Boomers considered this an attractive female actress in 1990

boomers considered this an attractive female actress in 1990

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She's got breasts and a healthy figure, so yes. I'm frankly exhausted with this boy-bod trend we've got in modern Hollywood which emphasizes "pretty" faces and average bodies.

I pity the zoomy shit

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The 80s were all about the big titties. Good times.

Hello butiful lady come to Mumbai I receive u

That's so gross. I can't imagine what its like to be a zoomer growing up in these end days.

I know it's fucking ridiculous

Sure did and still do

name quick op

the modern hollywood trend is toward manish bodies with manish faced man jawed women

not boy bodies and pretty faces
boy bodies with tiny tits and pretty faces was the late 90s and early 2000s, see britney spears and christina agulera)

If that's Gail Harris you are a fag

Zoomer "females" have penises.

Im a zoomer and besides the hair I think shes an attractive female

Sorority House Massacre II
Barbii aka Michelle Verran

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I don't and I'm a 90s kid. Born in 1999.

I can't find this shit anywhere

>Barbii aka Michelle Verran
BTW I have a video of OP

she has nice fake tits


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Better than thin bony skanky tiktok bitches

I consider too and i was born in the late 90s 1998

Never cared much for Adrienne Barbeau's face but she sure had a nice set of knockers.

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Nah I disagree. I want to see that strong, scowling face with hard brows looking up at me in absolute ecstasy while I fuck her deeply. It's a fine face, plus there's plenty of hair to hold onto.

She was hot in "The Fog"

its on youtube

>this was considered morbidly obese in 1990

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Literal zoomer.

Thank you. Bring back butterfaces.

you don't know how good you had it

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Would breed repeatedly. And then still try to breed her even if it's in vain after she becomes Frankenhooker

Kek, the absolute system of the modern acceptance weakness propaganda.

90s kids keep winning

>The 80s were all about the big titties.
Not really. The 80s were all about shapely tits, regardless of the size and a nicely trimmed bush. The 90s is when shit started to go crazy with huge tits.
t. the 80s were my teenage years.

are you gay

>christina agulera has tiny tits
based blind retard

nobody is winning

>picks worse girl from SHII
You are a cad OP.

Reminds me of this.

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You have to be a massive faggot to think it's not


She was great in "Creepshow"

"barbeau swamp tits"
she was in the Swamp Thing with a nude

That was Brain's woman.

Unironically the comfiest slasher with the cutest hottest girls ever. Harris is based, i wish she was in more stuff.

anything besides a-cup breasts are unethical and i will be reporting this thread to the 4channel ethics department

you might want to see what she looked like in the late 90s early 2ks

great body

The apogee of 80s body worship.

Women didn't start to get attractive until the mid 1990s. I don't know if it was just the shitty fashion and hair, make up trends, women discovered what a gym was, eugenics - whatever it was, thank god for it, because otherwise we'd be stuck with a world full of Jamie Lee Curtis's and Pamela Andersons as our sex symbols.

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>Pamela Andersons
Nothing wrong with this.

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Body more important than face as long as the face isn't too bad. If the pic in OP is a "butterface" than I'm fine with that

Christina now doesn't look like she did back then user.

>this entire thread

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Amazing how everyone was obsessed over JLH's tits when they were not even that fucking big

Meanwhile Diora Baird is still mostly unknown despite having the best natural tits in hollywood

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>I pity the zoomy shit
you guys are so delusional and full of shit lol. there were hardly any girls as hot and sexually appealing as this before zoomies became a thing
cope more

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saggy =/= sexy

saggy? that's big, round and shapely, and on such a great figure too.
why are you guys so fucking retarded

Giant crease because it can't sustain it's own weight. Deeply grim

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they were everywhere, they just didn't do the Kardashian tranny makeup

>Pamela Andersons
What's wrong with her?

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ffs i cant stop wanking veeryday sometimes 2-3 and this is not fucking helping, im even having erectile dysfunction these days with my gf im nbutting so much or at least that what im guessing its because