Can you name three upcoming films you are actually looking forward to?

Can you name three upcoming films you are actually looking forward to?

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mmm pr etzel

If you CAN'T you've never liked film.

she's the best fucking actress alive why the fuck cant she get more roles

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top gun
rebel moon

I dont think i can name a single upcoming film.
I hear Panos Cosmatos is making one but thats years off. Is refn doing anything?
Oh, the Gayman with Ryan Gosling, thats a movie.

Pattinson Nosferatu
Buck Breaking 2
whatever Mads Mikkelsen is in next

Thor 4
Guardians 3
maybe Black Adam if it is ever getting released

>Pattinson Nosferatu
Is this really happening? Eggers vampire kino would be great but i thought it was just in talks


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That's not true at all.

Maybe she wont make "the deal".

It's very true.


Oliver Stone - White Lies
Peter Greenaway - Walking to Paris
Marco Bellocchio - La Conversione

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Unbearable weight
Dr strange 2
Uhhhhhh Dumbledore?
They’re still upcoming to me because I’d rather hang myself than go to a movie theater.

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She won't whore herself out while lesser actresses will.

Not even talk, they cancelled if few days after Morbius flopped. in addition Blumhouse also cancelled own Dracula. And miramax cancelled Mina Harker spin off. Hollywood basically cancelled all high profile vampire films. Only universal dark universe is moving forward with Nic Cage Dracula.

>Robert Eggers announced on an episode of the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast that his highly-anticipated remake of "Nosferatu" was not happening, [because there is no god and if there was, we are clearly being punished for our insolence]. Two extremely high-profile vampire projects getting kicked to the curb seems too eerie to be a coincidence, and it's hard not to see this as a studio freakout in the wake of the embarrassing box office and critical performance of the vampire superhero movie, "Morbius."

It isn't. Movies haven't been good for awhile, and there's been a 2 year pandemic on top of that.

Nolan's Oppenheimer film
The new Ridley Scott Napoleon biopic Kitbag
The Mario film (just to see Jack Black kino, it will probably be dogshit otherwise)

Not really, maybe Firestarter because I like Stephen King, but I doubt I’ll go so it in a theatre. Maybe wait to rent it. I doubt I’ll even do that, probably I’ll forget it exists, so no.

>no source

I want a big hot pretzel right fucking now. There's nowhere to get them around here. It feels like I crave big pretzels every day. Is that weird? No salt and a bin of mustard, too, please.

Rebel Moon
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Boom, 3.

Behold: The cope of the brainlet who never liked film.

Name your three favourite movies.

I bet you like Nomadland and CODA

big soft pretzels are probably one of the hardest things to make at home, i dunno how they make hundreds of those for the state fair

Jordan Peele's Nope
Crimes of the Future
New Mission: Impossible

lol. lmao.



imagine if that was your dick

I do this recipe, with an air fryer, it's pretty good.

Thor Love and Thunder

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Crimes of the Future
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Film died 20 years ago. Your nog propaganda isn't film.


You literally do not and never have cared about film.

Name some good films from the past few years then.

What did she mean by this?

>is it weird to crave something based?
nah you're good

I can't name a single thing I'm looking forward to. I think this is the end

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Honestly, no.
The last one I was at actually excited to see in theaters was the Revenge of the Sith. Ever since then going to the theater was a "sure, why not" thing to do when I have a day to myself.

Your only friend, the end

Sadly, this. I'm so fucking tired of seeing out of place black people in everything.

the ryan gosling one about cia niggers

Thor,top gun,mario

buck breaking 2
buck breaking 3
buck breaking 4

blessed pic

based. fuck the orcs. notice how they always have orcs play the same roles. never as comedic relief since jar-jar

>Crimes Of The Future

Weird and shit samefag

She's white. Lemme guess she's a Marvel chick. All DC gets is negroes

That was the only one I could come up with too.
It's pretty sad that a YA movie on Netflix is the only film I'm actually looking forward to this year. Hollywood is dead.

Actually she did get cast in Marvel. The She-Hulk D+ series.

don't you have Gadot, Amber Heard, Margot Robbie, Amy Adams,etc

Sonic 3
It counts because it has a three in it.

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Dune Part 2
Crimes of the Future


lol no I don't watch movies