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Lyle is the key to all of this.

Better Call a Piece of Shit.

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Lyle makes me Smyle

>Better Call a Piece of Shit.
I did they said they're looking for you

>Filtered: The graph

This only makes me like the show that much more

Yeah, well, I slept with your wife.

So when are we finally going to meet Prueba Salamanca? What do we think is going to happen to him, assuming all the Salamancas are dead by the beginning of Breaking Bad save for Tuco, Hector and the cousins

but wait, the twins were already dead. what did Vince mean by this? is this related to the timelines?

anyone catch how fat gus is now in season 6

You can't catch Gus, he'd squish you.

Shes certainly going to show up with Devos Cansogme before Episode 8

I grew up quite fat. We lived in the South, in a place where my brothers ate things they raised…chickens, pigs. When it rained, it smelled like Lays. We were always hungry. But there was a McDonalds, small, barely operational. My family had stopped eating there years before. Never gained weight. When I was 7, I became fixated on it. I visited it, ate at it. It took a long time, but my body grew into what it is today. I was so proud. I didn't tell anyone. I took a Quarter Pounder and hid behind our shack. I ate the whole thing. I'd never tasted something so sweet. It was like caramel. At first, we ate the burgers ourselves, and then I began taking it to the village to sell. One day, much of the burgers were gone from my shop. Pieces were scattered on the ground, half-eaten. I thought it was probably an American. Have you ever seen one? About the size of a large house. Opportunists. I built a snare using branches and wire. It didn't take long for the American to set it off. But the mutt thrashed so hard, it broke out of the snare... broke its leg, as well. I tried to grab it, but it slipped away. It ran inside the McDonalds. I knew it would show itself sooner or later. So I waited... for hours, into the night. When my stomach rumbled I did not listen. I didn’t eat a thing. I was so still. Finally, it came out. It knew I was there, but it was still hungry. This time, I was ready. I caught it. It fought me. But I was fatter. The merciful thing would have been to eat it. I kept it. It lived for quite some time. I believe you will eat, Hector.

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I'm on season 5 now and honestly this ziegel chucklefuck deserves to die, if I was Mike I would just beat his ass real quick. What a faggot.

high test

what if Lalo doesn't die and instead shows up in the future to kill Gene, having become the new CEO of Madrigal and Ms Ziegler's new husband. Maybe Gus is being all paranoid about Lalo but he never sees him again, which is why he tells Hector that he has no one left to carry on the Salamanca name.

Almost forgot about Mynefyu as well, Hector mentions him a bunch of times when he's talking to Mike, he's probably some kind of muscle. There's still a lot of loose ends to wrap up with the Salamanca storyline

does anyone know a solid streaming or even direct download place with BCS? i use sflix and just deal with the buffering because its literally all ive found in all this time of searching that has HD.
Hell even got fucking gigabit internet recently and still theres buffering.

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Kaylee Ehrmantraut is the key to all of this.
In a show as meticulous as this, how come Better Call Saul has 3 different girls portraying Kaylee Ehrmantraut across 6 seasons, when Breaking Bad only had 1 girl portraying Kaylee across 5 seasons?

Why did they mention a timeline a few episodes ago?

And why did they make it a point showing Lalo Salamanca morphing in and out of existence in Germany in front of the Ziegler house?

How come Kaylee Ehrmantraut in BCS looks to be the same age as in Breaking Bad? BCS is still in the year 2004, four years prior to BB. This is impossible.

Is Kaylee Ehrmantraut the keeper of time and space?

And who is JASON?

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>obviously being held under strict security arrangement, very little information made available to Werner
>goes through a ridiculous amount of planning to break numerous security measures
>"teehee I just thought you'd be a little angry with me :) wait why are you going to kill me"


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Gus is a terrible character

ask me how I know you're on season 4

Werners story was genuinely poorly written. Also so many characters ultimately live and die just to give Mike guilt

How good is the food really?

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Yeah it's just a pretty contrived Gale 2.0

so good it's unreal

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I don't know what went wrong last time I downloaded this:

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>average American

I was actually about 15 min from finishing season 4 when I posted that. That sub plot seemed a bit silly though.. surely he should have known what the consequences could have been. That's why they were hidden away in the first place.

me on the left

>they get away with everything - the end
Wow great show

>surely he should have known what the consequences could have been. That's why they were hidden away in the first place.
Yeah, and when they show how much he needed to escape like breaking numerous padlocks and security cameras it should have occurred to him how serious the security arrangement was and they obviously did NOT want anyone getting out

Remember when you idiots said they were gonna kill Nacho's dad?

Looks like I was right, they completely forgot he existed

Get fucked, dumbasses

Also I hated that they couldn't let Werner go away for like four days, meet his wife and come back on a nine month long job


I mean, Gus has a record of being a controlling-obsessive freak, so that is totally in character

If you're building a highly illegal underground lab why the fuck would you let someone with the knowledge of where or what it is go? He was lucky they were even going to let him live if he wasn't stupid running away

We didn't know Gus was gonna have security and cameras everywhere in ABQ right after that ep though

That one is in Thailand.

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All he had to do was ask to meet his wife every now and then, before taking the job

How do you know he didn't ask and was shot down?

Shut up nigger

We saw him get shot down by Mike.

No, you should apologize to me.

fmovies to

chouchtuner . show

>spend entire season establishing that working in a secret mine for months stresses you the fuck out
>focus on Werner’s mental deterioration specifically
>Werner is not a criminal or used to criminals, he’s simply an engineer
Werner just went insane, that’s honestly it. I think they did fuck up his motivation to work in the first place though. If he was in serious debt or was some kind of weirdo who was just tickled with the idea of working in secret I could understand, but he didn’t seem like the type of person who would accept this obviously shady proposition

And yet they let the German workers go to a strip club IN Albuquerque and get drunk, that's much more dangerous
They were planning on letting them live after construction was complete so obviously letting him go for a few days would be no different
>would you let someone with the knowledge of where or what it is go
He had no idea where it was and like I said they let the other guys go to a strip club in town
>He was lucky they were even going to let him live if he wasn't stupid running away
See above, they were going to let them all live, and they even let all the workers live even after they knew Mike killed Werner

because they would have shown it. there is also no reason to deny it. it would be easy to arrange a meeting every couple of months

>Marvel-guzzling mystery meat fucktards don't like it

Kino detected.

What happened? Finale was shit?

Really breaks immersion when Mike is supposed to have this bond with his granddaughter and she keeps changing appearance

it wasn't really shit, just underwhelming and unsatisfactory

Gene TAKOvic

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>because they would have shown it.
They didn't show how nacho made it to the US other than his arrival

Gene is dead. That's why he didn't appear in episode 1 of this season. His actor died in between seasons so they wrote him out. Think he had a heart attack.

His wife's in a coma.

simple reason is that kids at that age grow up too fast to stay on the show.