Marty was 5’4, 145. Still more of a chad than you

Marty was 5’4, 145. Still more of a chad than you

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literally no one cares about height in the real world

Incoming bigger chad MJF character

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That was above-average height back then. People were much shorter at that time because of asbestos poisoning.

>can't sit still for 5 seconds

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well yeah he's charismatic

He never did have the makings of a varisty sosa though.

Blocks your path

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Even his mom lusted for him. What a chad

She was horny the entire movie for him

Kek, it's the complete opposite.

The movie world is where short men can thrive and pretend to be important, those short men in public places such as supermarkets and bars instantly become repulsive short lovers who get mogged at every turn.

This. Yet people obsess over it because of the internet.

Jesus most of my gfs over the years dwarf him

In the 1950s women were expected to snag a man very young and start a family. Being a spinster was far more embarrassing than being married to a manlet. Women didn't want to wait too long because all of the good men really would have been gone, leaving her with options that all were far worse than if she just married the short insurance salesman.

>those short men in public places such as supermarkets and bars instantly become repulsive short losers who get mogged at every turn
This, my gf laughed at a 5'3-ish dude yesterday when he walked by us and said "that guy is so unlucky to how such short legs"

I would have actually had sex with my hot teenage mother so I am officially more of a Chad.

>to how
to have

>This, my gf laughed at a 5'3-ish dude yesterday

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Sure thing boy, everyone who claims to be above average in height and have a gf – is an ugly coping manlet incel just like (you)

hey that's (You) to you

Wanna make out?

>tfw 5’8” 150
I dont like being small bros

shut up and kiss me, faggot

If there is one thing I have learned from this website, it is that no one who comes here has ever had a gf, you are lying your ass off. You could be fucking 20ft irl, but you will never talk to a girl, which is kinda based so nvm.

wtf are you talking about
it's a character played by an actor

I'm 6 feet tall and struggling to gain weight over 140, how does he do it?

user, I had 5, and had sex with 3 of them

is that what reddit and greentext screencaps taught you?

I am 5'3 and I have had a decent amount of gf's, but my dad is also rich so that makes up the rest of it. PLUSSSS latina girls who come from the poorer towns to our rich school will jump on your cock. Even Asian guys are getting pussy here.

Yes. You telling me you don't use reddit? You some kind of human thumb?

>back to the future was set in 1985
>he went back to 1951

if a reboot was made it would be set in 1988

I have personally fucked over 100 women and the real number is probably much higher but I lost count years ago.


>has parkinsons disease
>pisses all over the wall each morning
>pisses all over the fucking place whenever he goes to take a piss literally anywhere in the world after anything he does that requires him to take a leak afterwards
>marking his territory all across the planet
>piss stains all over the country, perhaps the entire western hemisphere
>gets away with it scott-free because lmao sry i got parkinsons m8
>Michael "motherfucking" J Fox has probably pissed all over the place at your favorite bar/restaurant/church/whatever already and you're sitting in his piss
>your wife/girlfriend/sister/mom/whatever is also probably sitting in his piss because lmao parkinsons sry gunna lose control m8 need to shake the snake innit and pissed all over the women's restroom
>cops won't do shit because parkinson's and that's the guy from Doc Hollywood man, you can't arrest Michael "motherfucking" J Fox for pissing all over the place
>meanwhile he's been faking it this entire time to satisfy his piss fetish
>you're probably drinking his piss right now because he toured the coca-cola bottling plant and lmao sry gotta pee and he just pissed all over the fucking place because lmao sry parkinson's i'm sure the corn syrup will kill the piss chemicals
>but it doesn't because of all the pills he takes on the daily for his fake parkinson's disease that just makes his piss stronger
This man must be stopped.

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I could stop my parents from getting married

>Women can't be bas-

except women

5'8" here and let me tell you some thing you piece of fucking shit.

I'm handsome as fuck and have a babyface that allows me to pull easy teen pussy because of it. You should see some of the tight little bodies I've fucked. I have a 7.5in dick and not a single girl I have ever banged has failed to text/call me for a bootycall late at night. I embrace any challenge I get from someone who tries to stand in my face and intimidate me with their height, because it's pathetic. Low center of gravity, fast reflexes, and ridiculous core strength will allow me to either 1) quickly take you to the ground where I will stomp your fat face or 2) out last you with endurance because your shitty, overweight frame required to ground that extra height made you more tired. I make 85k a year as an mid-level engineering manager at Ford (I'm 23 btw, they will most likely promote me to upper management within the next 2-3 years). I fuck shit up in every single sport and would destroy any of you (minus basketball where skill/talent is substituted out for height). I've been compared to Messi in my soccer style. Quick dribbling and cutting in between every opponent in front of me. I scored 95 goals throughout my high school varsity soccer career. I made the varsity football team freshman year as starting runningback but soccer and football were the same season so I couldn't dominate both.

Sports I would destroy you at in order

Endurance running
Ping Pong

I know you. Ugly is a given. Probably curly hair. Tried to grow a beard but it was patchy and you were sad for awhile about that. Struggling to find a way to validate yourself you took to reminding everyone how you're "Over 6 feet tall!", as if that was some sort of cutoff for being a man. When in reality you're just as pathetic as every other self-hating wannabe piece of shit out there, yet you have somehow convinced yourself you've won the genetic lottery.


Beyond based

I'm 5'9-5'10 and 176 lbs. Am I fat?

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it was a different time though

where is "here"?

I'm the same height but 160 and I have a fat stomach

There were no dating apps in the the 80's.
Back then, the average whore had to work with what was actually around her.
Nowdays, every 6/10 Becky feels entitled to a 6'4 Chad with great abs that makes $150K

movies are fantasies written by nerds. Biff had his own car and henchmen, Lorraine would've been all over Biffs dick IRL

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its a hurdle. being tall makes earning respect slightly easier

Fidgety bastard. How disrespectful.

I've had sex with over 1000 women, including OP's mom

>t. incel

Fellow 5'3er, what sort of women should i be going for? I guess I don't have much of a preference to begin with but i'd be interested in what works for you


SoCal, 626 area. If you look at it on a map just know that the closer you are to the mountains, the richer you are.

Why do Americans have their height and weight on their license?

its to weed out the undesirables




Go for women you find attractive and hit every single one. Get over rejection, they are women they literally have no soul. The method I use is as follows (I have fucked 20 girls this year alone, prime latina pussy):
>Get onto social media, if your a boomer Facebook if your a zoomer like me use snapchat or insta
>Add an insane amount of girls, anyone you think might be attractive
>Always ask age and if you even think they are lying fucking delete them instantly, there were 5 people last year alone who got busted fucking underage chicks.
>Cold start a convo, I use lines like this "hey I added you by mistake lol, but we can still talk if your down" works like 80% of the time.
>Chat them up and eventually you'll talk about sex, if they are into it get some nudes and if you want to fuck them then keep it up.
>If things get slow I have bagged some by shocking there system aka I tell them I want to get them pregnant and have a baby with them, they will find this endearing and set you apart from the 1000 other mutts trying for them.
>I will say that me driving a gwagon and being somewhat handsome helps me, but the key is the amount of women you ask.

*5 people I know personally, one of them went on the run like it was a fucking movie

God I wish this was true

god elizabeth shue is so hot bros