bad shit.
I'll always be surprised at how Scott Snyder's entire Batman career is just a lower tier rip off of what Morrison did and people praising him endless for it

All I can say is that everyone would agree that if Zack Snyder himself couldn't do it, when he adapted Watchmen pretty much flawlessly, then no one can. Definitely none of the Marvel "directors"


I used to think this sort of teenage pandering that was everywhere in the 2000s was kinda forced and a bit of what we would later call cringe, but damn do I miss it
All the pandering is now done for gays, trannies and niggers and it makes everything ugly

then you're an idiot

>Zack Snyder adapted Watchmen flawlessly

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where can i read this rn

Get the fuck out of here mouseketeer

I was thinking of storytiming it on Yea Forums actually.

>only disney shills dislike Snyder
Good morning sirs

morons also have an affinity

Batman RIP was a confusing headache for everyone just like Final Crisis. Morrison works in moments and with self-contained stand-alone stories. Not developing huge canonical continuities.

However, it is also necessary to point out that much of that chaos has its sin of origin in the implementation of the multiverse as a recipe to generate a huge amount of interconnected comics that nobody ever read and caused a huge problem already in the eighties. Multiverse of Madness is a proof of concept of how introducing a huge array of universes interacting with each other is dense and exhausting and only suitable for a very well defined subset of people.

Finally, Morrison himself offers a long-term solution, which to this day I still don't understand why the publishing house barely tried to explore.

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>Yea Forums
Is it me or has it gotten less faggy?

>snyder is for smart people
bloody bastard

What's your BMI?

Nobody who talks about modern "fascism" and uses the word toxic is ever worth listening to or engaging with.

>all that gay shit
See, this is why I like Paul Dini. He's not insane

Filtered by kino

zack snyder can't read

that's none of your business

then don't comment on things you can't comprehend, shitwit

>zack snyder

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It's not just the character and story, it's the approach to the whole mythos, the structure of the comic, and the art, especially the paneling and use of color. It packs so much substance and power in only four chapters.
There are some neat contributions in one-shots and The Legends of the Dark Knight, Batman: Black and White, but even in some of these and in runs subsequent to Miller have been lacking in one department or a few.
Alan Grant, Doug Moench, Jim Starlin, and even Grant Morrison don't measure up.
>What comics interest you, friend?
I like comics that take advantage of the medium while having good art while being entertaining. Comics with a lot of meat and little fat. I like euro comics and manga too.
I like classics like Watchmen, Cerebus, Love and Rockets, and Luther Arkwright (a Brit classic); art wise, Alberto Breccia is a big favorite, so are Moebius, Mazzucchelli and old masters Alex Toth and Bernard Krigstein.
I'm getting more into old comic strip these days, stuff like Little Nemo, Krazy Kat, Nancy, and The Spirit.
Year One is the only real contender I've come across.

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You'll grow out of Marvel popcorn flicks one day.

>no argument in support, just reeeing about marvel

Don't presume you can talk to me if you haven't even seen full version of Zack Snyder's Justice League.

No one has seen it
The real cut is 9h long and entirely in UV light

Lmao thanks for the recs, I can tell by that list there's probably nothing I could recommend you that you probably haven't already read (I'm deep into modern cape comics and haven't really branched out into much else).
>I like comics that take advantage of the medium while having good art while being entertaining. Comics with a lot of meat and little fat.
DC: The New Frontier is my best rec for ya, it's formatted similarly to Watchmen. Animal Man was great but has a lot of "fat" as it had mandated tie-ins to events but the meat of the story is my favorite story in the medium but you've probably already read it. Sandman is great if you realize it's a product of the punk 80s culture and don't apply modern politics, the literature references are mostly surface but applied to a larger story works well. I just recently picked up Laika which isn't capeshit and an easy read, it was really good and something I'd feel comfortable showing a ten year old interested in comics.

Any Moebius comics in particular I should start with? I've seen the dude's art outside of comics

I love that batman. Is that simple.

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Fuck it. Storytime.

We're already halfway there

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Im not familiar with the comic. Could you tell me more about this solution?