Zoomers actually listen to this

>zoomers actually listen to this

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It's not that bad to be honest. Better than the K-POP fever zoomers had happening some time ago.

Polyphia is great you retard

is this suposed to be a roast?

Today I will remind them.


based brokencyde

Unironically BASED

America was a mistake

I'm an amateur musician and I wanna be as famous as Kurt Cobain someday. What kind of music should I lean towards? Nirvana helped popularize grunge so I figured I could do the same thing by taking a newish subgenre that hasn't made it big yet and tweak it to make it enjoyable to normies.

No, it's pretty bad honestly. Technically impressive but it lacks a strong melody or any sense of dynamics. It's just a barrage of notes meant to impress people scrolling through social media

It's not bad, just bland and overproduced like all popular music since 1998.

It doesn't lack melody, a lot of technical guitarists do, but Tim Henson is really good with melody.

i'm sure if it wasn't you'd bitch about that too

>Technically impressive
>But is not impressive
Well, i don't know what i can say to you except that i like what i hear bro. This coming from a guy who usually hates modern souless shit. That dude should stop moving his neck so much, tho. Looks very dumb.

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He always writes a melody on the piano first, then adds the flashy stuff later.


Like I said, the band are by no means sloppy musicians but the entire song is a constant barrage of eight and sixteen notes plucked in the exact same way. It becomes repetitive quickly.

they saw one of those gook youtube guitarists and decided to make a band with that shit sound, then they added some generic braps because you just gotta have those, since american culture is centered around you know the rest

he makes the song on piano first retard. that is mostly to get a good melody. he then literally turns it into a guitar tab. i hate zoomers but you're just flat out wrong on that its objectively wrong

Ah yes
A supreme gentleman

Don't zoomers listen to mumble rap and EDM?

Do you not understand that something can impressive in one way and disappointing in another?

proof that technical ability doesn't count for shit if you can't write a real song.
Deaner >>>>> Your fav virtuoso wank merchant

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If you start now you can probably catch the neo-folk wave from 10-15 years ago as it comes around again. And maybe this time make it less hipster and gay. ...And its going to come around again.

its great and impressive but its got no balls and little soul

They gotta be getting old at this point. They should branch out into their own fruity alcoholic beverages line. They could call it Brokencyder

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soulless music, they can do all that technical wankery but still gets smoked by steve vai's rhythm guitarist trying to play dadrock blues

Whoever mixed the audio for this is a fucking retard.

I listen to Sabaton.

King Gizzard are a kino band

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please show me something you consider to have a "strong melody" or "sense of dynamics"

More theoryfags like Jacob Collier, bland.

This shit is ringtone-core.
Its barely even a song just a bunch of shitty 20-30 second advert jingles poorly stitched together to the length of a normal track.

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>Ughh it sounds like noise!!
Literal grandpa tier critique
Anyway, the guitar twink is like 39, not even a zoom

I call this bedroom guitar core

It's not bad but that zoomer looks disgusting

its wasted talent

Not him, but there are "virtuosos" who have a strong melodic ear as well as chops. Interestingly, a lot of them are not formally trained and play by ear. Marty Friedman (Megadeth guitarist during their peak years) is a prime example.
Here's an ugly hapa lesbean utterly butching the dueling solos from Victory, but you get the idea of the combination of melodic sense + wanking:

Alex Skolnick (guitarist for Testament) is another classic 80's/90's shredder who nonetheless knew how to keep that shit in check.

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>Yea Forums Sneed-core

>Alex Skolnick
his jazz albums are great too

The only people who listen to "zoomer" music are bots and future bootlickers

Incredible how they manage to make real instruments sound like midi.

zoomer math rock? would be alright if they ditched that drum sound. makes it sound like a generic rap beat
anyway listen to don caballero if you want that sound but not cringe and tiktok influenced

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>holding your guitar Tom Morello style like a machine gun
Why are hispanics like this?

everyone in every generation listened to the music that (they) want them to hear

Music is like porn. The more you listen the more you get desensitized to its variations and need something more. You either gotta back off and go back to vanilla or you end up watching trannies, which is what this is. Its trannycore.

Why do I specifically hate all Asians with neck tattoos?

i'm 32 and this sounds cool

that's ian williams. don caballero is the name of the band.

Creating it on piano first doesn't mean it's not still a barrage of notes, which it absolutely is. Very scatterbrained progression.

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Shit's good man

t. 36 year old

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Zoomer, and don't know who this is. You know, I can find an artist of any time period who I don't like, and say "[insert teen generation] actually listen to this", right?

>Betcha-cant-play-this-core is still a thing
Tosin Abasi did this ten years ago and actually had fucking RIFFS

He's a big guy

>he can't follow the very simple chord progression he's hearing because "le notes are scattered"

lmao @ your fucking sensory overloaded autistic ears

Holy shit zoomers learn how to write a fucking song and stop trying so hard and maybe you'll get laid. Song related is 4 chords and a faggot literally basic soloing over the whole goddamn thing and it's infinitely more listenable and has wetted countless pussies in the 80 years since it was written. Tomorrow I'm mowing my lawn extra hard because of you faggots. Don't make me hafta post like this again.


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its not math rock, its all 4/4, learn to count retard

heard from actual parents zoomies like all the 80/90ies shit better


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wrong. it is math rock
math rock is not defined only by odd time signatures, brainlet

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yes it is, thats why its called "math" rock retard

wrong, dumb tranny

its literally in the name faggot

>half of it is generic harmonics, muted arpegios, and retarded shit probably engineered in-studio using a DAW which is why the faggot couldn't come with shit in the above posted video
>the other half is electronica that isn't going to age well and they'll be embarrassed about in 10 years.
No wonder the boomer guitarist with the PRS-knockoff went out of his way to dab on the kid


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their last few albums have felt stale and kinda shit but fuck if they didn't put out some fantastic shit up until chunky shrapnel

this sounds like a shitty car commercial

the fuck happened to this guy's neck

correct. Can't stop listening to the breeders and hole.


We actually had to 'analyze' this song in French class, as if it was lyrically worthwhile.

Good wank material tho. Still sexier than any modern music video like WAP.

what type of music goes generation alpha listen to, Yea Forums?

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Zooms cant even touch the raw power of late Gen X/early Millenials, but they can sure take that power and make it gay.

>muh Violator hits
>you will never hook up with tranny prostitutes while doing the Rickroll dance
Try not to be such a newcomer, user. Make this thread livable. Never let me down like this again.

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It's multiple sequences stitched together that do not flow. Like a series of ads. Maybe you should get butthurt some more about it, though.

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