Anyone Else Miss MadTV?

What was your favorite sketch?

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Bobby Lee is a monster.

>Favorite sketch
Literally anything with Michael McDonald

Will Sasso desperately eating everything to become funny again.

Will was a solid dude, the world needs him back.

You can thank MADtv for giving us the twisted mind of Jordan Peele.

I fucking hate Bobby Lee


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yup but totally undoable today
that's my white mama, would cause heads spinning

no, it wasnt that great, better than SNL? yes, but that is hardly an accomplishment.

same bubba

Stuart will always be way up there, but Dot was also great in all her sketches.
Bobby Lee's a treasure. Get fucked.

Oh you mean the House that Sasso Built?

Anyone else find the Vancome lady fap worthy?

Peak iRaq War era comedy

Bobby Lee was a treasure but he's pretty fucking gay these days. I blame his dog of a wife and California.

>hahaha I sucked my cousin’s dick
>the whole world should hear this extremely personal information that involves another person
>fuck my aunt for getting mad
Total piece of shit. Fuck him and his sob story.


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Cracks me up

either the sopranos on cable or the gym teacher ones

I love the fact he still hasnt mentally recovered from the beating he took from Patrice on O&A.

>Arden Myrin

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I wish we got more out of the season 1 cast. Burned too bright.


>looks like final asian mob boss
>acts like a 17 year old zoomer
Why is he like this.

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What happened to Sasso?

QRD? I hate podcast format and cba to listen to the whole hour despite my fierce love of Patrice

Why do you hate him? Is it because of the 12 year old child prostitute he raped in Tijuana?

Tank aka the ricer was my favorite sketch

Did Ten Minute Podcast for years, then got left behind as Delia and Callen gained more fame and left him behind.
Unfortunate, since he's the standout from both MadTV and TMP

Do you think it's true what his brother Steebie said about his girlfriend? She claimed it was an open relationship and she didn't really cheat on him when she went to Hawaii for a vacation while he went to rehab.

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Abercrombie, sexual harassment and coach hines are all great

One of my favorite comedy sketches

Yes. That guy always putting his balls in stuff, especially the one with Jesus.

Aries Spears was ahead of his time

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>Idaho? No, you-da-ho!
>Uh-oh, hotdog!
>It’s clean!
>That kid’s a lying bastard!

I watched it between the ages of 11-16 so it basically informed the backbone of my humor. I still look fondly on that run from the early Aries Spears sketches (I really can’t believe they aired “Sniggers” on television back then) to the broad charicatures like Mrs Swan, Stuart, and Dot that basically signaled the end of an era.
Also, SNL was never funny.

>SNL was never funny.
It was but that was a decade or two before you were born.

censored sopranos is probably my favorite

Wasn't Joey Diaz in that one?

Forgot, he was basically the most popular comedian on Vine too, but no one gave a shit about Vine.
Last thing I saw him in was Tacoma FD, with Broken Lizard people after his role in Super Troopers 2

I thought Chris D'Elia was the most popular comedian on Vine.

Did Bobby Lee start the coastal fires today?

So good. Everything's so R rated all the time these days. Reminds me of different times.

For me, it's the North Korean nuclear scientist outtakes:

My girl loves to Discord all the time.

>he looka like a man
this shit has YET to be topped comedically

>Bobby goes on O&A
>instantly becomes trashed by Patrice
>develops an intense trauma about O&A
>agent books him to do O&A again
>gets trashed once more
>15 years later, claims he "owned the room despite being in intense fear" from O&A
Bobby is a spineless pussy, but at least Patrice seems to have toughed him a bit.

Look what I can do!

no it was cringey

Blast from the past, thanks for posting this

It was way better than SNL. When they brought on recurring characters skits however it was grating and terrible

The Bob Newhart cameo one was golden.

Also while the McDumpster's skit wasn't my favorite, it's a prime example of the kind of dark humor that made the show memorable.

He was funny on Loudermilk

He’s doing a new podcast with one of the dudes from the diamonding era of Ten Minute Podcast. Looks funny hope he does well with it.

On YouTube?

coz his dad was involved in asian mafia and would kick his ass regularly. he's just rebelling against his dad.

My favorites were Paul Timberman and Spishak.

When I was 9 I thought it was amazing how deep and intelligent it was. Now I realize it was what 60-IQ people think smart is