>10/10 tits
>10/10 ass
>10/10 feet
>Co-lead in one of the biggest superhero franchises
>A strong Texan woman who can handle herself
>Will fight to defend herself and her family

>dead bead father
>woman beater
>possible child molester
>fired off all his big budget movies
>will soon have to pay 100 million to our girl Amber Heard

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She's a white woman kek. White men, we must turn to Japan for our women. We must return home.

Based and IStandWithAmberHeard-pilled

>dead bead father
pls be joking


Good morning, OP sir

Both are shitty people
Amber is batshit crazy and sociopathic, but hot as fuck
Depp is a drug addled weirdo that wanted Trump assassinated, but he is a half decent actor

I'd rather keep Heard

Zero ass, into the trash

>10/10 ass

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There is nothing more repulsive than a beautiful blonde white woman who thinks her shit doesn't stink. These women are spoiled to the point they turn into literal out of control animals shitting all over your house. Even dogs and cats know when and where to shit in polite society. This is what simp culture gets you, Amber Turd.

I've had stray cats and 5 week old kittens know how to use a litter box and this bitch can't find the toilet?

Built like Gumby

Who is this twink?

You are making johnny sound pretty cool, why should I side with the whore again?

he cant keep getting away with it

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>professional actor
>can't be acting
reminder that 90% of the people following this case are women
reminder that women actively seek out abusers and psychopaths

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fuck this dumb faggot whore she can't act for shit


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Bros... I cant fucking wait until Camille cross-examines Miss Turd next week.

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>10/10 ass

lol she's white, that's never ever gonna happen.

yes YES. join the fight, lets make sure JUSTICE prevails!

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Her dog stepped on a bee :(

Here’s a case of having hips but no ass.

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Amberchads will be eating good from all the coping after Depp is dragged away in handcuffs

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Dragged away in handcuffs for what??

Eating shit is eating good to you people? Damn you lot are pathetic.

Damn that is brutal


>t. Deppitor

My loins ache for this.

This. It is sickening the way he is making a joke of the legal system. He literally tried to physically intimate her while she was walking of the bench. And the misogynist media just stands by and allows Depp to play this TWISTED game. But here's a "newsflash" for them: Amber is going to contersue. amber is going to get him arrested for domestic abuse, and depp is going to PRISON. screen cap this.

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lmao her acting is fucking horrendous

>10/10 feet

Haha. No.

Captcha tv2tt

>r/deuxmoi thread

Before this trial she was a non-entity for many. Why be interested in her? There's nothing really going on. Banal, boring. But after this trial she's taken on a new edge - she's really exciting.

Everything she does - the wine drinking, the fighting, the sheer BPD abuse - makes her so compelling. Beautiful too. All hail to the rightful queen of Yea Forums

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She's fkn pretty though.

>Amber is going to contersue
Thats awesome. I was hoping for a Season 2 of Amber getting destroyed.

Yes, but in a way that doesn't attract too much attention. She's obviously fucking beautiful. It's the insanity that makes people pay attention

Why is the trial being live broadcast? I don't understand.

>10/10 feet


Legit looks like an elf. What a woman.


americans have no culture except this kind of stuff

Judge decides. Penny is based for allowing the cameras to expose Amber for what she is.

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Wouldn't mind if she shat in my bed after steamy sex.

0/10 tits
—ve/10 ass

She just needs a piece of toast in her mouth now.

when is the trial resuming?

Amber's defamation of Depp was public, this should be public as well to even it out.
She lied to manipulate the people against him. The truth must be public to correct that injustice.

Her testifying costume is hilarious.


>10/10 feet
You can't say that without posting proof

Do People have the memory of goldfish? Amber Heard has been known to be batshit crazy.
People like to act like only women are attracted to abusers but men are too, Usually men with no mother figure or bad maternal figures, Mommy issues just like women have daddy issues

I know ppl are just kinda memeing in this thread but Amber is going to get rekt and if she isn't in jail for something at the end of this, Her counter sue is going to end in her getting just as rekt as she was in this one.


>Amber Heard has been known to be batshit crazy.
Like every other women on this green earth, except she is hot. Just fuck and dump, don't be stupid like Lil Jon that divorced from an amazing woman to marry this succubus.

it wasnt after sex you retard, its them being passed out in bed from drugs and then shitting themselve, retard

whoa whoa there user, let's not get ahead of ourselves with Hambeast Eard there.

>mildly attractive
>median in life
>with the right hairdresser & Hollywood team, she can appear to the naked eye to be passable as a female & mildly sexually pleasing
>maybe an 5 or 6/10, nothing to write home about (I done way better)
>you are literally stating she is the jump seat in a '39 Coup...not really needed, but nice to have as a co-star
>she's as texan as any californian who willingly has sex with Elon Musk in-between his dinner dates with Jeff Epstein
>i wouldn't say fight, as much as whine a lot & pay someone else to do the heavy lifting

>i didn't know that, but it don't surprise me
>see above, so as a junkie, odds are bad he is a great dad or husband
>see above

The way the world sees it, the only real victims are the audience having to watch the trainwreck occur in primetime. On an up note, hopefully said trainwreck wipes them both out.

Takes two to tango.

automatic 0/10

Can someone explain what she did to her cheeks?

Hank hill

>Depp is a drug addled weirdo that wanted Trump assassinated

Citation needed