Muslim Woman Beaten By Brother for Dating White Man

This happened in America.

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is it weird I got a boner watching this

>immigrants bring their problems to their new host country
like clockwork



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white dude dating a Muslim woman ama

well its a form of self hatred and analogues to treason

no woman can resist WMD

I have a colonizer's mind and dick, so I want these women to flock to us, but I also empathize and don't really begrudge the brother. But he can also get put in the ground as far as I'm concerned

>Arab women craves White dick
>brown dicklit brother mad
How is this Yea Forums related?

And if the races were reversed those boys would be lynching the muzzies. This way is better.

itt: we fail to grasp the actual meaning of irony

Netflix docuseries is in pre-production

To be fair. If my sister dated a black guy I'd probably beat her. Immigrant families care way more about honor. Because they haven't been brainwashed by Jews yet.

You know that means he converted. In Islam men can date and even marry non-muslim women. But women can only marry a man who converts. The fact that the video says "Muslim woman" but not "Christian man" or "atheist man" is telling.

Women are a bigger problem in America than any other country.

you are an incel. what you think is inconsequential.

She bismirged their honor for dating a mutt - a literal goy cattle. She's a disgrace. Her brother is in the right to discipline her. Inshallah

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all cultures are equal


>Arab women craves White dick
Based on the brothers reaction and if they really are america, i'm guessing the guy wasn't actually white since brown people love white guys in their family
it's either a spic or a nigger

Based , whites need to do this when white womyn duck dogs


you need their males to produce the cute brown girls
with racemixing you only end up with more and more washed out mutts
so what do? trading only foreign women could be a good idea but that also brings other problems

Odd assumption, which only makes me think you're a sand nigger who can't get laid, himself. Truth be told, it is rough on all of you from east of Europe. Just not a desired group of races. Women can always get fucked, but the men do suffer in an open dating market

You have to go back to the shithole you are from

>colonizers mind and dick
You are on Yea Forums.

If it's America, the person who uploaded this video is either retarded or wants the dude to go to prison.

I really hope they're in the US.

Would he Be doing this if it were a black muslim? On the one hand, they’re united by faith. On the other, still racemixing. I’m sure he’d be fine with the white guy if he was muslim desu.

Good. She's cute tho. A shame she'll be honor killed, but Allah will forgive her in death.

its middle eastern cuture are just batshit insane about family honor even native christian in middle east kill their own daughter if they marry to muslim

>since brown people love white guys in their family
KEK, deluded.


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It truly is a dilemma on the macro scale. Never mind the dilution of the "white" genetics we have, but I'm not ideologically driven enough to put my dick or my heart where my mouth is, honestly

I hope that man gets fucking raped when he gets locked up

Um, fucking based.

Whores need to be disciplined, bet she's wet as fuck.

unless youre middle easterner yourself, there's 0 reason to simp for Islam, as your head will be cut off regardless if they had the chance.

do not think islam is your friend because they have similar views about the irresponsbility of women, they will conquer you, behead you, they will not be your fucking friend.

i hate you retards who think the proverb 'the enemy of my enemy is my friend'; no, he will simply betray you when the time is right, faggot.

see any white convert to islam and decided to go visit some shithole; yeah, exactly.

bad move abdul, now she's gonna really commit to White men from now on.

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Television and movies?

who cares about sandniggers and mutts

This is a complete lie wtf.

of course she's wet. He sprayed her with water lmao

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>so based
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>has anyone said based yet?
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>holy based
Have sex, beta kiddies

meds, now

Which is precisely why I'm saying retarded shit that I feel deep down, as I assume the rest of you come here to do


They’re both problems.

Yet another bot response. Kewl.

Yea Forums - Television & Film

respect minority culture chud

Looks like Gigachad

reminds me of the time /pol/ loved jews because they kill towelheads maybe they still do
or for example now they simple ignore putin is a jew cause he's seemingly anti west and that's based or just don't care cause based jews exist like karl marx or ben shapiro

What? Did you even read what I said?

woke touchscreen warriors cant decide to support the anti-white Muslims or the battered woman.

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BASED ERENBRO. Inshallah we will get an AOE where the Marleyan infidels will be crushed.

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It's almost as if you get increased culture clash and social degradation when you import millions of foreigners.
Who could have predicted such a thing.

Islam is the cure for Western degeneracy. Women should be controlled as they are the lesser beings. We do not tolerate liberalism, transgenders and the Jews you mutts are so fond off. You people that enable this degeneracy should be destroyed. Inshallah.

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Duck Dogs do not exist, TAKE YOUR MEDS NOW


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muslims are either homosexual or zoophilic or both and they don't even try to hide it

Nah, it's easier for em than you think. The man perpetuates an abusive patriarchal culture that hurts women of ALL races and men of all races are implicated. The Islam/brown person element is minimized so as to bring white men into the guilty party despite being un-related. Know your enemy

Mudslimes are so backwards lmao

Is webm really what americans think happens?

How’s old was Muhammad & how old was the girl he married?

>im attracted to women of other races
wrapping it in the racial colonizer angle is just your faggot fetish and a pretty fucking vanilla one at that
goddamn self-important nerds are annoying

MAPPA will right the wrongs of Is*yama. Allah forgive me for uttering his name.