Are you savoring them Yea Forums

Are you savoring them Yea Forums

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You know if you fucking losers spent as much time on literally anything else in your life as you do obsessing about trannies, drawing tranny memes, making threads about trannies, going on tranny Twitter/ reddit, saving images of trannies, etc you'd probably be a confident and successful man in your day to day

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im finna be deadass the second tranny is kinda cute aight im fine with the cute ones

Wait they got another tranny?

i seen one in real life i think


I have no idea what the article is meant to imply. Stumbles? Did the host fall and hurt themself? Why is Will Sasso in drag? And people still watch Jeopardy?

Quite stylish!

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Not a tranny, a normal dyke.

jeez can't she wear a decent dress and look like an actual woman every once in awhile lol

Nipple piercey licky licky

They're chasers in denial. Yea Forums has been destroyed by tranny obsessives and big black dick obsessives. I suspect it's the same guys, and I suspect half of them are agp sissy cucks in chastity cages.

are they rigging these games with more pop culture questions?

It's weird how 2022 lesbians dress like 1990s lesbians. Fashion has come back round.

It was folks like you who ran the carnivals out of town. Is this the world you want?


Even after her attempt to appear as masculine and plain as possible she remains cute. It makes the freak in the OP seethe with bitter jealousy I guarantee it

Does that make you a chud chaser?


is it just me or does she look like this girl?

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fuggo dyke with stained meth mouth and blatant autism still more attractive than wildebeest tranny lol


You're not saving the white race. Your just a loser on a Chinese website.

>get to be a millionaire like amy
>but you have to chop off your penis

Would you do it Yea Forums?


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Why are you defending trannies on a chinese anime board?

The current state of Jeopardy summed up:
>in the past, Jeopardy usually filtered out mega-autists to prevent them from dominating the competition
>they don't rig the actual questions, but they absolutely search for contestants who will play fairly, which means filtering out savants
>however, Based James snuck through
>ratings went through the roof with him
>after the hosting troubles harmed their image, they switched tactics
>they started intentionally screening FOR the mega-autists so they'd experience ratings booms at least once a season
>brought on Matt (who is admittedly based)
Now Matt is nowhere near James's level, which you can see if you watched their runs, but he had a longer run than him, which will be explained below.
>not only do they screen for mega-autists, but they also screen for ~130 IQ retards to put up against them
>Matt absolutely steamrolled them all
>they were bar trivia night tier, nowhere near the usual level Jeopardy requires
>ratings went to the moon again, proving that this tactic works
>tried it again with "Amy," ratings went up
>tried it again with Mattea, ratings went up

We're gonna be stuck in this superchamp hell until the viewership gets sick of it. I just hope we get more James and Matt style contestants, and less "Amy" and Mattea style ones.

considering bottom surgery is like $100,000+ and they are literally paying me a million dollars on top of it of course I would

ANOTHER tranny hate thread

Trannies are unfortunately quite intelligent and there's more of them transitioning every day.

>defending trannies
You're also a giant pussy

I personally hate the super winners on jeapordy it warps the entire show around them and I personally don’t find it enjoyable to watch some random fuck literally become rich in front of my eyes because they were lucky enough to get selected onto a quiz show that throws money at anyone with half decent general knowledge skills. I very much like the show when it’s just 3 normal contestants though.

Daily reminder that trannies are an overall good, since they are detrimental and damaging to females. Only butthurt femaloids and simps hate trannies.

They've literally been groomed to obsess over trannies by their parasocial daddy replacements. It's fucking bizarre and in a few years it'll be something else to indoctrinate whatever's after zoomers.

> le time allocation argumente

>you can't hate trans people for any other reason than being trans because they're trans
What are they, protected under some law? Can't talk bad about them at all? Our poor little troons?

The wino in the middle was cute desu

I'm far from a mayim fan but these articles picking apart every little piece of the show are part of why I can't stand jeopardy now

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milfs with that type of greying hair is hot as fuck

the absolute state of UK tabloids lol

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'super champions'?

Any Jeopardy! aspirants amongus? What's your prep look like? Share your secrets.


Only prep I need is Truvada.

>considering bottom surgery is like $100,000+ and they are literally paying me a million dollars on top of it of course I would
If you win $1M on a gameshow you walk home with about $400k after all the Judiasm

Huh? Whuh? Faggot

trannies are funny, get over it.

still that's $400,000 I don't have plus a surgery I already need you'd be crazy not to take up the offer

Are you aware that bottom surgery doesn't give you a vagina?

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I can do both, bich.

Last week alone

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He's a repulsive looking human in general lmao. A Jew and a tranny. Jesus Christ.

they are the furries of this generation and I have good memories of shitting on them


So men and not women is what you want.

not everyone who wears a chastity cage is an agp sissy. I’m just a normal guy in a female-led relationship

>a female-led relationship
So you're on a rudderless boat adrift in the ocean, and whatever she thinks she wants she gets?

I want normal-looking autists regardless of what sex they are, not a drag queen with the face of a pitbull and a girl who looks like she wears dirty diapers.

>So you're on a rudderless boat adrift in the ocean, and whatever she thinks she wants she gets?
that would definitely be the case with an American woman but my gf was born and raised in Tanzania

oh shit

How recently since she moved here? How long before she feels a real connection with a traditional man and your game no longer makes her vagina tingle?


Spoken like an autist without empathy. The reason for these bizarre contestants is that Alex is dead so now there is less pressure on everyone to be presentable. Amy wouldn't have applied when Alex was alive

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Am I the only one who has to struggle mightily to fight the urge to go up and yank those nose piercings and yell out "C'MON BESSIE IT'S TIME FER YER MILKIN' C'MON NOW LET'S GIT A MOVE ON DANGIT" and generally just be an asshole about it? I see those stupid things all the time and I just want to crank my accent up to maximum and just yell out Farmer John bullshit.
And so on and so forth.

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she moved to the US 10 years ago, we’ve been together for 5 years

and other than being in an FLR I am a traditionally masculine guy. she’s also been writing femdom stories in broken English since she was 13 years old so I think it’s pretty engrained in her