Oh n-

>Oh n-

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feminist propaganda.

god i wish that were me

you wish you were a manlet with receding hairline who loses all the time?

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In a round about way, maaaaybe. Her twin brother is notably stronger than her and he's keeping the others out of the fight. Actually feminist dragon ball would be way worse.

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Not posting her breaking vegetables arm.

You wish you had blonde troll doll hair

Reminder that Krillin canonically rawdogged and put a baby inside her

This fight ruined me as a kid. It’s the reason I’m into femdom.

>Hey I removed the bomb inside you and made you a real woman because youre cute
>Marry me
Is that all it takes? Really that little?

>You fight quite well for being such a little man
What the fuck did she mean by that?

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What's the explanation for Dr Gero making his own cyborg body significantly weaker than what he gave to 17 and 18?

Toriyama kinda ran out of ideas after Frieza

>and made you a real woman
That didn't happen, Android 18 was always a real woman that was turned into a cyborg

toriyama has been a crazy old man for his entire life and he likes martial arts movies, explosions, chinese cowboys, space aliens, silly jokes and most of all sexy women
dragon ball is a completely vapid continuum of all these things and thats why its the best manga of all time

The energy-absorption models were supposed to be stronger than the earlier models, #16, #17, and #18, but it needed to actually absorb energy to get its power going. This is similar to what Cell in his first form does. Dr.Gero didn't intend to reactivate the faulty previous robots, but his hand was forced when his lab was raided and they ended up killing him.

this, it's pure soul

I fucking hate dragon ball at this point but 18 still makes me rock fucking hard. Something about androids/women with abnormal strength just turns me on.

That "Something", must be your natural traumas.

Why is Frieza such a jobber bros?


>hmmm.... should I post this on Yea Forums because it's Japanese animation?
>hmmmm no I think I arbitrarily won't. Should I post it on Yea Forums as it is is a cartoon?
>hmmmmm no I think I arbitrarily won't. I think I'll post it on Yea Forums!


Yea Forums is better for anime discussion than Yea Forums most of the time

Why be such a lying and seething faggot when anyone can just go to Yea Forums and see how wrong you are? Aren't you embarrassed, kid?

Yea Forums is the worst board for actually discussing its supposed topic. The only good threads are porn discussion and alcoholic cope sessions and it's been that way since 2016 on after the site got flooded with reddit boomers and zoomers looking for a "comfy" echochamber.

Now fuck off back to your site of origin.


god i wish she would do that to my balls

>an intelligent top-tier warrior race who soley exist for fighting and testing their limits
>the legendary super saiyan form is merely a myth, a legend from forgotten times
>some characters actually achieve this invincible form. surely our next villains must be incredible, mythical beings in their own right
trash, just dreck

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if saiyans get stronger every time they get nearly beaten death why don't vegeta and goku boost each other by injuring one another ad infinitum? Vegeta should've been twice as strong as this android bitch after she broke his arm

zenkai power was basically retconned after namek arc and stopped existing

I've always thought zenkai boosts were a fucking kino concept for a sandbox rpg vidya. The only game that actually uses something close to this is Kenshi, you can't level up your toughness stat unless you repeatedly get the shit kicked out of you

incel insecurity.

Factually untrue but please keep posting here to make Yea Forums cucks seethe.

cyborgs are cool

seethe catnigger

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Yea Forums is the best board for discussing a lot of things actually

Lunch is best Dragonball girl

Why didnt Vegeta just use the dragonballs and wish the androids and cell away thats what I would do

I would.

built for BKC

They'll be cleaning you up off the highway

same reason he let cell achieve perfect form. he loves to fight and is full of himself

I think it works, only because of how overwhelmingly weak and useless the humans are compared to the Saiyans and just about every other race as well. Once the series expanded into space, the human fighters quickly became irrelevant and have been that way ever since. The idea that they could at least use their minds to create fighters stronger than themselves is actually interesting.

for me, it's Naruto

>Why didnt Vegeta just use the dragonballs and wish the androids and cell away thats what I would do
wishes have to be within the power of Shen Long, Cell, Frieza, the androids, all far more powerful than the Dragon, just saying, "I wish for (bad guy) to go away," Shen Long actually has to do that, he cant just blink and make them disappear, remember, the Dragon Shen Long is just a clay figurine brought to life by Kami, in Dragonball Piccolo Daimao just lights him up after a wish because he was afraid of someone else collecting the dragon balls and that Piccolos strength level in Z is the equivalent of some random henchman of Friezas

I liked Bleach the most.

Are you sure?

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Humans, despite being physically weak in the Dragon Ball universe, have been responsible for universe changing abilities and tech. Dr.Gero's artificial humans, which became a cosmic threat through Cell. Time travel, which ended up causing the destruction of whole universes through Zamus. Powerful ki techniques like Kamehameha, that Goku used to help him win against many opponents, including fighters on the level of Gods and even Gods themselves.

To write off the humans of Dragon Ball is to do them a pretty big disservice.

This show's fight choreography was ahead of its time.

well said

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Then I assume the logic is even though he can't kill frieza, because frieza is dead he's technically stronger than him at that point, therefore that's how he can bring him back to life?

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Plus kino character designs

Yea Forums is the worst place on the entire internet to talk about dragon ball, even worse than kanzenshuu

>Her twin brother is notably stronger than her
Is he now? They always appeared roughly equal to me.

Unless you are talking about Dragonball Super, in which case, why are you talking about Dragonball Super?


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>can manipulate reality to grant wishes
>can't kill beings with the same power


Yeah, the earth dudes should have atleast askes Shenlon to make Vegeta's and Nappa's ship to malfunction and fly them into the sun or whatever.
But yeah, Dragonball lore functions on a "don't think about it too hard" basis.


BASED everyone-except-Puar-bro

I'm already a manlet with a receding hairline who loses all the time at least I'd be rich and able to fly