Movies that you solely watched for she

movies that you solely watched for she

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Kino thread

Moon Knight

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I watched Re:Zero soley for the you know what but ended up actually liking it. Same goes for Fate Apocrypha although that wasn't good

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seen for she

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is leo looking at the tall mommy or elsewhere

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Goddamn this shit sucked. Some faggot from school told me to watch this and I was surprised to find that the first few episodes were pretty good, and then it turns into the trashiest shit ever.

>we now commit this whore to the 'chan: asses to asses and butts to buttes

went through a connelly kick at one point and watched a bunch of her movies, mostly early shit.

I have never watched any movie because it had a woman in it.

this. Her hair when she gets suited up activated something in me

None. Not a coomer

Which one sucked

The strong do what they will

why are you gae

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back to tr/a/nime u faggots
we're discussing kino here

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Not gay. Just don't watch movies for any particular actress. I have a girlfriend who I can put my penis inside if I feel like a coom.

re zero
I normally don’t like tall lanky girls but she looked fine af in Tenet

The Professional is kino

Hmm I thought it got better over time to be honest. Thats the only anime I ever liked but I have only watched 3 series so I don't have much to compare it to

Where do I get an poofy haired Egyptian Goddess to worship bros???

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whole Hershlag's filmography


>literal tranime
go b/a/ck

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Anything with Antje in it. Pandorum, that one movie with Jeff Bridges, a 24 hour vid of her sitting on a park bench doing nothing. I don't care how bad it is, if I see it I'll fucking watch it.

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I think her name is Astass

love this black chicks body worth 7 watches at least...

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I was in love with Milla in the Fifth element, that's got me to watch RE multiple times but that was ages ago.

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I really like her too. I've only seen her in Dark and Pandorum, anything else you could recommend?

>she prrrotegt YU

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Prepare to have your love reignited

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this movie was shit but prime jennifer is the most beautiful woman i've ever laid my eyes on

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RE 1 and 2, maybe 3, the rest I don't even remember.

Is this still uoooh?

Watched for her, loved because of her, was incredibly charming and comfy because of her. Great movie. Great gal.

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i watched for her and was not disappointed

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Big Book of British Smiles

>not posting the clip of the memory device they use at the door before going in
uncomfy and not cute

Man of Steel

She was in Seventh Son for a few scenes, and another movie called Criminal, also Man of Steel obviously. Pandorum is the best though, quantity-wise, and lack of subtitles. Those are the American ones. There's a bunch of German films but I haven't seen all of them so I can't say which is best. She gets nude/lewd in a couple of those.

It's her daughter who is pretty much a clone and i'm sure will be in some kinos in a few year

Goddamn tobey

thanks mr skeltal

I hold the world title as a thirlby coomer for sitting through this after seeing dredd.

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Newfags detected.

ok boomer

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The poster for the original movie looks so much better

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I guess between Ruth in Ozark and her I'm finding out wild soft curls get it done for me.

Yep, you guessed it
The one on the left

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Watched five seasons of TV just because I had a thing for the star. And because she basically played dressup in it. She managed to hit about four fetishes in the process.

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Her teeth are find though

I watched this trash ass western exclusively for Zazie

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Pretty Baby.

You know, for Susan Sarandon.

quite based

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She's my wife

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You pretend to be weird but act like fratboys. Real losers aren't even comfortable looking at cartoon girls.

Ugly feet tho