Uhhh Ezrabros?

Uhhh Ezrabros?



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>I film assaults for NFTs
how does that work?

He looks like the Joker

came to post this

hes kinda based for a fag
he and shia should link up


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what a fucking lunatic
are they finally going to blacklist him now or does he literally need to murder somebody before it effects his career?

He's a mentally ill dude, not a thing.

This is just body cam footage from the first arrest, it happened in March
Relax chud

Sounds like it's trying to spin this shit on his favor so bad.

how is it a spin
other guy attacked Ezra first

Ezra proves that you can actually be TOO gay.

>>I film assaults for NFTs
>how does that work?

Probably not very well in the long term. Likely he's a retard who thinks they'll keep steadily increasing in value,

best part

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They/them should be a group, “it” would be a thing

>transgender non binary
make up your mind schizos

This is what Jewish privilege looks like.


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when is someone going to just pummel this faggot

I love when these faggots get arrested and they think they have special rights.
What a fucking paycho

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>when is someone going to just pummel this faggot
It took a while for Andy Dick to get almost beaten to death, but at this point it’s happened multiple times.
As the saying gies, just wait.

Warner Bros already got Ezra out of Hawaii
OP video is old footage from the March 28th arrest, Ezra is now on house arrest w/ their parents and in therapy

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>I'm unguilty of
They/then pseuds really do be making up new words tho

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Why does Ezra bully and harass native Hawaiians that love guns? If he did this to a bar full of black people he'd be shitcanned.

Bro are there any funny images edits or copypasta for Ezra's wild ride

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whose parents?

I've been keeping track of all their adventures, here's a decent compilation of them but there's probably stuff I am missing

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bretty gud


It’s insane to me how that guy let Ezra stay in his house

lol what a fucking schizo.

>it's ok if a female officer touches my penis though


He's never going to get fired though since he's like 5 protected protected classes.

I'd do it and I am not even a fag, seems like a good time desu

>NSDAP has new headquarters on Hawaii, guys
>I swear!

holy fuck, you can't make this up. sounds like a shitpost about Ezra on here

ezra is a living shitpost

>throwing tranny bullshit at the cops to attempt to get a woman to touch his cock
Based desu

>how does that work?
not that good

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Came here to post this.

>Hawaiian lesbian karaoke bar
>NFT selling Nazi hangout

i doubt he concocted such an elaborate scheme trying to shake the cops while drugged out of his mind. its just lolsorandom rambling

That's also funny because it makes it clear as day he doesn't believe in transgender bullshit and is just using it as a convenient excuse for special treatment

this guy is so fucking disgusting

did you hear what the dispatcher on the walkie says at ~0:40
I think she says "I got Ezra in the system, no warrants but he's listed "caution code unstable"

It's a meme headline meant to bring in clicks. You know, like all of them. #deathtojournalists

He's a literal schizo and has been on meds for years but stopped taking them.

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Who is this redditor? Are there any other sources that he is actually on meds, and taking them for schizophrenia? This is pretty interesting.

I have no clue who it actually is, but the details of the post stuck out to me
I went through their post history and they seem like an English teacher with posts going back a while before the incident, so it wasn't a new account made just for that or anything
The comment was on this post on the Hawaii sub: reddit.com/r/BigIsland/comments/u7g7ds/41922_ezra_miller_arrested_for_assault_in_pāhoa

Nah bro. He's a celebrity, so after assaulting numerous people he just has to check into a cushy anger management resort for a month and everyone will forget about it despite this putting a lower class citizen in jail

Does he actually like women as well or is he full on gay?

ezra is openly bisexual and always has been
people just call him gay as a cope

>tell me your name and your badge number
Kek he sounds like one of those NAP people

fuck i need to rest
i read corpse instead of cops and that's why i clicked the thread

>Ezra Miller fucks corpse for NFTs

it's this the kike schizo gene that I was warned about in action?

such a soothing peace of mind to see such an unhinged jew

>a guy in that bar declared himself a nazi and attacked me
>ok, so?

>Interrupts your conversation
>Accuses you of being up late last night
>Refuses to elaborate

wouldn't have surprised me

>I love when these faggots get arrested and they think they have special rights.

he literally does. he keeps getting free.

tfw being a straight white man is still based

this and still has a thriving movie career
Truly a protected people

I see his side of the story. AAPI are savages, not Americans. Hawaii is a savage pig killing nigger land. A predatory tourism industry tricked him.

literally this

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>NFT crypto art