Humans completely BTFO

Humans completely BTFO

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Quaritchcucks absolutely btfo

We are returning to Pythagoreanism bros

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Absolutely based.

Supremely cringe.

if you kill your enemies they win

Quaritch did nothing wrong.

>how basic
Did a white redditor woman (male) write this?

lmao imagine an avatar cat saying fuck

Humans made this image. Humans:1 gay blue space cats:0

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Because they were influenced by Na'Vi culture

Na'vi: 1
Walking Pigs: 0

*bombs your gay ass glowing trees*
oops I think I just deleted like 9 billion dead cats sorry lol


One thing's for sure; we are entering a new age of memekino

*seduces your lonely weak men and lesbians into backstabbing you*

>kill us or not we win
ok, so die. we own your minerals and move on to next dumb species. do a mass suicide rn

Blue cat people btfo

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if you own the minerals how come you got btfo by Eywa and got sent home?

As if they aren't already.

Seriously what the fuck are the Humans even thinking here? Why didn't the General launch a nuclear hell upon Pandora after the defeat? Why did humans think fighting with giant mech suites was a good idea? Why did they transport 3 ton bowie knives for said mech suites?

because you didn't mass suicide. apparently you don't wanna die and are pussies.

someone smarter and funnier than me do one for Dumbledore

Man whoever wrote this doesn't understand how to sound enlightened or spiritual, which is how a response to a technological based ideology should be.
Also having to resort to swearing as a crutch because your vocabulary isn't extensive enough is childish.


because it looks cool on a movie screen
Footage from Avatar 2

Because machines fail, jam, and break and you don't want to be without a weapon.
Radiation is a hell of a drug.

>If you kill your enemies, they win.

Sounds like an angry manchild who's parents took away their WoW subscription.

>have no need to explore or to create
But do you have a want? Have you never asked the question of what lies behind that mountain over there?

subhumans - minorities, animals, females and aliens - have no intrinsic need to find a purpose to life beyond chewing on food and shitting out babies by the litter

Spare us your pity, alien. You gush about your connection with nature, your primal wisdom, but what has it brought you?

Where are your marvels of engineering? Your voyages of discovery? Your great insight into the nature of the universe? Even at our basest, when we dressed as you do, dwelt as you do, hunted as you do, lived as you do, we did more than merely survive. We built wonders. We made great journeys. We forged epics. You have not.

You speak so proudly of the plugs dangling from your skulls, little realizing that they are but strings and you puppets. What little you have accomplished you attribute to the wisdom of your goddess, who is nothing but the voices of your dead echoing for all eternity. She moors you to the past, serving as a leash that keeps you as little better than apes, sad parodies of civilization that lack that special spark to become something more.

We have come to your world in search of resources. Whether your actions drive us back or we take what we want and move on, the outcome is the same. We will depart from your wretched planet, leaving you behind. And in a thousand years, you will not have changed from this contact with another world. You will remain in your trees, hunting your prey, communing with your goddess, until your sun burns out and your world dies.

And above your tomb, the stars will belong to us.

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Earth is a dying planet in Avatar. I don’t think we’re meant to want to emulate the humans

These types of images always make me laugh.

does anyone have the picture about the veteran punching the atheist professor

Great bait post with terrible reddit-like writing and mentality.
It’s ovbious Yea Forums would always be on Quaritch’s based side, not by contrarianism, but out of love for true kino.
Retards BTFO forever. Avatarbros we are coming home…

>Earth is a dying planet in Avatar.
This is really the oddest part. If humanity was fully open to the stars as they seem to be in avatar resources shouldn't be an issue and industry would look 100% different.

Cringe and lacks the weight of his. Also they wre genetically engineered so they still get btfoed.

Such words from a stagnant and blinkered race? Even if our monuments are worn away by the eons, we still will have built them. Even after our home is dust, we still will survive.

Every human life spent pushes us forward, whether immeasurably or in great leaps. Our 'loneliness', our fraternal struggles only make us stronger. We remember and honor our past, but are not chained to it.

While you, alien, are eternally bound to the same stretch of history, preening at your own simplicity because you cannot grow into something more. You boast that your planet protects you. I say you are coddled, pampered by an indulgent parent. Perhaps that is why your Eywa will not let you advance? Does your smothering "mother" refuse to let her children grow? Would she be lonely if you left her, and therefore grasps you tightly to her bosom, keeping you ignorant and childish?

But enough useless speculation. You are proud of your natural wisdom, so you will appreciate this simple fact - the strong survive. So come, alien, and test your strength against ours!

They have nuclear fusion. I wonder if only the military has assess to it or if the system in place is meant to keep normal people from assessing nuclear fusion. They could create a clean technological advanced society on earth. They don’t need to expand

The entire reason the stars became open was because of unobtanium. It's the core of the entire human society. Taking it away would be like taking away all the fossile fuels in the 80's or some shit.

Gay obvious marketing trash for a gay globohomo furry fagfest that only queers and zogbot manchildren will watch

Yeah that makes sense for how they act on Pandora but that doesn't really explain why earth would be dying.

Nuclear fusion was only achieved because of unobtanium, still need that shit. Room temperature super conducters are so fucking sought after for a reason.

what redditor wrote this?

oh good another faggot image for me to filter, faggot

Literally all that needed to be said, OP.

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ultra cringe, smells like pretentious r e d d i t o r hands typed this. instead of countering the argument of humanity in the future, it seems like they are trying to attack whoever they think wrote the other pasta.

isnt it obvious? a fedoralord mouthbreathing neckbeard wrote that.

could you imagine not wanting to create or explore?

Umm why are Na'vi dicks and brains so small?

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for me its the ones you see mainly on facebook, the image is usually of a tough guy type character, tony soprano, don vito corleone, joe pesci in casino, or some other fictional gangster, and then typed over it is some retarded machismo quote about nothing, that that particular character would never have said anyway.

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Everything you have attempted to build to reduce your carbon footprint has only increased it

lmfao wow they really are the perfect slave race

If you think about it from an evolutionary perspective, blacks are the ones that stayed behind in Africa so it makes sense they're not inclined to explore.

>not inclined to explore
until its time to run from the poh-leece, that is

>doing something purely for the sake of itself, that is doing it to do it
one of us doesnt know what this word means

>smaller dicks
OH NO NO NO NO Navisisters it's over.

why do they even have dicks?

to.. fuck?

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they just mash their ponytails together

thats only part of the ritual. the linking of the haluu or whatever they call it is for emotional closeness, the bond of two na'vi. basically gets em horny as fuck.

to reproduce?

>Oh, silence
Man gotta love when you know 2 words in to ignore a wall of text