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When is the episode?

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he was a freak of nature. Janeway did nothing wrong

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probably not until 2am EST. That's usually when I check my tracker.


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4 or 5 hours.

They're very marmite. Even if you like them there's far more duds than hits. I like Q in Encounter at Farpoint because he's quite frightening and really nails that corrupt judge feeling in the court scenes. Then you have Hide and Q which is so dreadful I'm surprised it didn't get half the writing team fired. Then Q Who I think? And then after that it's pretty much uniformly slop.
You aren't wrong, however I submit that in watching VOY or Trek as a whole I'd much, much rather be entertained by a godawful nonsensical plot that went far beyond its reach than endure a character study I couldn't give a shit about or a Holodreck adventure. Plus when reflecting on it I think Threshold was the closest thing Tom came to being a real character outside of Caretaker

Quality over quantity my dude.

kindly kys

Just 5 hours until the next all new episode of Star Trek: Strange New Worlds starts streaming on Paramount+.

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Any of the other anons playing skywalker saga lurking right now?

yes sister!

be on topic

I wonder how it will go

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kek where is this from?

are you here 18 hours as well?

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>Computer, recreate the interior of a 20th century earth restaurant known as “Taco Bell”. Set the interior design to the late 90’s and put smooth jazz on the music system. Replace all staff with one Deanna Troi, Hip and Bust size increased by 30% and increase posterior mass by 60%. Set all fryers to maximum oil levels, ensure all beef trays are fully loaded, and ensure Baja Blast reservoirs are set to “endless supply”. Block all communications for the next 4 hours and lock the holodeck doors, disengage all safety’s, oh and computer send a message to Lt.Barclay have him prep my quarters with 4 ploy toilet paper and the bidet.

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a botched fake poll

Baja Blast is so yummy

Some anons really don't like trekpu. I think it's sad for them.

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At this point I just see that green in a thumbnail and ignore the post entirely

Reminder that you’re a faggotwu2dv

This implies that Riker has holo emitters installed in his quarters so that he can get the full experience


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I cant wait to see spock smirk and fuck and be proposed to by his wife who later didn't even want to marry him.

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His bangs are too short, or his hairline too receded

Having no emotions makes him a sad vulcan.

I haven’t felt anything in like a decade. He’s just being melodramatic.

he is gonna smash that blonde pusy

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>having no emotions made him sad

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>Computer please create an open 700 gallon tub of bushes baked beans. Create ensign ro and Beverly crusher and run a subroutine simulating them serving off only said beans for 1 week and prevent them from defecating. Computer simulate an old earth carnival ride that would spin called a Gravitron and place 6 copies of Beverly and 6 copies of ro in said ride. Siphon all methane centrifuged from said ride and pump an approximation of it into my quarters at all times, along with all related sounds over the intercom system.

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Does Trekpu like Chef’s cooking?

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>Computer please create the complete and final death of /trek/

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is the Best Trek Ever

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>I haven’t felt anything in like a decade.
Dude, you're depressed. Yea Forums is bad for you right now. Leave for now. Fix your shit. Go bicker over absolutely pointless tv shit later. What you describe is abnormal and dire.

Reminder this is what Star Trek used to be about.

When are we going back to this?

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The nose knows but the chin wins.

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why can't nutrek just cast normal looking people?

next SNW episode will have the same plot of DONT_LOOK_UP.mp4

I have entered the orifice

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Because there's more money for bona fide attractive people In social media influence thottery than investing in acting school and struggling as an actor or working bit parts. Simple as. Now you get all the weird drama school kids who are in it for the craft.

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Will it have jan 6th footage? They created a ton of ocean dumping waste when they insurrectioned real hard with no guns. If its as well crafted and poignant as don't look up it might even have footage from al gores inconvenient truth.

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I don't get it. You're a geezer if you watch Voyager? I think you underestimate how many people go back and watch stuff, as well as how old shows air much later in the rest of the world. I grew up with Skippy, Lassie, Bonanza, Rex, Macgyver and I was born in 94.

Computer, generate a hotel suite set on the planet Risa. On the bed generate Deanna Troi with pre-configured bimbo settings.Generate one Captain Picard and one Commander Riker, both naked and with penis size reduced 40%. Generate them chained to the floor. Lock holodeck doors and begin a full hill recording of the program. Computer save this recording as “Barclay_Resignation_Letter” and then upon program end. Send to all crewmen aboard the ship. Lock holodeck doors and begin program

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it will be about comet as allegory for vax

There is only 2 factions
Lezzie Dykes and Geezers
chose 1 side

How many of you /pol/ fuckers went to a Trek convention to get Doug Jones to sign your moonman shit?

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They already had an episode about vaccines.

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Sad. For me, this is Star Trek. Not lecturing to aliens about things you likely know nothing about.

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What episodes are about getting aids from gay monkeys?

They will license his appearance like they did Data. He won't have to be made different. Either way they have a cope that "different Klingons look different" to explain why all their Klingons look one way while actual Star Treks generally looked completely different.

>starships flying in tight formations
God I hate DS9

Showrunner already confirmed that Worf looks like Worf.

well, I know where I stand.

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Code of Honor

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Sorry for my absence frens, as spreadsheet user pointed out i live on a farm and it is planting season.

SNW doesn't suck so far, i have alot of hope about the previews indicating it will be episodic instead of one storyline. We need less STD/PIC and more TNG/SG1.

Too much focus on Pikes impending doom, the Kirk tease was well done but pathetic in it's own way. I really hate how the writers are obviously hoping Shatner will die before Kirk is introduced.


Tuwix was actually non-binary.

very average opnion
but I agree

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>Too much focus on Pikes impending doom
The one thing I regretted seeing in the episode (I did not rage at muh Jan 6th like I was supposed to) besides the Kirk thing, which was inevitably lame. Otherwise a solid 'sode and the first nuTrek I've unironically enjoyed.

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Only on Parry pluss. Can't wait!

Don't forget
>firing and broadsiding at point blank with no advanced shots and no shields, which is basically like flying in a paper ship since only the Defiant has actual armor meant to take direct hits.

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I enjoyed a lot, but most of the concepts were shallow af
I can give pass because it had so much more to introduce
but I dont expect to be that much better

Why does Spock have to be emotional all the time now? I seem to remember him not being like that in the Tee Oh Es.


It would be better if Pike had no idea when it was going to happen, like I hope they retcon that later to where he says something like, "10 years just seemed like a nice round number, I have no idea when I'm going to be a vegetable."

As it stands, he can basically freewheel it for a whole decade and then just take a vacation for year he knows he's supposed to get crippled.

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The show takes more inspiration from the cage than the main show.

the episode is closest to THE CAGE than TOS itself, and he smiles in THE CAGE, so it is acceptable he matured inbetween or some event changed it