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wtf is this link?

Excellent. Now, remind me, is this movie liberal or conservative on the tribalism?

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Liar, you f*cking liar....

I think it’s about Vikings

at leas ttell us how to get this file

all I can find is 4 different 8.85 versions on TPB

Then why do all the discussions seem to be politics?

this has to be bait right

well, it's on PTP

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I found it by searching a piratebay proxy

I always just do

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Feels good man.

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>8.85 for a fucking movie download

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>that bitrate
im just going to wait for a proper release


Because Yea Forums/twitter can't go 5 seconds without bringing politics into bullshit because they're so disconnected from society they want to make everything about them instead of going out and enjoying the movie with friends like a normal person

Some people probably mistook it for another movie about politics. It happens.

what site is that?

Because we live in a simulated "reality" filtered so thoroughly by advertising profit journalism your average person is no longer capable of comprehending media outside of "politics." None of you motherfuckers reply to me with your idpol or Ill set your mothers on fire and rape your dogs.

It's on TPB niggas
Downloading it now will let you know if its legit

>put Willem on a poster
>he has literally 4 minutes of screen time

no seeders on TPB but there are on other sites.
I am waiting for RARBG then I know it will be fine

3 seeders lots of peers

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was that from TPB trackers?

we in there

The URL address isn’t found. Google doesn’t help me. Where do I post this code?


hell yeah 7 minutes until kino time
piratechads we fucking WON

never link torrent sites here user, you get banned, bots have it or (((they))) shut it down
plus TPB is banned in my country I have to use a proxy
I will probably wait for RARBG trackers, normally they are fast but looks like scene group just released this less that 1hour ago

get fucked zoomer.

LOL alright I deleted it, didn't know about that

op is not a faggot

all these fucking newfags lmao rope yourselves

I'll wait for YIFY thanks

cant wait to be bored to death again.

is the quality good though or is it another "gotta be the first scene to release" like evo

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It is getting official release on streaming in a few days troglodytes. Look it up.

how much longer for a better version? few hours? friday?

i'll just wait for it on 123movies thanks

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How to download it? I cant watch

>almost 9 fucking gigs

you have to paste it into your browser dumbass

That's a high quality file with a good framerate and 4k resolution. The best ones go for 30-50 GB.

is the 4k out too?

thanks boss

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give me a has you nigger

fucking based

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Where are you finding the yify one?

>watching any movie over 2gb

fuck i want to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once but I really dont want to go to theaters anymore and I doubt there's going to be anything but camrips out for awhile

>fuck i want to watch Everything Everywhere All at Once

Unless you've got a HDR 4K screen and you aren't 10 feet from it you wouldn't understand. I know it is a lot of space but I only get 2+ GB for stuff I love and that would look great in 4K.

wish you fags saw it in theaters. since it didn't make any money we won't see another big budget eggers film again. will definitely pirate to watch again though.

apparently the trailer gives you no insight into what the movie is like and its really good

sorry m8 i dont leave the house except for work and to see my dominatrix

It's not alot. Only takes like 6-7 min to dl.

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movie status:
quality status:
>typical amazon webdl
watching status:
maybe after real genius starring val kilmer

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stop replying to chinese bots

How do I do that?

The fuck? Mine has been going for half hour an i'm only 85% through

Hang in there fren

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21 megs a second? what the fuck?
max i get is 6 in Australia.. fucking nbn

im sorry white pig ill stop talking about movies on Yea Forums