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>"Is that.......A NEGRO??? Oh my stars! So special! So cooooooool!"
Why are modern Leftists like this?

Der untergang des abendlandes

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>ayo shortee
>Gi me to rang fo I bus a cap in yo goody Hobbit ass

>Finally some swagger!
They really do view them all as some jukin and jiving and rapping charicature don't they? Ironically extremely racist to assume because she's black she's going to bring """"swagger""" holy shit

>"Is that.......A NEGRO??? This makes me really mad! I'm losing my fucking mind!
Why are modern Rightists like this?

>I couldnt be more excited
I coudnt

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I'm a muh Far Right schizo puppy eating conspiracy theorist and I do not want to exterminate all niggers. That's literally a Leftist strawman. I just want them all to go back to their homeland Africa

Unironically the satanic Leftwing pedo Marxist jewish NWO are the real racists

Wait, but I thought they were ecup "racist" "rednecks"? Which is it?

Performatively anti-racist white liberals who live in ethnostate-tier gated communities are in practical terms more racist than lower income right wing "racist" whites who've actually spent time in more racially integrated communities

why do shitlibs tho? theyre just people like you and me.

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Meh, whatever.

1: I was paid to write this opinion
2: I was paid to write this opinion
3: I was paid to write this opinion
4: I was paid to write this opinion
5: I was paid to write this opinion

...and that's a good thing.

>n-no you!!
Every day you become less human to me, why are you even on Yea Forums you weasel?

Wow, great contribution.

Libs don't actually believe nonwhites are people with agency though. That's why they come up with shit like "Latinx" which literally NO hispanic person likes and they all find cringe.


Here, set to music.

>theyre just people like you and me.
No they aren't
These people had to suffer centuries of slavery, there is nothing wrong in giving reparations now

And it's paying off for them, just negatively.

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>These people had to suffer centuries of slavery
But they didn't. Nobody alive right now was alive during Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Blacks are such mindless things. Just like faggots. Democrats could vote to start executing faggots for being gay and I bet at least 50% would still vote for them.

I wonder if he's seen any of his memes

The children and grandchildren of holocaust survivors have that pain encoded into their genes. Why couldn't the same be true for slavery?

>exaggerated swagger of a black dwarf

The only people unironically making this argument are Pajeets etc. who are doing so at such a level of absolute self-interested cynicism that would make whites of either camp laugh


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>someone related to you suffered 200 years ago because someone related to me didn’t suffer during that time
>I owe you reparations my kang

>Libs don't actually believe nonwhites are people with agency
I find the pity roles even more degrading. Like "here you are my incompetent and ignorant minority pet, please pretend you were always a part of this established white role because none of your own stories or literature are entertaining or relevant". She could be one of the most talented actors in the world and no one would even know because she only got the part for ticking off boxes because they think blacks are too fucking stupid and incompetent to get the role legitimately.

This makes me so happy

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>The hype of the show has started, one drip at a time.
This is the incorrect usage of the term "drip". You possess "drip", it is a trait, not an object. There is no plural for drip in this context. Fucking retard writers.

What's funny to watch is elite white liberals having their class interests threatened by Asian and Indian immigrants who aren't the mindless nigger pets that they're used to wielding against lower class whites, but who are rather just as smart as them and whom it took about 5 minutes to figure out "oh, we can hoist these morons by their own petard by appealing to their anti-racist sensibilities". Hence their schizophrenic responses to e.g. Asians getting discriminated against in college admissions as they're forced to confront that Affirmative Action policies were constructed with the implicit assumption that all non-whites are of inferior cognitive ability, and the clever little system they set up that they thought would just serve to lock other whites out of the socioeconomic opportunities that they assumed they'd thereafter monopolize is now actually backfiring on them

My people were enslaved so much they named slavery after us, you don't see me whining and asking for handouts.

Would you really turn down a free Adidas tracksuit?

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I'm american first and foremost, I've never owned a tracksuit or addidas clothing. I don't even know how to squat properly

The exaggerated swagger of a black dwarf

they're seeing their culture and history get warped, comodified and then sold to chinky, pajeet, and paco

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Liberals know deep down that Blacks are dysfunctional and the bottom of society's barrel, so like the mother of a mentally challenged child, they constantly have to hype up their kid for their own ego

>think blacks are too stupid and incompetent to get the role legitimately
Thats because they mostly are. If left to their own devices they will underperform 80% of the time. Liberals see this underperformance and refuse to accept that it might be because 80% of blacks have double digit IQs. They explain the inequity as oppression and tilt the scale in their favor to force blacks to become overrepresented to make up for it. This sympathy will never end because society is unwilling to accept that some people are genetically less gifted than others. Even though it's apparent in everyday of life.


Why are liberals so hypocritical and disingenuous? This is why no believe your "equality/equity" nonsense because its two-faced

>the swagger of a black dwarf
Why are white liberals like this? No I doubt the script is going to call for her to get up and start shucking and rapping.

5 reason to never watch. they're really trying to rally the søyim on this one.

unironically liberals talk to black people like they're children while conservatives talk to black people like equals

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Boy, Jello's lyrics really resonated through the decades.

a cop will kill a nig and they'll all be in line. Democrats are masters at controlling them.
as for Hispanics gibs trumps everything else. also the GOP isn't very generous on that front, maybe to huge corporate donors and ag but that's about it.

I'm pretty sick of Negros.

>Get that ring off yo finga playa

In an academic field that argument may have some merit but in a creative field like acting i don't imagine it is too much of a barrier. Keith David is one of my favorite actors and he got to that point by raw talent and an eye for the craft, not because he was minority of the month

We're never going to see elves fighting over Silmarils..

So what are you saying? Blacks should be geocided? Do you realize how heartless and fucking cruel you sound by saying a whole race of people are just doomed from birth.

>Take the ring out yo bussy playa

shan't be watching

niggers will doom us all

>So what are you saying? Blacks should be geocided?
Why did you immediately jump to that conclusion? That post mentioned nothing of the sort.
Is there something you want to tell us, user? Something on your mind?

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>Blacks are generally less intelligent than other races
>So you obviously want murder them all then!?
I wish I could see into the brains of people that think like this.

This thread is giving me deja vu and I don't like it.

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>5. I got paid by Amazon.
>4. I got paid by Amazon.
>3. I got paid by Amazon.
>2. I got paid by Amazon.
>1. I'm a massive faggot and I got paid by Amazon.

What are you saying? That you love to suck and fuck gay dick? Do you know how much of a gay faggot you are for slurping down cum straight from the hose?
Such a disengenuoius little faggot you are

schizophrenic and vegan addled hands typed this