“Women are stupi-“

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-der than men

She hot

You left out the last letter you fucking moron.

lush voluminous hair looks so much better than flattened hair. I have no idea why why women flatten their hair and make themselves look worse.

yeah. if watson didn't have flat hair i bet no one would've called walled.

>be amber
>be scientifically confirmed the most attractive human ever
>gets mogged by random psychologist

She isn't qualified.

They’re slaves to fashion trends and seek to impress other women rather than men. No man likes kardashian-esque makeup, yet so many women do it. Why? Because Kim Kardashian has the power.

How many abortions do you think she's had?

Too bad she’s a barren career whore and failed woman

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women are fucktoys

I can change her

You mean based


She is a psychologist right? And depp was her patient right? Yet, she went in to his hous and had some drinks? Isnt that forbidden for psychologists? You know, to met your clients in private???

But not biology

she'll start feeling more and more miserable as she ages. Don't understand why women are so fucking stubborn when it comes to this. even when they're intelligent and educated, they still think like 12 year olds and base everything on feeling

> She is a psychologist right?
>And depp was her patient right?
>Yet, she went in to his hous and had some drinks?
Nope. She had an interview with his legal team and dinner
>Isnt that forbidden for psychologists?
>You know, to met your clients in private???

>television and film

Psychologist and any other doctor can do home visits. Perfectly normal.

Forbidden by who? Why the fuck would that be forbidden? What sort of authoritarian shithole do you live in where adults are forbidden from interacting?

>generically irrelevant

>If you know that something is right for you, don't try and convince yourself that it is.
She's retarded.

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Imagine simping for tranny jannies

Imagine fucking her raw and cumming inside her without ever worrying about knocking her up, a kino life that would be

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You fucking idiot, psychologists cant met their clients in private, its a crime. Dumb moron.

i want to have fuck


Depp and Heard, film stars, yes

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i'd let her husband get muffins for me and her, if you know what i mean

Hmm, this new PR team isn't doing their best. Maybe a peak at Amber's nudes will get your noggin joggin

Imagine being a coombrain retard simping for some 6/10 slut in an off topic thread.

I wonder if she likes hair pulling and choking.

I don't understand the muffin thing/

>All actress and actor discussion should pertain directly to their roles and careers. Off-topic discussion will be deleted.

No. HIPPA prevents them from making any financial dealings outside of payments for sessions. If they have a session in the client's house thats not an issue it just needs to be stated on the insurance claim that it wasn't in office.

Vapid and shallow, really

Did you guys all have amazing, loving mothers? Do you believe that all women would become like your moms if they had kids?
There's a ton of women out there who would make shitty mothers. Its a good thing that the women who dont feel compelled to have kids dont have them.

Where have I simped for a barren roastie?

who are you even quoting

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Go to a hooker

Exactly, this topic adheres to the rules of the board. Thanks for reminding us.


You’re describing a systemic problem. Selfish materialists do deserve to be mocked, however, and more to the point taxed at a higher rate.

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>if you’re bedridden at home you cannot get physiological help.

the girl I manage at work is really smart and Im starting to develop an infatuation towards her

What role does this pertain to? The roll of fat covering your micropenis doesn't count.

Thats not what I meant. I meant strictly private like friends even though they are therapist and client.


Through rape

Pirates 6 and several other roles. Because, you know, the trial is about how that lesbian camp counsellor defamed him an ruined his career. Now fuck off officer square head.

He is not her patient or client. And you’re also allowed to fuck your patients as long as it’s not an abuse of your relationship and you refer them to another practitioner.

>officer square head.
This was unnecessary and I feel you should apologise to user immediately for taking it too far.

cool. that has nothing to do with her testimony, though.

Ohhh so all these posts about the frumpy skank in the OP picture are actually about Johnny Depp's non-existent performance in Pirates of the Caribbean 6? Thanks for clearing that up.

How is fucking your patient not abuse?


Meet a patient, she asks you out consenting adults fuck. Now if you refused to prescribe her pain medication that would be abuse. Or if you’re insight into their mental state allow you manipulate her that would be abuse.

>I need children in order to feel fulfillment in my life
go get a hobby or a pet if you feel so insignificant



>miserable for not spawning a money pit
genuinely never got this mentality. maybe some people feel dead inside for not having a crotch goblin that will grow up to hate you i guess. worse: it grows up to be a whore or some other useless degenerate that you have to support past 15. sounds like a load of bullshit.

If she's so smart, why can't she comb her hair properly?

Sounds like bullshit. A patient is always in a vulnerable unstable condition. Fucking them would make everything 100% worse and is just unethical.

Tick-tock, tick-tock

I think that psychology is pseudoscience. It has no power over me.

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2 bz studying to bother with basic girl shit

I had a psychologist tell me my problems were insignificant and then proceeded to tell me she was raped/molested

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She went to university instead of a finishing school.

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Shouldn't you be off paying child support or something, nigger?

Different jurisdictions have different rules, but I read license referral cases where the doctor was ruled to have acted correctly. Couldn’t find the case I read, medical school was a long time ago so have this


>roastie instantly knew it was the biological clock ticking
And no. Stay mad genetic dead end.