Based streaming services

Based streaming services

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Antiques Roadshow UK is so, so much better than the US version

Redpill me on Pluto TV

You spelled tubi wrong.

longer history so i would hope so

It’s just cable without paying for it

Tubi is pretty based as well, but Pluto has TNG so it’s ahead by a small inch

pluto, tubi, freevee, etc etc. all the same shit
none of them have anything worth watching

Tubi is pretty legit it has some low budget porn filled movies

How many ads would I expect to see when I try watching a movie

Not really any desu. Pluto is pretty good about ads. You'll get one "break" every now and then and a couple ads but nothing too bad.

its free and has some decent to good shows/movies

there is plenty to watch

Do I need to create an account?

unlike the UK I actually care about US history

no if you have a roku you just download it. but you can watch em on your laptop too

whats the price? ads? do they collect viewing patterns?

Commercial breaks like television
>do they spy on my brain spiders???
Kill yourself, before the voices compel you to anyway

>watching ads
kys redditnigger.

so its like free tv, but on demand?
also the voices do what they wish, I just ignkre them mostly

Ads are fine they give me time to step away from the television and smoke a cigarette or use the bathroom. You shouldnt live your whole life glued to the TV like a child

I prefer intermissions, like in seven samurai
maybe some orchestra music to tell you "go move your legs you lazy bum"

For me it’s the Comedy Central animation channel with Beavis and Butthead: The Mike Judge Collection playing

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is there a middle ground between just usb drive to tv and full on streming setup? Like a program that can neatly organize and display the movies on my hdd but doesnt pipe it through the net first? Ideally something that a tech retard like me can understand

I watch TNG on Pluto constantly.

i would but I always seem to catch the early seasons. Do they ever show seasons 4-7?

Just get a roku

plex doesnt pipe the videos through the net, but you do have to log in

Otherwise you can also set up Jellyfin if you dont care about the hassle

I always find myself falling asleep to the G4 or History channels.

They also have a lot of channels showing Canadian cartoons. Like Jimmy Two-Shoes and shit.

the cops channel on pluto is really slipping
they play episodes from the same 4-5 seasons constantly even though they could air from the entire run like they used to

is the easiest option to just put an old laptop beside it that can play videos? Anything that offers off-site hardware decoding?
i look it up


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>connect tablet to tv
>open in brave
>watch literally any film/series ever in hd with no ads or bullshit


that or get something like a raspberry pi

what? can anyone confirm this
i watched the last half of 30 Days of Night one time and it seemed like there was a commercial break that was scientifically determined to be as many as possible without completely ruining it
like one every 11 minutes or something
the TV streaming channels only had ad breaks when the show was cut for one so it wasnt as bad

Found out about this a couple months ago. Honestly pretty great. The Portlandia channel is comfy.

Pluto is just Paramount Plus. FreeVee (IMDbTV) mogs them all in terms of content and fewer commercials. Does anybody still use free Hulu. Last I heard, they had just as many commercials as normal TV with shitty 480p video.

Make sure you get a roku ultra, with the USB port if you go that route. And if you don't want it hooked up to the internet, then just don't.

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wish they would grow some balls and do some crate digging to keep the channel fresh. air some of the MTV cartoons maybe. like 3 south or downtown.

and why haven't they shown dr. katz yet? I know damn well they have the rights? it was their first original cartoon, dammit!

can that real time decode 4k video? my old laptop struggled with 1080i, though that was an extreme case
since pis dont have hardware decoders, Id worry about atuttering

can that work on lan?

I hate ads and rather torrent a show for a few hours than watch the horror that 2002 commercials are

that's why you only download 720p YIFY rips
V:10 A:10

I bough 16tb of drives and Im gonna use them, dammit!

Yeah I noticed tubi has a bunch of like shitty erotic action movies and other garbage all made from the same company that was big during the VHS era. Damn shame most of the shit I skipped through was fake tits.

>netflix shill....

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I'm not sure. I know that it doesn't need an internet connection to use the built-in media player but I don't know if you could stream a file to it.

I just have a mini PC connected to my projector. I watch shit on Microsoft edge at 4k since other browsers show lower quality video because they don't have the shitty DRM of edge.

fuck you. I'm a cable shill. netflix has nothing either. Sigh up for cable and get the best tv has to offer

For me? It's Fail Army!

That show I Survived did a Beyond And Back series about people that died and came back. They did an episode on me being in a car accident and I thought it would make me famous but then the show was canceled, but my legacy lives on Tubi.

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Dunno. A bunch of movies with like Playboy models. If there's any big tit movies with natural ladies please recommend.

Are you me?
Lately all the play are the same 10-15 episodes from.seqsons 4 through 7
I tend to have them on loop as background noise

being a slave to whatever they program
not being able to pick the movie or show u like
having many ads
getting 50 extra channels you never touch

i forget how shitty cable is

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I seriously watch more stuff when I have no choice but to sit and watch it. When i can watch it anything i choose, I end up never watching it

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Pluto has an on demand feature. Everything they air live you can stream any time you want, for free

got nothing for you, mate
maybe get into italian movies, they seem to have a theme

tubi has the best horror and coomer selection of any streamer.

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It's the asylum, they ripped off Hollywood movies and add naked women into the plot

>dance moms
You got that right, tubi is based

hes defending regular cable,
i went to visit my grandma and seeing her cable brought back the horrible nightmarish flashbacks of the 90s era without streaming....

tv cable ads are truly hell..... beyond maximum cringe. all movies heavily censored... ugh.

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ah ok, that makes more sense than cannon

I like Tubi TV, they have the most wholesome channel around, Localish

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no i think hes talking about troma films

anything from the 80s and 70s

nah he means Full Moon

oh yes. trash kino
i fapped to this. super good

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